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What to Know about Billingsgate Fish Market in London

Billingsgate Fish Market in London

Billingsgate Fish Market is the UK’s biggest seafood market, and one of the world’s largest markets for seafood. Today, for a wide proportion of London fishmongers, seafood manufacturers, and restaurants, Billingsgate Market serves as the center of supply. The market consists of merchants from all over the world offering a large portfolio of fresh and frozen seafood. 

The origin of the market dates back to the 14th century. The industry concentrated on fresh seafood right from the ships in the early days. London and the UK have been more cultured and diverse globally. The industry has, therefore, been demanding more foreign species of seafood. Industry advancement in packaging and freezing processes has made frozen seafood highly sought after in recent years. Frozen seafood constitutes a substantial portion of Billingsgate’s trade. The market offers an incredible range from all over the world with fantastic frozen intricacies.

Opening hours of Billingsgate Market?

Billingsgate Market is now situated in Poplar, just outside Canary Wharf in East London. From 4 am to 8:30 am, the market is open for trading from Tuesday to Saturday. Market traders tend to come in to ready their shops between 1 am and 4 am. Seafood traders are supplied in bulk with a substantial majority of the Billingsgate seafood.

Is Billingsgate Market open to public?

The market is now available for public consumers who are looking at the lowest possible price for new incredible seafood.

What to Know about Billingsgate Fish Market in London

How to get to Billingsgate Market?

Get off the DLR at Blackwall (not Poplar) if you come on public transit and it’s a quick 5-minute walk to the primary, gated (and only) entrance to Billingsgate. 

There’s parking at the market if you go in the car. Be alert, spaces easily fill up. Follow the public parking signs and it’s a pay and view scheme, so try to take coins for the system with you. For up to two hours, it is £ 2.

Are children allowed in Billingsgate Fish Market?

No. Children under 12 years of age are not approved to enter Billingsgate Market’s trade areas. On the edge of the village, if you wish to visit for eating, they are welcomed into Piggy’s Cafe, but not on the market floor.

Can the public buy fish or is it trade only in Billingsgate Market?

Yes! Yes! Just note, cash at Billingsgate is always the ruler. Often, this is bulk shopping wholesale, because it’s by the kilo or crate, there can be a lot of fish. You can easily go Billingsgate fish market in London and shop there.