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Should I Get a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul or the UK? Costs in the UK and Turkey

Getting a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul vs United Kingdom?

If your teeth are in a bad condition and you want to gain your smile back, hollywood smile would be great for you. It contains not only veneers but also crowns, implants, bridges, gummy smile and teeth whitening. To get a better smile, you will need a consultation with your professional dentist. In that way, you can get a personal treatment plan according to your needs because not everyone will get the same hollywood smile treatment. Someone will only get veneers and the other will get implants with veneers. So, it is important to see your dental x-rays and pictures of your mouth. 

When it comes to getting a hollywood smile in Istanbul vs UK, there is a lot to say about it. Istanbul is a well-known and safe city for tourists from all around the world. You can see there are a lot of dentists in this big city and you may be undecided which one to go to. To choose the best dentist in Istanbul for hollywood smile, you can trust our medical tourism company. Our aim is to make sure that our patients get the best treatment by the best dentists. But, how did we define the best dentists? We looked at patient reviews, patient satisfaction, success rate of operations, experience of doctors, and high technology equipment. 

Is It Affordable to Get Hollywood Smile in the UK?

If you live in the UK, you may realize that getting a hollywood smile in the UK is not an easy and affordable process. Even if you find experienced doctors, you may wait several weeks, or months to get an appointment. And your whole treatment may take months to finish. If you go to Turkey for a hollywood smile, you will not have to deal with getting an appointment. After you buy your flight tickets, we will make all reservations for you. 

Getting a hollywood smile in Istanbul will change your life in a good way. Let’s have a look at the differences of hollywood smile procedures in the UK vs Istanbul, Turkey.

UK Hollywood Smile                  Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Long waiting                              Less waiting

Hard to get an appointment      Easy to get an appointment

There may be hidden costs        No hidden costs

Expensive procedures                Cost-effective treatments

No all-inclusive packages           All-inclusive packages

No dental holiday                        Dental holiday in a beautiful city

Am I Going to Find English Speaking Dentists in Istanbul?

You may also ask “Am I going to find English speaking dentists in Istanbul?”. The answer is definitely yes. Since there is such a competition between dentists, all of  them try to improve themselves. Also, if that dental clinic’s patient profile is international patients, all dentists and staff may know English and other languages as well. If that dentist has an international patient department, you can even talk to someone who speaks, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Dutch and many more. That might be another difference between hollywood smile in the UK and Istanbul. Cure Booking makes sure you get a dental clinic in Istanbul for hollywood smile like this. If you want to get hollywood smile in the UK, you may not find that quality and experience. 

What is the Cost of Hollywood Smile in the UK vs Istanbul?

As we talked about cheap vs expensive hollywood smile in the uk and Istanbul, you may wonder the exact costs. As you know, the United Kingdom is such an expensive country to live, work or travel. If you live in the Uk or travel to the Uk, you should know that living is expensive. Since the cost of living is high, dentist expenses are also high. You should not expect to get cheap hollywood smile in the UK because nothing is cheap compared to other countries in Europe like Turkey. 

Since the value of Turkish Lira is equal to 10 euros, you will get a cheap hollywood smile in Istanbul. You will save more than %60 of your money thanks to that. You will get 1 bottle of water, 1 bar of chocolate, 1 packet of chips, 1 small bottle of milk for 1 euro in Turkey. (Prices may change from region to region.) You can see that it is really cheap for abroad patients. That is also why hollywood smile is cheaper in Istanbul. 

Getting a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul vs United Kingdom?
Should I Get a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul or the UK?

Are There Any Alternatives to Hollywood Smile?

There are a variety of alternative smile makeover choices to choose from if you don’t want a Hollywood Smile or if your dental health issue necessitates a different therapy. Invisible braces, composite bonding, teeth whitening, tooth contouring, and Lumineers are some of these options.

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, are a great alternative to the Hollywood smile for people who have misaligned teeth and need to straighten their teeth.

Composite bonding procedures can quickly replace chipped, cracked, damaged, and improperly spaced teeth. No dental preparation is required as the teeth are molded into the right form and tone. No dental preparation is required as the teeth are molded into the right form and tone. Tooth contouring can also help to improve the shape of your teeth.

Teeth whitening techniques such as Zoom, Power Teeth Whitening, or clinician-supervised Home Teeth Whitening can lighten discolored and stained teeth for a white, healthy appearance.

Lumineers are a dental and cosmetic solution for filling gaps between teeth and giving teeth that are irregularly spaced a more uniform appearance. Treatment may necessitate some dental preparation and is not recommended for persons who have complicated orthodontic prescriptions.

Hollywood Smile Clinics in Turkey

In comparison to Europe, Turkey’s hollywood smile clinics, as well as other other health services, have superior features. In this way, Turkish dental clinics equipped with European standards outperform their competitors. According to each area of specialization, there are state-of-the-art appliances, sanitary clinics, specialized dentists, and clinics with varied licenses. Despite these advantages, service fees in the United States are lower than in Europe. That is why Turkish clinics are superior to those in the United Kingdom. You will be treated at the top clinics and given the most affordable service possible. This is Turkey’s distinct feature.

Hollywood Smile Clinics in the UK

Of course, there are good clinics in the UK as well, but they are few and far between. They are equipped with far more expensive and limited equipment. In addition, the number of services included in the pricing is relatively limited. When you get hollywood smile in Turkey, for example, you get services as part of an all-inclusive package. In the United Kingdom, however, there is no such criteria. Therapies, treatments, and drugs will cost you more. Hollywood smile clinics in the United Kingdom are among Europe’s most expensive dental services. If you must pick between Turkey and the United Kingdom, you must select Turkey.

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