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Trafalgar Square in London: It is more than a square

Facts About Trafalgar Square

Another thing that makes England famous for its many things is its squares. You can find many famous and historical squares. One of the most important and famous of these is Trafalgar Square. If you are in London you should definitely go to this legendary square or you will regret it.

First of all, it would be appropriate to start with the story of the name of this square. Admiral Horatio Nelson, the most famous sailor in the history of England, had a great naval battle with the French and Spanish navy in the Strait of Gibraltar. The name of a cape near the place where this naval battle took place is Trafalgar. This square is named Trafalgar Square in memory of the great victory of the British navy in this war. In fact, the first name of the square was William IV Square, but in 1820 its name was changed to Trafalgar Square.

This square, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in England, is in the center of London. Big Ben, London Eye, Leicester Square Piccadilly, Buckingham Palace Downing, Westminster are all within walking distance of Trafalgar Square. The main entrance of the National Gallery faces Trafalgar Square.

This land has served many institutional functions: it was the prison for the 4500 prisoners convicted in the Nase by War, and previously a religious center served by Geoffrey Chaucer.

It was John Nash who first designed the square and gave it its first appearance, but it was later reshaped with much modernization work.

Statues on Trafalgar Square: Nelson Statue

This square is truly home to many historical things. There are many statues on Trafalgar Square, but the biggest and most well-known is the statue of Admiral Nelson. The statue is 52 meters high and there are giant bronze lion statues on all four sides of the base of the statue. Interestingly, the bronzes used in these sculptures were obtained by melting the cannons of Napoleon’s ships captured in the Trafalgar war.

Some Facts about Trafalgar Square

This height is also the length of the ship named Victory, used by Admiral Nelson during the Trafalgar battle. Another information about the monument of Admiral Nelson is that it was covered with a special gel, so that none of the hundreds of birds in the square could land on the statue of Admiral Nelson and dirty it.

Just seeing this square is a unique experience, but when your feet take you to this square, be sure to take you to the other curious structures around.

Some Facts about Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is home to perhaps the smallest police station not only in London or England, but in the world. The police station is located inside a street lamp post and there is only one police officer in this single room section.

Pigeons living in Trafalgar Square cause more than a tonne of pollution each year, with an annual cleaning cost of more than £ 100,000. However, the statuette of Admiral Lord Nelson never gets dirty because it is covered with a gel that blocks the pigeons.

In the Monopoly game, Trafalgar Square is the investment area where the most houses and hotels can be bought.