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All About Breast Augmentation in Turkey 2022 Prices, FAQs, Reviews and Before & After Photos

What is Breast Augmentation and The Reasons for Performing?

Breast augmentation, also known as boob job or breast implant, has long been the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. Breast implants are implanted in over two million people worldwide every year. And the number of women who have their breasts enlarged grows every year around the world. Despite the recent success of other plastic surgery procedures such as BBL, it seems that breast enlargement will maintain its “leading” spot in the plastic surgery community. Also, boob job in Turkey take the lead for the best medical tourism destination.

Breast augmentation is an operation that changes the appearance, scale and shape of the breasts. Breast implants are often used for cosmetic purposes.
To improve the scale, shape and symmetry of breasts.
To repair the breast after breast cancer surgery.

Who Can Get Breast Augmentation?

Breast development of women continues until their twenties. Due to this evolution, one must be at least 18 years old for breast augmentation with saline-filled implants and at least 22 years old to receive silicone implants. Other than that, there are no medical conditions. However, you should talk to the doctor to get precise information and share your medical history with the doctor. Thus, your doctor will share with you whether there is a medical problem for breast augmentation.

What are the Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation does not have its own risks. As with any operation, there are risks.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Blood pressure drop or rise
  • Bruise in the operation are
Cost of Breast Augmentation with lift, implants in Turkey

After Breast Augmentation Operation

The operation is usually painless. However, it is still necessary to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation. A drain may be placed to remove the accumulated fluid after surgery. In this case, the patient should stay in the hospital for 3 days. It is possible to experience extreme sensitivity or numbness at the surgical site after the surgery. Only liquid should be consumed 6 hours after the operation.

This makes it easier for the anesthetic given for surgery to be removed from the body. Dressing is done 2 days after the operation. After dressing, the patient should wear a sports bra. This bra should be used continuously for 3 weeks. After discharge, the patient should lie on his back while sleeping for 2 weeks. The breast must not be damaged.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Turkey

Since they symbolize femininity and sexuality, the breasts are the most significant aspects of a woman’s body. Breasts that are too small can have a negative impact on self-confidence and self-esteem. Many that need larger breasts will benefit from breast enlargement surgery. 

Boob job in Turkey is performed for a variety of causes, including underdeveloped breasts, variations in breast proportions, changes following birth, and changes in shape due to breast-feeding. It is also possible to just try to make her breasts seem fuller and larger. As a result, breast enlargement surgery, also known as augmentation mammoplasty or boob job, is one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide. It changes the size and symmetry of the breasts.

Breast Augmentation:  is a procedure that is used to raise the size of tiny breasts or breasts that have not fully grown. Mammoplasty will also restore and enlarge breast volume that has been lost due to breastfeeding or breast-feeding. Breast implants in Turkey may be used for a variety of reasons; for example, following a mastectomy, breast cancer patients may have boob job surgery to repair their breasts, or people with asymmetrical breasts may have a single breast implant to balance the size discrepancies. Silicone breast implants are available to all women above the age of 22 who are looking for cosmetic boob job in Turkey.

Average, Minimum and Maximum Prices of Boob Job in Turkey

When we look at the average price for breast augmentation in Turkey, it is 3450 Euros. These prices will change from region to region, clinic to clinic and the expert of the surgeon is another factor. Our trusted medical centres in Turkey use high quality implants and offer treatments at low costs without compromising the quality. 

The minimum price for boob job in Turkey The treatment price we offer with an affordable price advantage, below the breast augmentation operation prices in Turkey, is 2500 euros. For detailed information, you can send us a message or call.

The maximum price for breast augmentation in Turkey is 5.600 Euros. This price is determined by a lot of factors such as other medical fees, salary of surgeon or expertise of the surgeon. You can rely on cheap prices with high quality implants because Turkey is one of the best destinations for medical tourism. You will have a chance to discover the beauties, historical places, different Turkish cuisine, and Turkish culture. This holiday will change your life in a good way. 

Why is Turkey Cheaper for Plastic Surgeries?

The correct question is: Why does Turkey deliver such low-cost breast implant surgery?

Let us start with a main point: Turkey’s average cost does not always imply that they deliver “cheap” boob jobs. In comparison to the United Kingdom, Turkey promises high-quality breast augmentation treatment at a lower cost. This is due as a natural consequence of the following factors:

Lower labour and operating costs: Turkey’s labour and operating costs are far lower than those of the United Kingdom.

