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The Best Teeth Veneers in Istanbul, Turkey: The Best Clinic

Turkey’s dental facilities are well-known for their high quality and low cost. Dental clinics in Istanbul provide a variety of operations based on their patients’ desires, whether it’s an aesthetic or functional alteration. The bread and butter of makeovers are dental veneers, often known as teeth veneers. We utilize them to change the appearance of the outside area of our teeth for a more appealing appearance.

Veneers (sometimes known as tooth caps) are produced for cosmetic reasons only. They assist us in improving the overall appearance of your teeth in a short period of time. A porcelain laminate veneer is essentially a false tooth that covers the front portion of your upper and lower front teeth (10 for upper jaw,10 for lower jaw). They are thin porcelain shells that encase the teeth to give them a more natural and traditional appearance. To give you an idea, here is a before and after veneer photo.

They range in thickness from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm. You might wonder how a small, thin porcelain can cover your teeth and let you eat and drink whatever you want without shattering. When they’re attached to one other and to your tooth, they’re actually rather powerful. All of this bonding makes the laminate veneer’s surface extremely robust and dependable. The veneers are well described as “divided we fall, united we stand.”

Let’s take a look at the cost of veneers in Istanbul, advantages of getting veneers in Istanbul and how much they last. 

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Istanbul?

Turkey Veneers are believed to be reasonably priced. Although they are less expensive per unit than implants, the majority of patients opt for a full mouth makeover. As a result, the unit counts can be much higher than in a standard implant process. Depending on the circumstances, a full mouth reconstruction can cost anywhere from 4000 to 5000 euros.

They’re simple to use and a must-have for your entire smile makeover in Istanbul. If you have a chipped, broken, or discoloured tooth, veneers can easily conceal it. If you have a gap between your teeth, veneers can be used to fix it and cover it. Veneers can also be used to treat tooth discolouration.

Veneers will give you the Hollywood smile in Istanbul you’ve wanted for a long time if you have these characteristics. They also do it without causing any damage to your teeth’s structure.

Our clinic offers a variety of laminate veneers made from a variety of materials and manufacturing methods; more information may be found below. Our patients are also examined using the CAD CAM Smile Design process.

Dental Veneers in Istanbul: How Much Do They Cost?

Dental veneers are exceedingly expensive to downright unaffordable in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and most other parts of the world. The treatment itself is not expensive. However, when you factor in the cost of the consultation, X-rays, numbing injections, and other laboratory expenses, it becomes prohibitively expensive.

Patients who wish to fly to Istanbul for dental treatment can benefit from our clinic’s low prices. We use the same high-quality materials and brand names, such as CEREC and E Max, that you would get on Harley Street, but without the hefty price tag.

Our clinics offer an on-site laboratory with a team of trained Dental Technicians that use a full suite of Sirona CAD/CAM technology to design and construct restorations. With this technique, you may expect to obtain fantastic results in a few days at a reasonable price.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good quality. The average cost of a Laminate Veneer at Istanbul Dental Care is 250 Euros. This cost varies based on the material used and the shape of your teeth. With these pricing, having that Hollywood smile is not only inexpensive, but also includes a fantastic vacation in one of the world’s largest and most beautiful cities. If you have any reservations, consider the following celebrities who have used dental care to enhance their appearance.

Affordable Teeth Veneers in Istanbul, Turkey 

Dental Veneers: How Long Do They Last?

The lifespan of a dental laminate veneer is determined by a number of factors.

The type and quality of the foundation material.

The dentist’s abilities and the materials he or she utilizes.

The shape of your teeth (certain tooth kinds don’t work well with veneers).

How well you look after your veneers.

Things you eat on a regular basis ( hard foods etc).

Oral hygiene is important. Remember to wash your teeth at least twice a day.

If you’ve checked all of these boxes, you’re good to go. A composite veneer in Istanbul can last between 4 and 8 years. These veneers, however, are not as robust as those of their coworkers. Porcelain veneers in Istanbul are expected to last 12 to 20 years. You may need to get them checked every 5 years to see how much damage they’ve sustained, and you may always change their appearance aesthetically. However, you should be aware that these therapies are temporary. For the best and most pleasant outcomes, patients should alter their veneers a few times over their lives. With these considerations in mind, veneers prove their worth in terms of potential longevity and speed of repair.

Advantages of Getting Teeth Veneers in Istanbul

They give the look of genuine teeth.

Porcelain and composite are well tolerated by gum tissue.

Stain resistance is a feature of porcelain veneers.

Your natural teeth would reappear, resulting in a smooth mouth flow.

Unlike crowns, veneers do not require any prior molding. They are both faster and more aesthetically beautiful.

After the treatment, there will be no pain in the teeth. However, little bleeding will occur for an hour, as well as discomfort in the patient’s mouth for a few days. But, over time, you’ll become accustomed to it and won’t notice the difference.

Dental holiday in Istanbul with lots of advantages

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