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Do Dental Bridges Last a Lifetime? Life Expectancy of Them

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last For?

If you are getting new teeth in Turkey, it is fair to say that you want them to look and work as similar as possible to your natural teeth. That means you would like them to last as long as natural teeth. Is this the case with a dental bridge, though? And, if that is not the case, how long do dental bridges usually last? 

Dental bridges are a permanent tooth or teeth repair. A dental bridge may be attached to one or more teeth next to the missing tooth or teeth in a variety of ways, including:

crowns on a tooth or teeth that support the crowns

adhesive wings (for example, for resin-bonded bridges), or

on implants, by screws or abutments for bridges

Fixed bridges on teeth or implants provide superior longevity and appearance, but their effectiveness is contingent on the general health of the mouth and other teeth, as well as proper dental care at home and professional maintenance.

Are Dental Bridges Permanent or Not?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether dental bridges are permanent or not. Actually, none of the dental treatments are permanent, but they are one of the long term solutions for broken or missing teeth.

Fixed bridges lifetime is somewhere from 10 and 30 years, depending on the state and protection of the teeth and the rest of the mouth, as well as the patient’s regular oral hygiene and long-term maintenance. 

There is a significantly greater chance of completion and longevity if dental bridgework is performed by a specialist with the experience and qualifications required to administer the procedure to the utmost level, as it is the case in all dental procedures.

According to a study, the dental profession, the dentist’s expertise and ability level, and attention to detail are all important considerations for the lifetime of dental bridges. The effectiveness and efficiency of a dental bridge are based on the individual ability and experience of the dentist who does the work, which is known as the center-effect. You can get your dental bridge in Turkey by professional and highly trained dentists. Our patients are very satisfied by the work and hygiene of our dentists and leave the country happily. 

Numerous research in dentistry on treatment effectiveness and results back this up. As previously said, all of our dentists in Turkey are of the highest caliber and experience, implying that a dental bridge placed here would be of the best quality. 

Do Dental Bridges Last a Lifetime? Life Expectancy of Them

Are Dental Bridges a Long Term Solution?

A dental bridge is typically expected to last 10 to 25 years before it has to be revised, repaired, or replaced. It is always possible to chip a bridge, just as it is always possible to chip a tooth, and wear and tear varies based on bite force, eating preferences, oral and general wellbeing, overall state of the teeth and gums, and the continuity of the oral hygiene at home.

The best answer to the question of how long your dental bridge would last is that it mostly depends on you. Dental practitioners often accept that if you maintain good oral hygiene, they can last at least 10 years, and others also believe that with careful treatment, they can last a lifetime. 

People should also avoid some activities such as nail biting, cutting thread or chewing pens. This may lead to fracture or chipping of the dental bridge. 

What Does Affect the Lifetime of a Dental Bridge?

Several studies have shown that a variety of factors affect the survival and longevity of dental bridges. Here are some of them;

  • “Centre effect” as mentioned above,
  • The dentist and dental technician conducting the operation and dental procedure should have skills, experience, and attention to detail,
  • General dental condition, hygiene of mouth, state of the teeth which support the dental bridge,
  • Age of the patient, and
  • Types of initial or replacement restoration.

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