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Getting Affordable Scoliosis Surgery Abroad: Spinal Surgeries in Turkey

Can I Get an Affordable Spinal Surgery Abroad?

If a patient’s back discomfort persists despite exhautive regimens of oral medications and physical therapy, he may require surgical intervention. Patients in many regions of the world find spine surgery expenses prohibitive, prompting many to travel abroad for spinal surgery in search of more inexpensive care.

Due to the growing expense of surgical operations in nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States, many medical tourists are choosing for spine surgery abroad to benefit from high-quality healthcare at a lower cost. Endoscopic procedures, for example, are commonly used in minimally invasive surgery. With this surgery, we can reach the spine through a one-centimetre incision and, similar to the orthoscopic system, we can observe the region on a television and do all types of discectomies using this technology. This technique has a 90 percent success rate. The microdiscectomy method is very similar.

We mostly receive patients from European nations such as Romania, Russia, Albania, and Bulgaria, as well as the Middle East, where we receive patients from the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, and we have just begun to receive patients from the United States and Australia.”

Turkey’s hospitals are technologically proficient enough to do minimally invasive orthopaedic procedures with a 90% success rate.

Patients from many European, Middle Eastern, and Western nations travel to Turkey for scoliosis treatment because of the low cost of orthopaedic treatments.

What is Scoliosis Correction Surgery Abroad?

When nonsurgical therapies fail to reduce discomfort or symptoms, scoliosis correction surgery abroad is a possibility. When the scoliosis curve is more than 45-50 degrees, scoliosis surgery in Turkey is typically indicated. If the patient’s scoliosis worsens and bracing is ineffective, scoliosis surgery may be considered to reduce the curvature, relieve discomfort, and prevent the condition from developing in the future. The big curves in the heart and lungs might create future health concerns if the disease is not addressed. If a patient waits too long for therapy, the spine becomes tougher, which may necessitate a more risky operation.

Is Scoliosis Surgery Abroad a Safe Procedure?

Our affiliate hospitals’ spine and scoliosis surgery Turkey departments offer convenient assessment and treatment for a wide range of spine problems, employing the most up-to-date diagnostic and surgical technologies for both adults and children. In terms of technological competence and expense, spine surgery in Turkey is equivalent to the finest in the world.

The procedure for scoliosis treatment in Turkey is posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation. Spinal fusion is highly effective in halting the development of the curvature and correcting the spine. It also has a lengthy track record of effectiveness and safety in the treatment of scoliosis.

Scoliosis surgery abroad aims to halt the curve from progressing, decrease the deformity, and keep the body balanced while moving. Our orthopedic spine surgeon will attempt to straighten the curvature by at least 50%. However, the degree of correction is determined on how flexible the patient’s scoliosis was prior to surgery. Flexibility will be evaluated using traction x-rays scanning prior to surgery.

What is Scoliosis Correction Surgery Abroad?

Who Are the Best Surgeons for Scoliosis Surgery in Turkey?

Surgeons in our exclusive network are among the most successful scoliosis repair providers in Turkey. Our highly-experienced doctors, who specialize in scoliosis surgery, can conduct a broad range of treatments, from simple procedures to more difficult ones. Our institutions employ a multidisciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive variety of treatments for the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from spinal diseases.

Fusion surgery for the spine Curved neighboring vertebrae are permanently realigned and fused together so that they grow together and form a single, solid bone. Rods, screws, hooks, and wires are inserted in the spine during surgery to promote better correction. The operation can be done from the back, front, or side of the spine, or a mix of these approaches. Our spine surgeons in Turkey will evaluate the patient’s x-rays, imaging tests, and clinical evaluation prior to surgery to identify the best surgical strategy. The average time for spinal fusion surgery is 4-6 hours.

Why Choose Cure Booking to Get Scoliosis Correction Surgery?

Our team of highly skilled spine surgeons is dedicated to providing our patients with the best surgical care possible. Our surgeons have a combined expertise of 20 to 40 years in their specialty. You may trust their expertise regardless of the sort of spine surgery you require. All elements of spine surgery are covered by our doctors.

Turkey’s private hospitals now provide the world’s most modern medical treatments and technologies. We carefully choose the greatest physicians and top hospitals to be part of our exclusive network in order to ensure that our patients receive trustworthy and effective medical treatment. 

Our patients are never placed on any waiting lists, which eliminates added anxiety, pain, and health hazards.

We provide the same degree of compassionate care to our patients that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We believe that every patient treated at one of our network hospitals will benefit from our professionalism and competence.

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