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What to Expect When Getting a Dental Bridge?

What is the Procedure for Getting a Dental Bridge in Turkey?

A dental bridge can make a person feel more confident in their appearance. It can also make it possible for them to chew normally.

When one or more teeth are lost, it may impact a person’s bite, causing discomfort and difficulties swallowing. These problems can be avoided by replacing certain teeth.

A bridge may be required if:

  • A tooth becomes so decayed that it falls out or is removed by a dentist.
  • A tooth is irreparably damaged by an injury or incident.
  • Where decay or inflammation has reached such a depth inside a tooth, neither a filling nor a root canal can suffice.

The dental bridge procedure depends on the type of a dental bridge.

After discussion about the treatment plan for your needs and expectations, your dental holiday journey to Turkey will start. Our staff will meet you in the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Your dental treatment will start at a suitable time. 

The preparation of the teeth on either side of the gap is the first step in the conventional bridge procedure. These teeth may be ground down by the dentist to remove the decay. They would also take an impression of the mouth to aid in the fitting of the bridge.

To secure the broken teeth, the dentist will place a temporary bridge over them. Temporary bridges are made up of structures that resemble natural teeth, but they are not permanent. After a few days, your dentist will remove them.

The dentist removes the temporary supports and affixes the actual bridge using strong adhesives until the real bridge is ready.

For cantilever bridges, the procedure is identical, but only one tooth would need a crown. Since there are no crowns involved, a Maryland bridge needs less planning. Any of these bridges necessitate a minimum of two appointments.

Implant surgery is usually the first step in the process of placing implants to stabilize a bridge. After that, the dentist would take an impression of the mouth in order to build a bridge that will easily go over the implants.

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What to Expect When Getting a Dental Bridge?

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to a Dental Bridge?

Patients may experience certain differences in their mouth after getting a dental bridge because it entails preparing an actual tooth and filling a void. This may include the following:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • When biting down, there is a soreness.
  • Changes in the way you chew
  • Changes in mouth sensation
  • Impediments to speech

There is a period of adjustment after the placement of a dental bridge due to these adjustments. This is totally normal and transient for every patient. In every dental treatment, there is a process of adjusting to a new existing in your mouth. Therefore, it makes the after-procedure differences quite normal unless they do not last for too long. 

One of the most common questions we get asked is how long will it take to adjust to a dental bridge. It usually takes about two weeks for most patients to adapt to a new dental bridge. Patients will experience changes as time goes by, as they get accustomed to the bridge’s existence. 

If you are still having problems with your dental bridge after a few weeks, make an appointment with your dentist. This may indicate the presence of a problem that necessitates the assistance of a dentist.

Affordable Dental Bridges in Turkey

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