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Romania Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

You can decide for yourself which one is more advantageous by reading the comparison of the best hospital in Bucharest ( Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital) and hospitals in Turkey. Why do many Romanian citizens prefer Turkey instead of being treated in the best hospital in their own country?

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Bucharest Life Memorial, the largest and most comprehensive hospital in Bucharest, is a hospital with 54 procedures in 1220 branches. However, it is not preferred by many Romanians. There are many reasons for this. The primary reason is prices. The fact that it is a very comprehensive hospital increases the prices considerably. Although patients can go to this hospital to get all kinds of treatment, they do not prefer to go to such high prices. Romanians go to Turkey for treatment instead of choosing this hospital. By continuing to read our article, you can learn the reasons and see the difference in quality.

Hospitals in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey offer quality treatments at very affordable prices. For this reason, there are patients who come to Turkey for all kinds of treatment, not only from Romania but also from many countries of the world. Many hospitals and clinics in Turkey provide treatment with great care. Hospitals and clinics are always hygienic. Doctors in Turkey are experts in their fields and very experienced. This gives patients confidence. In addition to all these services, it is extremely advantageous to choose Turkey when there is an affordable price.

Hospitals in Turkey Technological Equipment

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Hospitals in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology. It has all the technological devices used in world standards. At the same time, instead of using standard quality devices, the highest quality devices are used. It is one of the most important factors affecting the success rate in the treatment of these patients. For example, if we consider dental treatments as the smallest example, it is about the technological device used by the hospital or clinic to produce dental prostheses with the necessary compatibility with the patient’s teeth.

The prosthesis that will provide the best fit should be presented to the patient. For this, state-of-the-art devices should be used. On the other hand, if we consider the cancer treatments that require the greatest care, there are devices that offer personalized cancer treatment that are not available in many hospitals in countries. This is necessary to produce the easiest and most permanent cure for cancer. In short, Turkey can offer the most accurate quality and successful treatment for a patient.

Hygiene in Hospitals in Turkey

Turkish people are a people known for their hygiene. They attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. These habits are also reflected in hospitals. This directly affects the success rate of treatments. As long as patients are treated in hygienic environments, the risk of infection is minimal. This is very important for the patient to receive a good painless treatment. Many hospitals and clinics have special ambient cleaning ventilation systems called hepa filters. In this way, the risk of getting an infection from the doctor or nurse in the environment where the patients are treated is almost non-existent.

Specialized Doctors in Hospitals in Turkey

To talk about the doctors in Turkey, it would be quite correct to say that they are successful and experienced. Turkey is a country that is highly preferred for health tourism. This allows doctors to gain experience in treating foreign patients. Communication between doctors and their patients is very important. In order for the treatment to be planned and progressed correctly, the doctor and the patient must be able to communicate well.

This is possible with doctors who have experience in treating foreign patients. On the other hand, most hospitals in Turkey offer foreign language support. In addition to this, doctors also know at least 1 foreign language. This creating an environment where patients can communicate easily.

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital or Turkey?

Bariatric Surgery In Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Gastric tube: Gastric reduction surgery is an important operation. For this reason, patients should choose the hospital where they will be treated well. Otherwise, the life of the patient will be endangered in case of a minor infection. Therefore, high amounts are demanded from patients. This enables patients to prefer Turkey for both better quality and affordable treatment.

Gastric bypass: This operation also includes stomach reduction. But it gives a smaller stomach. Therefore, open surgery or closed surgery may be preferred. This requires the hospital to have adequate medical technology. Therefore, patients prefer Turkey.

Gastric balloon: Gastric balloon is an easier method than other operations. It does not require any surgical procedure. But this requires a necessary technology for successful results. The target weight of the patient and how much to inflate the gastric balloon require experienced surgeons. Therefore, patients prefer to be treated in Turkey.

Stomach Botox: Stomach Botox is an easier procedure like gastric balloon. Endoscopy is required for stomach botox. This should be done by experienced and successful surgeons. Surgeons in Turkey have done many treatments many times. On the other hand, foreign patients’ request for treatment in Turkey also makes the prices more affordable.

