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What is Hair Transplantation?

To better understand Hair Transplantation and its treatments, let’s first examine what baldness means. Hair loss or baldness is a condition in which the hair on the scalp falls out and no new hair grows in its place. Hair can be shed seasonally, due to stress, due to nutrition or genetically. In this case, people need to wait for a while for hair transplant treatment and make sure that their hair does not regrow.

Hair transplantation treatments used as a hair loss treatment do not cover patients who have hair follicles from the outside. It is the process of separating the hair on the scalp of the patient into grafts and transplanting them into balding areas. Thus, hair transplantation treatment is a treatment that aims to change the location of the hair on the scalp of the patients and to gain a hairy appearance.

Who Is Hair Transplant Treatment Suitable For?

Hair transplant treatment is suitable for anyone over the age of 24 who has sufficient donor area on the scalp. However, of course, the general health status of the patients should be good. Although getting a hair transplant is quite easy and healthy with the new technology, it certainly requires the absence of patients, blood diseases, heart problems or anesthesia allergies.

Even if the hair transplant patients older than 24 years of age who are planning to have a hair transplant do not have enough hair for the donor area, they should contact Turkey hair transplant clinics and seek solutions for treatment. These solutions will often involve planting hair follicles taken from the beard, arms or legs into the hair area.

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Are Hair Transplant Treatments Risky?

We know that modern medicine is quite advanced. For this reason, hair transplant treatments, like many other treatments, can be performed without risk. The technologies used work with less bleeding and less risk of infection. Despite all this, of course, there are some risks. How Does? The inexperience of the hair transplant doctors preferred by the patients or the lack of hygienic work will bring many risks.

The process of removing hair follicles and transplanting them to another area will involve opening the skin, albeit small, in the scalp and donor area. Opening the skin also makes it easier for an infection to enter the body of the patient. The fact that the doctor preferred by the patient for hair transplant treatment does not work hygienically may lead to unsuccessful results of the treatments. At the same time, the risks in hair transplant treatment may include;

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • persistent itching
  • Scar
  • Natural Long Hair
  • Crooked Hairlines
  • Loss of transplanted hair

What are the Types of Hair Transplant Treatment?

The technique used with the first start of hair transplant treatments is the FUT technique. FUT involves removing the nape skin in strips between the two ears. It is done by collecting hair grafts from these strips and transferring the collected grafts to the patient. Of course, as the number of patients who want to receive hair transplantation treatment increased, new techniques developed and new hair transplantation techniques, which were quite comfortable compared to the first technique, were developed.

The most preferred techniques with the latest technology are FUE and DHI techniques. With the development of the FUE technique, which has been used for many years, the DHI technique has emerged. The DHI technique consists of collecting the hair as grafts with a special surgical pen and transplanting these grafts into the recipient area. All these hair transplantation techniques are chosen according to the preferences of the people. Patients who wish can also receive treatment with the FUT technique. However, of course, the most preferred technique is the FUE technique.

How male and female hair transplants different?

Turkey Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant treatments are accepted as aesthetic treatments all over the world. Therefore, of course, health insurance does not cover these treatments. This causes prices to be high. The fact that hair transplant treatments are quite easy with modern medicine has unfortunately not made the treatment prices affordable. Unfortunately, hair transplant treatment prices are much higher in countries such as the UK, Germany and USA. This is not only because it is an aesthetic treatment, but also because the number of hair transplant clinics is low and the cost of living is expensive. This ensures that patients who want to have hair transplantation, of course, receive hair transplantation treatment in different countries.

For this reason, the first country that comes to mind is Turkey. Turkey. has become the world leader in hair transplant treatments. In fact, in many street interviews in foreign countries, when asked to say something about Turkey, many people say that hair transplant treatment comes to mind. This shows how compatible hair transplant treatments are with Turkey. As for the prices, hair transplant treatment prices in Turkey are variable. The number of grafts that patients need, the adequacy of the donor area, the width of the recipient area and the technique to be used will completely change the price. For this reason, it would not be right to make a clear comment about the prices.

Why are Hair Transplant Prices Cheap in Turkey?

