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What is IVF?

IVF are procedures used to aid fertility or prevent genetic problems and assist in having children.
IVF treatment involves the mature ovulation and fertilization with sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized egg (embryo) or eggs (embryos) are then transferred to the uterus. A full IVF cycle takes about three weeks. Sometimes these steps are broken up into different parts and the process can take longer. In short, IVF is assisted reproductive technology. IVF treatments may include;

  • It can be done using a couple’s eggs and sperm.
  • It can be done with eggs from a known or anonymous donor.
  • It can be done with sperm from a known or anonymous donor.
  • In some cases, a uterus is required to carry the embryo.

Why IVF is done

IVF is the treatment of infertility or genetic problems. IVF is offered as the primary treatment for infertility in women over the age of 40. In vitro fertilization can also be done if you have certain health problems. For example, IVF may be an option if you or your partner have;

Fallopian tube damage or obstruction: Fallopian tube damage or obstruction makes it difficult for an egg to fertilize or for an embryo to reach the uterus.

Ovulation disorders: If ovulation is infrequent or absent, fewer eggs are available for fertilization. Endometriosis Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus implants and grows outside of the uterus – often affecting the function of the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

Uterine fibroids: Fibroids are benign tumors in the uterus. It is common in women in their 30s and 40s. Fibroids can prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Previous tubal sterilization or removal: Tubal ligation is a type of sterilization in which the fallopian tubes are cut or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy. If you want to conceive after tubal ligation, IVF may be an alternative to tubal ligation reverse surgery.

Impaired sperm production or function: Below-average sperm concentration, poor sperm motility, or abnormalities in sperm size and shape can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg. If semen abnormalities are found, a visit to an infertility specialist may be necessary to see if there are correctable issues or underlying health issues.

Unexplained infertility: Unexplained infertility means that the cause of the infertility cannot be found despite evaluations for common causes.

IVF Age Limit in the UK, Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Turkey

IVF Risks

IVF treatments, like any treatment, have predictable risks. This can be prevented and avoided with medications and medical procedures. However, in some cases, there may be some risks due to reasons beyond the control of the doctors. However, while unsuccessful treatments are sometimes predictable, risks can occur due to unsuccessful or inexperienced physicians. For this reason, patients who plan to receive IVF treatment should definitely prefer experienced surgeons. Otherwise, the risks you may experience are as follows;

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • multiple birth
  • Premature birth and low birth weight
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Low
  • Egg retrieval procedure complications
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • birth defects
  • Stress

Will a Baby Born with IVF be healthy?

One of the most frequently asked questions by couples who plan to receive IVF treatment is the health of their babies. Of course, it is normal to wonder about the health status of the baby who will be born with IVF. However, there is nothing to worry about. Because the only difference between IVF operations and a normal baby is the fertilization method. Therefore, of course, the baby will be born healthy.

Because the only difference is the way of fertilization. Everything else is the same. The baby continues to develop in the womb and the birth process is the same. If mothers who will receive IVF treatment have questions, they should definitely share their questions with their doctor.

What is IVF Success Rate?

IVF Success rates will definitely vary depending on some situations. The success rate of IVF treatments may vary depending on external factors. There is one thing that mothers who research IVF success rate should know that success rates are babies born alive. According to a study, this ratio is as follows;

  • 32% for women under 35
  • 25% for women aged 35-37
  • 19% for women aged 38-39
  • 11% for women aged 40-42
  • 5% for women aged 43-44
  • 4% for women over 44

You should remember that these rates depend on your effort and your doctor’s experience. For this reason, you should choose countries that provide IVF treatment with a High Success Rate for treatments. However, getting treatment at the best IVF clinics will increase your success rate.

Is IVF Gender Selection Possible?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) allows you to determine the sex of your baby before the embryo is placed in your womb.
During IVF treatments, more than one egg is fertilized. You and your doctor will decide which tests you want to have on the embryo. Very carefully, the lab technician will remove a few cells and test them.

By looking at cells for abnormalities, the lab determines which embryos are male and which are female. At this point, you have the option to choose which gender you prefer. Your doctor will then place that embryo in your uterus and your pregnancy will begin. Of course, this preference depends on the couple. While couples may prefer this for family balance, the losers may also want a baby in their baby’s gender.

Which Country Is Best for IVF?

IVF treatments should be taken in countries with a high success rate. Successful countries in IVF Treatment are also selected depending on some criteria. These criteria can be as follows;

  • Countries with a high success rate of IVF treatment
  • Frequently preferred and experienced countries for treatment
  • IVF treatment Affordable cost countries

If you receive treatment in countries with IVF treatment successful rates, the success rate of your treatments will increase. In short, you will not have a hard time finding a successful clinic in IVF treatment. On the other hand, it is the Experienced clinics that greatly influence the success rates. In countries that are frequently preferred for IVF treatments, the number of experienced surgeons is high. This increases the treatment success rate. Finally, although it does not affect the treatment success rate, IVF treatment costs are something to consider when choosing a country where you will receive IVF treatment.

