The Effects of Untreated Type 1 Diabetes on the Body

Untreated Type 1 Diabetes Effects and Complications

Untreated Type 1 diabetes effects and complications start revealing itself in the patients’ essential organs in their body. For example, eyes, blood vessels and heart. However having normal blood sugar prevents a lot of effects and complications of type 1 diabetes. Sooner or later, type 1 diabetes effects and complications will be life-critical. Here are some type 1 diabetes effects and complications.

  • When people have too much sugar, it mutilates capillary blood vessel walls. These walls normally feed our nerves in our arms and legs. As a result, this excess blood sugar level causes nerve damage. People lose their senses in their arms and legs in the end. Nerve damage also has other side effects like diarrhea, stomach diseases and male erectile dysfunction.
  • Untreated Type 1 diabetes also causes cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases like strokes and vascular occlusion. 
  • One of the untreated type 1 diabetes effects and complications is blindness. There are capillary vessels in people’s retina. Because high blood sugar damages blood vessels, it may also damage these capillary vessels in their eye and cause blindness.
  • There are capillary blood vessels in people’s kidneys, untreated type 1 diabetes also causes kidney related diseases. If kidneys lose their function, people need transplantation of kidneys or they depend on a dialysis machine. 
  • People that have high blood sugar are more likely to have oral and dental health problems and also skin problems. Some of these skin problems are severe fungal and bacterial infections. 
  • Pregnant women have high risks for having miscarriages or stillbirths. Untreated type 1 diabetes badly affects the babies and mothers during pregnancy.  Mothers may also face all of the effects that we have mentioned above.
  • Almost all patients that have type 1 diabetes face foot related diseases as one of the untreated type 1 diabetes effects and complications. Patients that have wounds on their leg, foot or toes may face amputations because of severe infections on their limbs. 
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