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$399 Dental Implant Truth- Real Prices

USA dental implant treatment prices often start at $2,000. For this reason, patients start researching to get treatment at more affordable prices. Among USA dental implant treatments, recently $399 dental implant treatments have emerged. These treatment costs, which are well below the market, were of course confusing. That’s why patients are started to wonder if they can really get their dental implant treatments for $399. Patients often recited the following;

$399. Are dental implant treatments of good quality? Does the $399 dental implant treatment price include hidden costs? $399 Is it risky to get dental implant treatment? What makes $399 dental implant treatments different from other dental implant treatments? You can find the answers to all these questions in our content.

What is a Dental Implant?

First of all, you should know what dental implant means to examine the clinic, which is frequently mentioned as a $399 implant. However, you should also have an idea about a few questions such as Risks of Dental implants, Why are dental implants expensive, so that you can more easily understand the information given about 399 Dental implants.

First of all, dental implants involve making new teeth to replace missing teeth. Although dental implants are the choice of people who have lost their teeth for any reason, they are treatments that patients who have problems with the tooth root can also receive after tooth extraction. So what are dental implants? How is it attached? Single Product?

$399 Dental Implant

Dental implants consist of 3 parts in total. These are Implant, Abutment and dental prostheses. However, it is possible to get it, often with months of treatment. Although it is possible to get new implants in one day under the name of same day implant in recent years, this is not possible in every clinic. It requires special equipment and experience. On the other hand, it is possible to receive these treatments with a number of operations. At the same time, the high prices of implants in implant manufacturers, unfortunately, make it possible for treatments to be purchased at very high prices. Considering the USA cost of living, prices can be even higher.

Who Is A Dental Implant Suitable For?

Dental implants are not suitable for every patient with missing teeth. Unfortunately, to get the dental implant, some operations are performed on the jawbone and screw-like implants are fixed to the jawbone. Therefore, patients who want to have dental implants need sufficient jawbone. Otherwise, they will have to take bone grafts. This will be a complete disappointment for patients planning to receive $399 Dental Implant. because bone grafts are also made for a fee. In short, every patient who has completed bone development, has sufficient bone in his jaw and has missing teeth can have implants.

USA Dental Implant Prices

USA dental implant prices, when you examine closely, you will see that they are quite expensive. Because USA is an expensive country. This, of course, causes the price of dental treatments to be high like everything else. However, Whittier Dental Center, known as a $399 dental implant for a long time, draws attention. What sets this clinic apart from other clinics? USA $399 dental implant possible? You can continue reading our content for the answer to all these questions. But you should know, in a country where the cost of living is expensive, there is of course a reason why treatments are cheap.

In addition, it can of course confuse you to see that there are very high differences compared to many dental clinics. So is a $399 dental implant possible? Are Whittier Dental Center prices real? The answers to such questions are included in our content. What are the dental implant prices in USA Dental clinics?

When reviewing USA dental clinics, it is possible to see that the best prices start from $2,000. It is natural for Whittier Dental Center treatment prices to confuse you. However, after reading our content, you can be sure that there will be no question mark in your mind. However, you can really have an idea to get dental implants at very affordable prices.

Why Are Dental Implant Treatments Expensive?

When you examine the USA dental clinics, you can see that the prices are quite high. Even if you examine many countries, the prices are high. Because dental implants are permanent treatments. Dental implants are durable and permanent enough to be used for a lifetime with a single treatment. Dental implants are not temporary treatments like dentures, veneers or other dental treatments. It is solid that you can use for at least 20 years.

However, dental implants consist of 3 different parts. Of course, considering the cost of each of these parts, it’s normal for it to seem expensive. At the same time, the implants used in dental implant treatments are purchased from specially produced brands. This is necessary for more robust treatments. This is a feature that raises prices. However, considering the permanence of the treatments, you can see that they are actually quite affordable.

Whittier Dental Center

Whittier Dental Center is a highly sought after dental center in the USA. Because considering the advertisements, This clinic charges only 399$ dental implant treatments! Isn’t that an extremely good price? What about the real price? Are there any hidden costs? The answer to these questions is yes! Whittier Dental Center of course only allows patients to call this clinic and get a quote.

