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The Most Livable Cities in England

Top Cities to Work and Live in the UK


Brighton is one of England’s most beautiful cities. The low crime rate and the high preference of international students affect the increase of the young population here. Brighton is one of the cities worth living in England, with its amazing boutiques, the mobility of the nightlife, the areas that keep the trade alive, and the features that can attract everybody’s attention. Located less than an hour from south London, Brighton is a city that offers much more than life expectancy. The city, which has a population of 229,700, is one of the most wonderful places to live with its vibrant aspects and more than perfect destinations.


London, the capital city of England, is the city most talked about with its vibrant nightlife, arts, trade, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, health, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transportation and political development. The city, which has witnessed more than 2000 years, is one of the cities worth living in England. London, the most immigrant receiving city in Europe, is a somewhat mixed city. However, it must be said that it has beauties worth living.


Located in the North-West region of England, Manchester; It has the characteristic of being the most populous city of England with its population of 514,417. The city, which stands out with its being a highly developed city in terms of economy, living comfort, became the first industrialized city of the world in the 18th century. Of course, there are different reasons why it is a city worth living. Significant effects such as the absence of transportation difficulties and the low crime rate despite being crowded affect the city to become worth living.


Liverpool, located in the east of the Mersey River Estuary, is one of the world cities worth living in the UK. The city, which has managed to keep up with every lifestyle and carries the cultural values of the past to the present in the best way, has Liverpool University and John Moores Universities and the educational institutions preferred by international students. If a place in England is to be chosen to live, it should definitely be said that Liverpool should be included in the list. Let’s say that life here can be carried out very comfortably thanks to its important values such as the absence of any transportation problems and the extremely high comfort of life. The city has a mild climate with an average temperature of 21 ° C during the winter period and 9 ° C in the winter period.

Top Best Cities to Live and Work in England


Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands region of England. The city manages to attract attention with its beauties and calm life. The city, which gained the city status with the Queen Victoria certificate in 1897, has become a more beautiful city thanks to the studies carried out after that period. Located on the banks of the River Trent, the city has a history dating back to the 4th century, and it is possible to encounter a place that has witnessed different periods of history in each corner. The city, whose industry is based on the production of medicine, cigarettes and bicycles as well as traditional socks making and lace embroidery, manages to become one of the livable cities of England with its peaceful nature.


Southampton is one of England’s most beautiful cities. Located on the south coast of the country, the city is located 75 miles southwest of London. The small city, which attracts attention with its life values and high-level life in the economy, makes itself known with its calm and peaceful aspects. Besides having world-renowned educational areas such as Southampton Institute and Southampton University, the fact that maritime is highly developed here affects the city’s remarkable structure. Southampton, one of the livable cities in England, highlights its quality aspects in every sense.


The city of Bath, which carries a part of England’s long-established past and has managed to survive to the present day by defying thousands of years, is one of England’s quiet places. The city, which takes its name from the hot springs that made the region famous, has an important place in British culture and literature. Its thermal springs named “Aquae Sulis”, which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its history dating back to the Roman period, is the most important place that has gained recognition all over the world. Standing out with its quiet life besides being extremely valuable in terms of history and tourism, Bath is one of the most livable cities to live in England.