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Cost of Getting Spine Surgery for Scoliosis Surgery in Turkey

Scoliosis is a disorder in which a patient’s spine is abnormally curved. This issue can be treated with a brace to keep the spine in place as the patient gets older, or surgery to straighten the curvature of the spine in extreme cases. The doctor will access the spine, implant rods to decrease the severe curvature, and then add bone to help the spine fuse together in scoliosis surgery.

What is scoliosis surgery and how does it work?

Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine curves side to side abnormally. The spinal curve can be either a single curve, formed like the letter C, or two curves, shaped like the letter S. Scoliosis in children and teenagers typically has no symptoms and may not be discovered until it has developed substantially. Degenerative scoliosis and idiopathic scoliosis are the two most prevalent types of scoliosis (unknown reason). Only one of the three recognized scoliosis treatment options, observation, bracing, or surgery, is recommended by specialists.

Treatment Options for Spine Surgeries: Scoliosis

When scoliosis is detected early on, it can be treated using spinal braces, which prevent the curvature from worsening. Spine surgery for scoliosis in Turkey is suggested if the spinal curvature cannot be controlled with a body brace. The spinal curvature is corrected surgically to restore it to a form that is as near to normal as feasible. It can be held in place by spinal fusion surgery. A mix of screws, hooks, and rods, as well as a bone transplant, are used in this treatment.

The equipment is connected to the spine’s bones and aids in their stabilization. A bone graft is inserted around the bones, which eventually merges (spinal fusion surgery) when the surrounding bones grow together and solidify. It also prevents the spine from curving more in that area. The screws and rods are usually left in the spine and do not need to be removed. Spinal fusion surgery in Turkey can be done in a variety of ways.

These procedures can be done by a single incision in the back of the spine or through a second incision in the front or side of the back. The position and severity of the spinal curvature dictate the type of incision to be used. Minimally invasive spine surgery in Turkey is a cutting-edge treatment that causes the least amount of harm to the surrounding region, allowing for a speedier recovery, and requires a shorter stay in the hospital.

When is it necessary to get scoliosis surgery?

Even after complete growth, if the spinal curvature is greater than 45-50°, it is extremely likely to worsen. This may increase the amount of back deformity and have an impact on lung function. In most cases, surgery is required to get the desired results. Curves between 40° and 50° in a developing kid are often difficult to fall, and numerous contributing variables must be examined to determine whether surgery is a viable option.

What is the Cost of Getting Spine Surgery in Turkey?
Cost of Getting Spine Surgery for Scoliosis Surgery in Turkey

After scoliosis surgery, how straight will the spine be?

This will be determined by how flexible the scoliosis curve is prior to surgery. Generally, the more flexible the curvature, the greater the prospects of surgical rectification. Before the operation, the surgeon will use special x-rays called bending or traction films to assess flexibility. Because the spinal bones protect the spinal cord, the surgeon can only straighten them as far as is safe.

After scoliosis surgery in Turkey, the majority of patients have their curvature straightened to less than 25 degrees. In many situations, the tiny bends are also hardly noticeable.

Will the surgery help with scoliosis-related back pain?

One of the most difficult aspects of scoliosis is back discomfort. Back surgery will aid in the reduction of back discomfort. Although the discomfort may be worse just after surgery, it generally subsides within a few weeks to months. The majority of patients have reported significant improvement in back pain one year following surgery.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that everyone, scoliosis or not, experiences back pain from time to time. It might be attributed to a variety of causes.

Why pick Turkey for scoliosis surgery?

Turkey is a well-known medical tourism destination for patients from all over the world. Turkey spine surgery hospitals meet worldwide standards, and a staff of highly qualified specialists ensures that clinical perfection is achieved. Spine procedures are difficult to do.

The best spine surgery facilities in Istanbul and other big cities use cutting-edge surgical technologies to enhance outcomes. Minimally invasive spine surgery in Turkey, for example, has the advantages of a faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay, and less postoperative problems. As a result, scoliosis surgery in Turkey is quite popular.

Aside from the high success rate and outstanding medical facilities, cost-effective medical packages are another significant benefit of selecting this nation for surgery. Compared to many other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and European countries, the cost of scoliosis surgery in Turkey is quite low. If a patient travels from another country, scoliosis surgery in Turkey might save them a lot of money.

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