It also allows them to be searched on websites. This allows many patients to know the clinic. What will happen when you go to Whittier Dental Center? Is it possible to get a $399 Dental Implant ? Of course it’s possible to get an implant for $399, but not at the Whittier Dental Center! You can continue reading our content for more detailed information.

Whittier Dental Center $399 Dental Implant

Ads for $399 dental implants are pretty tempting. Especially considering the prices starting from 2000$ in each clinic in the USA, of course, patients want to get dental implants at affordable prices. But is this possible? Let’s examine all the fees for dental implant treatments, piece by piece;

  • Implant—$500
  • Abutment and crown – $1,000
  • Bone graft – $200
  • Tooth extraction – $50
  • CT scan – $200
  • X-ray — $20

Considering these prices, Implant + Abutment and crown + X-Ray make $1,520 even if the minimum calculation is required. If bone grafting, tooth extraction and CT scan are added to the price of this treatment, the prices will increase considerably. Which explains the Whittier Dental Center is not true. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay $399 for the entire treatment in this clinic, while even the implant part alone is $500. But of course, you can only get it if you plan to pay $399 for the implant. However, you can only get the implant. You should know that you will pay extra for dental prosthesis and abutment.

Is $399 Dental Implant Price Realistic?

Of course, if you see USA clinics starting at $2,000 for dental implants, it’s natural to wonder if the $399 dental implant price is real. A $399 dental implant is unfortunately not possible in the US. Whittier Dental Center gave this price for patients to call the clinic. When you go to Whittier Dental Center you will see how high the prices really are. It is even possible to pay higher than general prices.

Even if the price of the implant is only $399 per piece, it will give you very different prices with dental prosthesis, abutment and other procedures. So before you get disappointed, call the Whittier Dental Center and ask if the required price for the entire course of treatment is $399. The answer to that will never please you. Because considering the cost of living in the USA, it is not possible to get almost any treatment for this price.

$399 Is Dental Implant Quality?

It is not possible to get dental implant treatment with this price, which has made Whittier Dental Center known. Therefore, discussing its quality will not yield much results. However, considering that this clinic uses unrealistic prices to attract patients, it can be said that the treatments will not be successful either. Of course, it would not be right to expect quality treatments from a clinic that advertises with unrealistic prices.

Therefore, if you receive treatment at this clinic, whose prices are unrealistic and the quality of which is uncertain, you can expect to receive painful and more expensive new treatments. Instead of experiencing these, it would be more accurate for you to get treatment at any other USA dental clinic with standard prices. Or, you might consider traveling to another country for affordable treatments.

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$399 Dental Implant Risks

$399 One of the most frequently asked questions by patients who plan to get dental implants is the risks of these implants. Considering a quality dental implant that you can get at standard prices, even this has many risks. If this is also bought at cheap prices, considering that the materials and products used are of poor quality, it will of course have a lot of risk. Therefore, getting a $399 dental implant will have more risk. These risks include;

  • Infection
  • feeling of discomfort
  • painful healing process
  • New treatments at more cost
  • Tooth discoloration

What Makes the $399 Dental Implant Different From Other Implants?

The only thing that sets the $399 dental implant prices apart from USA dental clinics are the unrealistic prices and uncertain success. Therefore, it is not recommended for any patient to seek treatment at the Whittier Dental Center. The first reason is that you will be greatly disappointed. Because it is not possible to get a $399 dental implant with Whittier Dental Center. Because even though they advertised as $399 dental implant, when you go to the clinic you will see that the prices will be much higher than the market prices.

Considering the USA cost of living and the procedures required for the treatment, you will not be able to get a $399 dental implant. Even if you get a $399 dental implant, it will only be an implant sold as a piece. The fact that this can be purchased at these prices means that treatment is provided with non-brand products. This would require a new treatment and would be more costly.