The prices of hair transplant treatments are quite high in many countries. Therefore, it is natural to wonder why it is cheap in Turkey. The cost of hair transplantation treatments in other countries is the inadequacy of the specialist in hair transplantation and the cost of living. The cheapness of hair transplant prices in Turkey is due to the fact that there are many hair transplant centers in Turkey. Competition between hair transplant clinics in Turkey is driving prices down to local prices. This causes competitive hair transplant clinics to lower their prices. Although this is the most important reason, the extremely high exchange rate increases the purchasing power of foreign patients, which makes hair transplant prices in Turkey affordable.

How Turkey Has Become a World Leader in Hair Transplantation?

Health tourism has recently become more popular than ever. Each country has treatments that are highly successful. While Austria is very successful in cancer treatments, the Netherlands is successful in IVF treatments. Every country has an area where it can develop. Although Turkey provides very successful treatments in every field, as in other treatments, hair transplantation has come to the fore with treatment prices. The high cost of living and the high exchange rate, as well as the large number of hair transplant clinics, have made hair transplant prices in Turkey extremely cheap. In this case, patients from many countries of the world have come here for hair transplant treatments in Turkey.

Treating so many patients has of course brought experience to hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The success rate of hair transplantation, which has been increasing every year, has reached 98% in 2022. Turkey’s hair transplant success rate and Turkey’s hair transplant treatment prices have also made Turkey a leader. For this reason, many countries in the world come to Turkey for hair transplantation, which brings Turkey to the forefront in terms of health tourism. At the same time, you should know that Turkey will provide you with successful treatments at affordable prices not only in hair transplant treatments, but also in many areas such as dental treatments, plastic surgery, weight loss and cancer treatments.

How Much Is 2000 Graft Hair Transplant in Turkey?

2000 graft hair transplantation is the most commonly used number of grafts. Most of the patients are preferred for hair loss only at the starting line. Shedding in the front hairline of patients also causes the forehead to appear wider and the person’s age to appear older. Although the prices vary, it is possible to get 2000 graeft hair transplantation in Turkey with prices starting from 1.500€. But We provide services with unlimited grafts and a single price.

How Much Is 3000 Graft Hair Transplantat in Turkey?

In Turkey, as in every country, prices will vary depending on how many hair grafts the patients need. However, it is not true that the number of grafts affects the cost of hair transplant treatments. This only changes the price as it will take longer. We, as curebooking, provide service in order to provide the best service in our hair transplant treatment prices. That’s why we make it possible to get an unlimited number of grafts for 1350€. In Turkey, the starting price for 3000 graft hair transplantation is 2,500 € on average.

How much is 5000 Graft Hair Transplantat in Turkey?

Turkey 5000 graft hair transplant prices are quite high. Although it is affordable compared to other countries, it will be possible to receive an average of 6,000 € treatment. This is because the sessions will last longer than a few days. At the same time, it is important to have enough donor area for 5000 graft hair transplantation. Although it is quite normal for all these to affect the price, we get 1350 € for the price of 5000 grafts of hair transplantation. Isn’t that a pretty good offer? If you also need 5000 graft hair transplantation in Turkey, you can contact us for free hair analysis and treatment plan.

Turkey Hair Transplant Package Price

You have read the detailed information about the hair transplant prices in Turkey above. But how much do you have to spend as a result of the addition of hotel accommodation and transportation needs to these prices? Considering that you came to Turkey with a relative and you will get a hair transplant, you should know that there are many details such as accommodation fee for 2 people, transportation between the hospital or clinic and the hotel, and shampoos after hair transplant. How about paying them all for one price?

As Curebooking, we have special prices at contracted hotels and clinics. In this way, our patients benefit from the best price guarantee by choosing package services. In another clinic, he can only receive hair transplant treatment at much higher costs, while in ours he can benefit from all-inclusive services. We guarantee that our Turkey hair transplant package price also has the best price. 1.650€ !
Pretty good price isn’t it? Well, let’s take a look at what’s included in the package;

  • Hair transplant treatment
  • Accommodation during treatment (for 2 people)
  • Morning Breakfast (for 2 people)
  • Drug treatments
  • All tests required in the hospital
  • PCR test
  • Nursing service
  • Special shampoo for hair transplant treatment
  • Transfers between hotel-airport-clinic
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