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Who went for a dental holiday in Turkey to get implants?

Comments of people who get teeth implants in Turkey

It is understood that teeth implants is the most widely used form of dental treatment in 2020. An implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone and made of suitable material in order to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth.

Tooth implants are the closest option to natural teeth today. Implanted teeth provide better speech and chewing properties compared to traditional bridges and prostheses. The implant method also brings a natural look to your face and mouth.

Are those who have implants in Turkey satisfied?

Those who have implants continue their lives with satisfaction and happiness for a long time, even forgetting that they have implants in their mouths and living their lives by literally loving the implant teeth as if they had original teeth. They do not regret having implants in Turkey, especially in Kusadasi before because Kusadasi is one of the perfect places for a dental holiday. They have a chance to replace their teeth with the best and the most known implant brands in the world as well as enjoy the touristic cities of Turkey. Most importantly, Turkey is known as one of the biggest destinations for health tourism. Because of the investments that the government made for health tourism, you can get the best prices of dental treatments in Turkey. 

I got my teeth done in Turkey! (Dental İmplants)

Mihriban Aliyeva (Translator)

I came from Azerbaijan to Turkey often for my business. While I was talking about my tooth problem with a friend in Turkey, he suggested a Dentist Travel Turkey Clinic to me. He said that I would definitely go and leave as satisfied. I had a tooth that I was about to lose. Its root was damaged and repair was not possible. I decided to have an implant treatment via CureBooking and I was amazed by their quality service throughout the process. Currently, the treatment process is over and I am very satisfied with the results. 

I got my teeth done in Turkey

Hatice Gülsen (Graphic Designer)

 “Woe to you if you come across a bad doctor for implants!” I started to hesitate to have an implant after hearing the sentence from my friend. I came across CureBooking while reading the comments of those who were satisfied with the implants they had on the internet. I thought it would be difficult for him to come and go because I live abroad. However, they met me at the airport and took care of me intensely until the end of the treatment. It is flattering to know that such good services exist in my country. I would like to thank this dental centre in Turkey. I realized that all my fears about getting implants in Turkey were unfounded.

Mehmet Uslu (Math Teacher)

I live in the city of Izmir, Turkey. I had a bad experience in one of the dentists in Izmir. My teeth were in very bad condition and they made it even worse with an unforgettable mistake. I was searching for good dentists in Kusadasi on the internet and one of my relatives also needed an implant treatment. He got his teeth done via CureBooking which has agreement with some of the best dental clinics in Turkey. He said the doctors were very professional and qualified in their field. After he said that, I have decided to go there and it turned out they are really the best dental clinic in Kusadasi because the dental work, taking care of each patient and the knowledge they have is very good. I am so glad that they gave me what I asked for.