USA Dental Implant Clinics

Dental clinics in the USA are clinics that can provide highly successful treatments. However, there is a problem that the treatment costs are quite high. Therefore, patients who are planning to get dental implants in the USA, of course, look for affordable dental clinics. At this point, $399 Dental Implant are available to patients. Although this may make patients happy for a moment, it is unfortunately a complete disappointment.

Because while patients try to pay $399 Dental Implant , they will find there are hidden costs when they go to the Whittier Dental Center. So much so that in the USA only the price of the implant starts from $ 500, but of course it is not possible for the entire treatment to be $ 399. Make sure you find realistic prices. Otherwise, it is possible to pay more than the general prices as a result of hidden costs and the total cost you will pay.

Turkey Dental Implant

Unfortunately, patients are disappointed when they see that the $399 dental implant prices are not real prices. That’s why they keep looking for affordable prices. However, you should know that it is impossible to get a $399 Dental Implant in USA. This directly enables patients to search for a different country to receive treatment. Because dental implant treatments are costly. Of course, it would not be advantageous to pay these high prices, considering the life expectancy in the USA. However, if you plan to get a dental implant in Turkey, you will see that the treatment costs come to a much more affordable price of $ 399.

Because Turkey is a country with a very low cost of living. At the same time However, the high exchange rate ensures that dental implant prices, which are not possible in the USA, are possible in Turkey. If you plan to get dental implants in Turkey, where general prices are affordable, you should know that you will save a lot. Also remember that there are no hidden costs.

Turkey Dental Clinics

Turkey dental clinics are clinics that provide very successful treatments. Considering the dental clinics in Turkey, it is possible to see that there are well-equipped, hygienic and comfortable clinics. Because Turkey is highly developed in the field of health. This makes it a frequently preferred country in terms of health tourism. You can also plan to get a dental implant Turkey.

Thus, you will be able to receive treatment at more affordable prices than the USA treatment costs. Since dental clinics in Turkey constantly treat foreign patients, they have concepts that are completely suitable for foreign patients. At the same time, nurses, doctors and secretaries working in dental clinics in Turkey speak at least 2 foreign languages. This eliminates the communication problem required while receiving dental implant treatments in Turkey.

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Turkey Dental Implant Prices

Turkey dental implant treatment prices, of course, will differ as it does in every country. Many factors such as the implant brand you prefer, how many dental implants you need, and if you have problematic tooth roots, such as root canal treatment and tooth extraction, will change the prices of dental implants. For this reason, you will definitely need to contact a clinic for a clear price. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get an exact price information.

However, we as Curebooking, are a company that provides service with the best price guarantee. For this reason, you can contact us to get treatment at the best dental clinics in Turkey, at high quality standards, with the best prices. As Curebooking, us dental implant treatments; It starts at €199. Would you like to receive treatment with the best price guarantee?

Why Dental Implant Treatments are Cheap in Turkey

Learning that dental implant treatments in Turkey start at €199 with no hidden costs will of course make you wonder why they are so cheap. In fact, there will be even those who think that this price will mean poor quality treatments. But you should know. There are two important features that affect the cost of treatment in Turkey. One of them is the cost of living and the other is the high exchange rate. To evaluate the cost of living;

While the money required to operate a clinic in Turkey for a whole month is $2,000 the fee required to operate a clinic operating in the USA for one month will start from $20,000. This high price difference will of course be reflected in the cost of the treatments. On the other hand, the purchasing power of foreign patients is high due to the high exchange rate. This ensures that foreign patients receive dental treatment at much more affordable prices.

Does the fact that dental implant treatments are cheap mean they are of poor quality?

You should know that the answer to this will vary from country to country. Because while receiving treatment at low prices in the USA may lead to a decrease in the quality of treatments, the same is not true for Turkey. For example, if you get a $399 implant, you should know that this treatment has hidden costs, At the same time you should know that the treatments will be of poor quality.

However, if we have to evaluate Turkey, the low cost of living and the extremely high exchange rate in Turkey make the treatments cost-effective, of course. In this case, although cheap dental implants in Turkey do not mean poor quality, the cheap treatments you will receive in America will mean more poor quality treatments.

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