Because it is also possible that there will be unsuccessful treatments for the first treatment or for several treatments. For this reason, you can save money by getting treatment in countries that provide affordable IVF treatment. These countries; USA Fertility Clinics, Turkey Fertility Clinics, Spain Fertility Clinics, Cyprus Fertility Clinics

USA IVF Treatment

USA is a frequently preferred country for IVF Treatments. USA IVF success rates are quite high compared to many countries. However, since IVF is possible in Gender selection, many patients plan to receive treatment at USA Fertility Clinics. However, there is a problem that there are many countries with the same success rates as the USA.

Unfortunately, because the USA has so many treatments that many patients cannot reach the treatments, patients have to receive treatment in different countries. At this point, it is very important to find clinics with high success rates. However, you have nothing to worry about. Because there are many countries with IVF success rate as high as the USA. You can also plan to receive treatment in these countries.

Low-Cost In Vitro Fertilization Treatment with High Quality in Turkey

Turkey IVF Treatment

The preferred countries for IVF treatments are known as Reproductive Tourism. One of the leading names among these countries is Turkey. IVF treatments are one of the most preferred treatments in Turkey. Fertility clinics in Turkey offer treatments with high success rates and demand very affordable prices for these treatments.

Due to the low cost of living in Turkey and the high exchange rate, foreign patients can receive treatment at very affordable prices in Turkey fertility clinics. In fact, it would not be a lie if we say that Turkey is the country that gives the best price for IVF treatments worldwide. You can also call us to get detailed information about prices. Thus, you will be able to get IVF treatments at the best prices with a high success rate.

Cyprus IVF Treatment

Cyprus is a unique country for IVF treatments. Affordable prices, success rates and legal regulations offer couples all kinds of opportunities for IVF treatments. For this reason, IVF is one of the most preferred countries for IVF gender selection. You can also choose Cyprus for IVF treatment and gender selection with a high success rate. Prices are extremely affordable.

The success rates are the same when considering Spain. The prices charged in Spain for gender selection are quite high. Therefore, you can choose Cyprus as a more suitable country with the same success rate. You can contact us for Gender selection with the best price guarantee in Cyprus. We have the best prices in Cyprus Fertility Clinics. Apart from Gender selection, you can plan to be treated in Turkey. You can call us to take advantage of the special prices we have in Turkey Fertility Clinics.

Cyprus IVF Treatment Gender Selection Prices

Prices in many countries are known for IVF Gender selection. Although it is quite normal for couples to choose gender for family balance or for any reason, the prices for this are quite high in many countries. However, this process, which is very easy with the use of a test, is not possible in many countries, making access difficult. For this reason, countries where IVF gender selection is possible keep prices high.

However, if you choose to be treated in Cyprus, you have to make sure you get the best prices with IVF Gender selection. Although tens of thousands of euros are requested in many countries, this price is more suitable in Cyprus Fertility Clinics. As Curebooking, our IVF Gender selection prices start from 6.000€.

IVF Treatment Prices

IVF treatments have very variable prices. For this reason, it will often be wrong to give an average price. However, you will still see how much the prices vary between countries. For this reason, it would not be correct to give a clear IVF treatment price. But to give an example, getting full IVF treatment in the USA starts at an average of €15,000. This is a very high cost compared to many countries. For this reason, patients often prefer different countries to receive IVF treatment. This will be a very good decision.

Although the USA IVF success rate is high, it is possible to get treatment at more affordable prices in countries with the same IVF success rate. You can continue reading our content to get more detailed information about countries and IVF treatment prices.
However, if you plan IVF gender selection, prices will increase. For this reason, it would be more appropriate for couples planning to have IVF Gender selection to find affordable countries. Unfortunately, IVF gender Selection requires higher prices because it depends on patients’ preferences.

IVF Gender Selection Prices

IVF gender selection prices vary from country to country. However, it can also vary between clinics within the same country. Therefore, it is not correct to give a net value. However, the average costs of countries are close. For example, while the cost of treatment can vary by thousands of euros between countries, this is also the case for IVF gender selection. While IVF gender selection is possible for a price of € 2,000 in some countries, the same process starts at €5,000 in the USA. Therefore, if you are planning to do IVF gender selection, it is important to seek treatment in affordable countries.

Countries And IVF Prices

Czech Republic5.000€
Turkey 1.500€
Denmark 6.000€
USA 15.000€
UK 7.000€
Cyprus 5.000€

IVF Gender Selection Countries

IVF Gender selection is prohibited as it is not suitable for many countries’ beliefs or customs. For this reason, couples who have IVF gender selection prohibition in their country often go to countries where it is not prohibited and receive IVF treatment. These countries are as follows;

  • Cyprus
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Asia
  • Jordan
  • Ecuador
  • Latin America
  • Egypt
  • Colombia
  • Brazil

Although there is IVF gender selection in the countries listed above, unfortunately, it is quite expensive, so it makes it difficult. However, IVF gender selection is a fairly easy process. There is no risk or probability of failure. Therefore, patients can plan to choose the most affordable country. For IVF Gender selection Treatments, the best prices are at Cyprus Fertility Clinics. If you are planning to receive IVF Gender Selection, you can choose Cyprus Fertility Clinics.