The Turkish government’s support: Health tourism in Turkey is financially supported by the Turkish government so that medical travel agencies can have inexpensive care alternatives.

The claim that the British pound is high against the Turkish lira: in fact, it is seven times stronger. As a result, Turkey draws many women per year who wish to get their breasts done at a low cost. This is also beneficial to Turkish plastic surgeons. They not only can deal with patients from many backgrounds, but they also have a large variety of patients, which naturally increases their knowledge and abilities.

In short, if you want a high-quality breast implant operation but do not want to spend a lot on it, Turkey is a good option. And if you do not want to spend any more money, you can get your free personalised boob job package in Turkey from our trusted medical centres.

Why Should I Get Treatment in Turkey?

There are many reasons to seek treatment in Turkey. These are advantages such as affordable treatment service, quality treatments, affordable prices for non-treatment needs. These should be considered when choosing a country for breast augmentation operations.The priority should be quality treatment. Then there’s the affordable price. Turkey can meet both of these criteria.

At the same time, another advantage of being treated in Turkey is that you have the opportunity to take a holiday for 12 months. Turkey is a country with both summer and winter tourism. This makes it possible for patients to both take a vacation and receive treatment.

Affordable Treatments: The exchange rate in Turkey is very high. At the same time, the cost of living is cheap. This allows patients to receive high quality treatments at very affordable prices.
Quality Treatment: The treatments you will receive in Turkey will definitely be of high quality. The reason for this is that the clinics are equipped and the doctors are successful. This greatly increases the success rate of breast augmentation operations.
Non-Operative Costs: You do not need to spend a lot of money, except for treatment in Turkey. It is possible to meet your needs such as nutrition, accommodation and transportation at very affordable prices.


Breast augmentation was a procedure that I wanted all of my life, but I couldn’t do it until I was 35 because I was scared. While on vacation in Turkey, I met such a caring doctor. And it helped me overcome my fear. Today I am returning to my country from Turkey (Germany) and thank you. Turkish doctors are really successful. I am very happy with my new physique !! ❤❤

After breast cancer, my left breast was removed. For about 3 years, my left breast was missing. Because I was in debt for cancer treatment, I couldn’t get breast implants. While researching for this, I came across a site called Curebooking. While I wanted to have my left breast done for a reasonable price, they offered to fix my other breast (lifting). 😊😍😊


Are Prostheses Used in Breast Surgery Safe?

As long as breast augmentation operations are performed in a good clinic, it is of course a successful and safe treatment. This operation, which does not carry a vital risk, can be performed safely in Turkey.
However, as in every country, there are bad clinics in Turkey. For this reason, a good choice should be made. If you have difficulty in finding a good clinic, you can contact us and have breast augmentation surgery in Turkey’s best clinics.

Do the Prostheses Used Cause Allergies?

Medical grade silicone used in the manufacture of breast prostheses may very rarely cause an allergic reaction. This product used is found in many cosmetic products that we use in our daily lives and even in the foods we eat. If you come across this substance when you look at the contents of any product you use and you have not experienced any allergies during the use of the product, the implants will probably not cause allergies. Allergies are very rare.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation Operations?

When placing the silicone on the breast, the milk ducts are not damaged. The presence of silicone does not prevent lactation. For this reason, the patient will not have any problems with breastfeeding.

Do Prostheses Used in Breast Augmentation Operations Cause Cancer?

There is no evidence that silicones cause cancer. This rumor was a rumor that spread in the very old years. Especially in any silicone prosthesis produced in recent years, there are no chemicals that harm the human body. So the answer to the question is definitely no. Breast prostheses do not cause cancer.

Is It Necessary To Have Stitches Removed After The Breast Augmentation Operation?

Yes, in past years. There were cases when sutures had to be removed, but thanks to the ercien suture used in recent years, there is no need to remove sutures from the breast after breast prosthesis. The stitching disappears on its own.

Is Breast Augmentation a Painful Operation?

No. Breast augmentation operations are not painful operations. During the operation, the patient is under general anesthesia. For this reason, there is no pain during the procedure. Once the anesthetic wears off, it is possible to experience some pain. However, these are pains that will only cause discomfort. It’s not excruciating pain. Often there is sensitivity or numbness in the operation area.

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