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Dental Treatment In Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Although Turkey draws attention with many treatments, the treatments that it receives great attention are usually dental treatments. Even though the teeth look quite easy, sometimes they require difficult treatments. Dental treatments require the most compatible treatments for the patient.

Otherwise, it is possible to encounter painful results that require new treatment. Dental hospitals and clinics in Turkey offer treatment in well-equipped clinics with highly experienced surgeons. Laboratories of dental hospitals in Turkey use the latest technology to produce the most suitable dental prostheses or veneers for the patient. This ensures that the patient has teeth that are easy to use.

Hair Transplant In Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

When Turkey is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for foreigners is hair transplantation. This fame that the whole world knows is Turkey’s right. Because hair transplant clinics offer the most successful treatments that can be done. There are many patients who have been treated in any country but come to seek a new treatment for hair regrowth. Turkey makes hair transplantation guaranteed.

If the patient has any problems, he can get free treatment again. On the other hand, you can also find out the prices of other countries. In Turkey, these prices provide 80% savings. At the same time, in this treatment, where hygiene should be at the highest level, the slightest infection can cause the transplanted hair to fall out.

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital
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Cancer Treatment In Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Cancer treatments are extremely difficult treatments that require great care. Hygiene, experience, technology and comfortable treatments should be together. All these are given in hospitals in Turkey. Hygiene is at the highest level. As stated in the headers of the content, filters called Hepa filters are used to keep the rooms and treatment centers used for cancer treatments hygienic.

For this reason, the probability of getting an infection from nurses, doctors or patient relatives is very low. Considering how sensitive the immune systems of cancer patients are as a result of the treatments they receive, hygiene is a very important factor. On the other hand, the biggest advantage of cancer treatments is that there is no waiting period. Every country has a long waiting period for treatment planning for cancer treatments.

These periods are long enough to cause staging or metastasis of the Cancer disease. Therefore, patients prefer to be treated in Turkey. At the same time, the devices used are very successful in the diagnosis of cancer type. Individualized cancer treatment can be offered. This is another advantage for patients.

Ophthalmology Treatment in Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

The number of eyes is among the necessary criteria for eye surgeries. In many countries the number of eyes required is very small. However, thanks to the technology used in Turkey, this criterion disappears. High-numbered eyes can also be treated in Turkey.

Orthopedic Diseases Treatment in Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

All surgical treatments that can be performed in the field of Orotpedics can be performed in Turkey. The use of robotic surgery is also available in Turkey. This is a surgical technique that is not yet available in many countries. However, thanks to the equipment in Turkey, it is aimed that the patient will regain his health as soon as possible. Receiving very affordable treatments while being treated in brand hospitals are an attractive situation for many patients in Turkey.

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IVF Treatment in Life Memorial Hospital in Bucharest

Another treatment in which the use of technology is extremely important is in vitro fertilization. IVF treatments are done with great care. On the other hand, there are some IVF techniques that are illegal in many countries. Gender Selection is also not possible in Turkey. However, you can get treatment for the same prices in Turkey’s neighbor Cyprus. For this reason, patients prefer Turkey to receive treatments with all kinds of medical and technological equipment and the highest success rate. In fact, there are couples in many countries who tried their luck but failed and chose Turkey as a last resort. This usually results in a successful pregnancy.

Plastic Surgery in Life Memorial Hospital in Bucharest

Plastic surgery is a section that covers many surgeries. Face lift, BBL surgery, Mother aesthetics, Rhinoplasty, Breast lift, Breast augmentation, Breast Lift… There are millions of patients who have been treated in Turkey. These patients, after many research results, generally prefer natural surgical results and quality treatments in Turkey.

The most important issue in the field of aesthetic surgery is to be able to share before and after photos of previous patients with their patients with transparency. This is possible in Turkey. Plastic surgeons can easily share their procedures with their patients. You can easily see these photos on social media and websites. This is a very important factor for patients to trust doctors.

Why Do People Prefer To Get Treatment In Turkey?

To put it briefly, compared to the best hospital in Romania, Turkey offers much better quality and affordable treatments. Patients prefer to travel to Turkey. On the other hand, the distance between Romania and Turkey is quite short. Patients, who can receive much higher quality treatments in Turkey, come to Turkey by plane, and meet their accommodation and other needs much cheaper.

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