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What is DHİ Hair Transplant Turkey Price? 2021 Packages Cost

What is DHİ Hair Transplant in Turkey and What is the Cost?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) in Turkey is a common and efficient hair transplant procedure. It’s a more advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation technique that offers more advantages.

As you may be aware, getting a DHI Hair Transplant, or any other sort of hair transplant, is fairly common in Turkey these days. That’s because the surgery costs a fraction of what international clinics do while still providing good results.

Continue reading to learn about one of our favorite sites in Turkey to have a high-quality DHI hair transplant, how the operation is done, how much Dhi cost in Turkey, and what benefits you can expect.

What is the Procedure for Getting DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Your surgeon will draw your new hairline on your head before the procedure begins, based on the specified plans and the purpose of your hair transplantation. The donor site will next be injected with long-lasting local anesthetic. While general anesthesia is not normally required, you may request a sedative to make the procedure more comfortable, as it is a lengthy procedure.

Your doctor will begin the extraction procedure when the anaesthetic has worn off, manually using an extractor equipment with a diameter of 1 mm or less. The hair will be taken from the donor area and transplanted into the recipient spot without delay.

Instead of making an incision, your doctor will load the harvested hair follicles into the Choi pen and implant them straight into your scalp, according to the established course of operation. Hair follicle placement must be done with extreme care, as it necessitates a precise direction and angle of 40 to 45 degrees. At this time, the surgeon’s competence and experience become apparent. Depending on the hair texture, 2 to 6 pens and 15 to 16 needles of varying sizes are required during the procedure.

Following your dhi transplant in turkey, you will be told what kind of aftercare routine you should follow based on your surgeon’s advice. Shampoos and medications will be provided as well as other requirements for the post-operative time.

What Are the Expected Results from DHI Transplant Turkey?

While it’s fair to want quick results of dhi transplant in Turkey because it’s a cosmetic procedure, it’s also crucial to set realistic expectations. The DHI method does not produce rapid results; noticeable hair growth should take place at least 5 to 6 months after the surgery. Another rather common aspect of the operation that causes concern in the patient’s eyes is the transplanted hair loss that occurs in the weeks following the operation. You don’t need to be concerned during this time because your hair will regrow gradually, both in the transplanted location and donor site. 

Finally, keep in mind that the final outcomes vary from person to person and are heavily influenced by the patient’s natural hairline. Similarly, depending on the specific momentum of your hair, your recuperation period will be slow, taking into account your medical history, physical condition, and environmental circumstances.

What is the Cost of DHI Transplant in Turkey?

The average price of dhi hair transplantation in Turkey is $2600, the minimum price is $1250, and the maximum price is $4800.

In terms of services and procedure quality, what can Turkish clinics provide in 2021? With all of the current technology, it can be considered inexpensive, especially when compared to other Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.

A DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey will set you back between $2500-$3500, while other facilities in Turkey may offer lesser prices. However, in many circumstances, the price element still influences the outcome.

A DHI therapy in the UK can cost anything from £5,000 to £15,000. This hair transplant operation costs between £1,500 to £3,500 in Turkey.

The cost is determined primarily by the level of hair loss and the quantity of grafts that must be implanted. Because a single DHI session can transplant up to 1,500 grafts, you may require a few additional sessions for optimal outcomes, which influences the pricing.

It is our job to work with the best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Turkey so that you get the best results and treatment. We provide you with the best prices as well as the best care. Contact us to get a personal quote and special discounts. 

But why is a hair transplant in Turkey roughly 70% less expensive than in the United Kingdom?

Turkey is the most popular destination for all types of hair transplantation and plastic surgery, and receiving a DHI hair transplant in Turkey is considerably easier and less expensive.

because: 1) One of the major contributors to lower prices is Turkey’s encouragement for domestic manufacturing of all goods and products over importation. As a result, shipping, logistics, and customs charges are removed from the final price stage. In Turkey, this same approach contributes to inexpensive health-care and operation expenses.

B) Average salaries play a large role in what can really be considered “low cost” in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, whereas in Turkey, not only income, but also the cost of living is higher.

That may explain why a DHI hair transplant is less expensive in Turkey. It’s all about comprehending how the world works. The low pricing have nothing to do with quality and everything to do with the economics.

What is DHİ Hair Transplant in Turkey and What is the Cost?

How do you pick the finest DHI hair transplant clinic?

If you are already in Turkey, you can go to the best clinics for your DHI hair transplant. When picking the finest clinic, we first look at their website online and read customer reviews, and then we search the experience of the physician who will do your treatment. We consider these factors while choosing the best dhi transplant clinic in Turkey;

Dedications and Commitment in Action

Results That Are Consistent

A low-cost hair transplant

High patient satisfaction

A high hair transplant cost does not guarantee the greatest outcomes; you must be familiar with hair transplantation techniques and prices, as well as what pertains to you.

Where do DHI hair transplants often perform in Turkey? 

As hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, clinics and centers have sprung up across the country, including in the capital city of Ankara, Izmir, and the well-known beach resort of Antalya, all of which can handle everything from hair transplantation to basic cosmetic procedures. The popular Istanbul, on the other hand, continues to play a larger role and provides more services, and thrives on attracting more people to medical tourism. So, your choices can be Izmir, Antalya and Istanbul.

What Are the Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The DHI Hair Transplantation technique has some factors that help the implanted follicles stay as long as possible and grow naturally, such as:

The short time that the extracted follicles spent out of the body, where there is no time separating the harvesting and implanting times, so the less time, the stronger the hair.

By preserving the moisture of the retrieved grafts and avoiding motor shocks, the risk of bacteria growing on the surface and infection sources is reduced.

Because DHI hair transplantation is non-surgical, there are no wounds or scars on the head, and no scalpels are required, there is no need to open channels to implant the follicles.

Before the procedure, there is no need to shave or cut the hair short in the implantation area.

When compared to earlier hair transplantation techniques, the DHI procedure provides 99.99 percent greater density to the hair.

DHI hair transplantation in Turkey has a very high success rate, and the results are completely natural.

DHI technology is suited for all persons who want to undergo DHI hair transplantation technology, whether they have genetic baldness or hair loss, or if certain conditions, such as diabetes, prevent them from undergoing transplantation using other techniques.

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