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What to Expect from a Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?

How is Breast Uplift Performed in Turkey?

If you are not sure if a breast lift surgery in Turkey is the correct choice for you, your initial consultation with a doctor will enable you to learn more about the procedure as a whole and which cosmetic surgery will be best for you. They will talk to you about your goals, if this is the best time for you to have the operation, and what you want to get out of the procedure as a whole to help you decide whether you want to get your breast lift in Turkey. You will be able to pay a deposit to schedule the surgery after you have made your decision.

Upon arrival in Turkey for the procedure of breast uplift, you will have the chance to consult with your surgeon in person on the day of your surgery to address any concerns or questions you may have. This is where you will get full recommendations on proportion, design, scale, and the method to be used, and you will be able to approve or change all of the surgeon’s plans. Since paying the balance and signing the consent papers, you will be sent on a series of medical tests before being taken for surgery.

The breast uplift procedure’s duration in Turkey varies from case to case, but it usually lasts between two and three hours. You will only need to spend one night in the hospital, although it is recommended that you remain in Turkey for up to a week, with four days set aside for the required check-ups.

After being given the necessary instructions for removing the dressing and wearing the medical bra, you can relax in your hotel room the first day after your surgery. The second day after that, you should still stay in your bed, but you can start walking around the hotel if you avoid any strenuous exercise. You could go on a walking tour to learn more about the region.

Your plastic surgeon in Turkey will do a final check up, clear the drainage, adjust the dressing and give all aftercare recommendations on the third and fourth day of your surgery. You can see the final results of breast uplift surgery in Turkey after a few weeks when the incision lines disappear and swelling goes down. 

What to Expect from a Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?

Some Risks of Breast Uplift Surgery in Turkey

Although the risks are minor, you should be aware of a few before leaving Turkey. Here are some of them:


A condition in which the body bleeds excessively,

Internal bruising, also known as haematoma, and

Blood clot.

You should know that these complications are minor and we guarantee that you can have access to aftercare service for a period of 12 months after your surgery, and you can schedule a call anytime you need it.

Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey

The surgeon doing your breast lift in Turkey is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and has the skills and knowledge to improve quality. You are really in the best of hands, with malpractice insurance providing peace of mind in the unlikely event of adverse outcomes and ensuring coverage for corrective surgery.

Breast lifts are a regular practice at our medical centers in Turkey, and we are proud of our achievements in reshaping and uplifting breasts, which we hope to continue in the future. If you want to have this operation alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery, you will have the chance to address your issues, desires, or demands during your initial appointment, as well as learn more about the procedure in general.

Cost of breast lift surgery in Turkey starts from £2000 depending on the clinic, experience of the doctor, and location of the clinic. However, these prices also may change from person to person because some people may want additional procedures. We guarantee that you will get the most affordable breast uplift surgery in Turkey without being compromised by the quality of surgeon’s work and equipment.