What to Know About Visiting a Dentist in Istanbul for Implants

Dental Tourism and Holiday in Istanbul- Getting Cheap Dental Implants with High Quality

How much does dental work cost in Istanbul?

Are you surprised by the cost of dental care in the United Kingdom? Visiting an Istanbul dentist is one option to get high-quality dental work at a considerably reduced cost. It’s no surprise that so many dental tourists visit the city each year, with savings of up to 70%.

Istanbul is around a 4-hour flight from the UK.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re considering dental procedures in Istanbul (or elsewhere in Turkey), such as tooth whitening, veneers, or implants. In this article, we’ll go through some frequently asked questions, such as:

How much does dental work cost in Istanbul?

What factors should I consider before selecting a dental facility in Istanbul?

How can I be sure my dentist is practicing legally?

What hotel should I book?

We want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision about your dental treatment. Continue reading to learn more about dental work in Istanbul, or receive a free quote from one of our recommended dental clinics. Simply enter a few facts to see how much money you could save on your treatment.

Why would you want to have dental implants in Istanbul?

There are several reasons to have dental work done in Istanbul by the best dentists. The inexpensive pricing are one of the key reasons, but additional factors include the quality of labor and high standards. If you feel up to it following your treatment, making a vacation out of the journey can be a nice reward.

Price of Dental Implants in Istanbul

Most likely, you’re looking for dental work in Istanbul to save money. Private dentistry costs in the United Kingdom have climbed to levels that are beyond of reach for many people, yet dentistry is more reasonable in nations like Turkey.

The table below shows how much a dentist in Istanbul costs on average:

Procedure Approx Istanbul dentist price

Single tooth implant £2850 – £600

All-on-4 implants From £4,000 per jaw

Sinus lift £250 – £550

Porcelain veneer £95 – £400

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown £100 – £300

Laser teeth whitening £100 – £350

Root canal £50 – £200

If you require major dental work or a costly operation, Istanbul dentist costs allow you to pay for flights, lodging, travel expenditures, and treatment while still saving money as compared to visiting a dentist at home. You might save hundreds or thousands of pounds by getting dental implants in Istanbul! You will get all inclusive dental implant packages in Istanbul which include accommodation, vip transfers (hotel-clinic-airport), all dental x-rays and anesthesia.

Reason for the Low Cost of Dental Implant in Istanbul

The low cost of dental work in Istanbul is primarily attributable to lower living costs and a weaker economy, rather than to inadequate standards or outdated equipment. Dentists who offer their services to foreigners understand the importance of maintaining cutting-edge facilities and high hygienic standards. Their business might be severely harmed by one negative review.

Dental clinics compete fiercely for patients, keeping prices low and standards high. However, you cannot assume that a clinic fulfills international standards. Before making a decision, it’s critical to conduct as much research as possible. However, Cure Booking medical tourism company has already done this research for you and offers you the most affordable prices for dental implants in Istanbul.

What to Know About Visiting a Dentist in Istanbul for Implants

A Dental Implant Holiday in Istanbul

If you only go to the dentist on a dental trip to Istanbul, you’ll lose out on ancient architecture, scenic river cruises, and a massage in a traditional Turkish Hamam.

Istanbul is known for its shopping as well as its various cultural attractions. The Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets. There are more than 4,000 stores selling anything from spices and dried fruits to lanterns and jewelry. Visit if you want to stock up on souvenirs, but be prepared to haggle.

Simply put, Istanbul is a fantastic spot to get your teeth cleaned while also getting to see a new city.

There are lots of other areas in Turkey that cater to dentistry tourists if you’d rather spend your time on the beach. Consider dental implants in Izmir, a west-coast city with prices that are sometimes even lower than Istanbul. You should also think about getting dental work done in Kusadasi as well.

How can you pick the best dental implant center in Istanbul for your needs?

There are numerous dental clinics in Istanbul from which to pick. Fortunately, knowing which ones advertise their services to an English-speaking public should make your decision easier. Even yet, as you begin your search for the top dentist in Istanbul to meet your needs, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. Cure Booking gave you the best dental implant dentist in Istanbul based on these important questions:

What is the dentist’s experience with the procedure(s) I require?

Can you show me some images of other patients who have had the same procedure performed? (This is especially true for cosmetic dentistry.)

Is the treatment charge all-inclusive, or are there any additional costs?

Is the dentist fluent in English? 

What are the assurances that come with the work?

What would happen if I had problems after I got home?

When we search for the best dental clinic in Istanbul, we consider these factors:

High standards with high quality

Reasonable prices and

Experience treating overseas patients.

Is it possible to use my dental insurance in Turkey?

The answer is contingent on where you are flying in from as well as your insurance company. The reality is that most dental insurance companies throughout the world still refuse to cover implants because they are considered cosmetic dentistry. As a result, many people are going to Turkey to obtain the best implants at the best prices.

Istanbul offers high-quality implants at a lower cost than the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Contact us to get dental implants by the best implant dentists in Istanbul.