Izmir is one of the cities preferred by many health tourists. Its potential to meet both hygienic clinics and entertainment needs makes it a very entertaining city. For this reason, many tourists prefer Izmir for everything for health purposes such as hair transplantation, aesthetic treatments and dental treatments. At the same time, being a magnificent holiday city ensures that health tourists meet both their holiday and treatment needs. You can read our content to learn about our list of things to do in Izmir, local dishes and historical places, and to have more information about clinics.

Where is Izmir in Turkey?

Izmir is in the west of Turkey. It is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea. It is Turkey’s 3rd largest city. Izmir is one of the cities that many tourists prefer for their holidays. It is a very crowded city. Tourists, on the other hand, prefer to have a holiday in some of the districts of Izmir rather than the center.

Izmir Dental Holiday

Izmir is a city that is preferred not only for holidays but also for dental treatments. With its advanced hospitals and well-equipped clinics, many tourists prefer to have dental treatment in Izmir. On the other hand, patients receiving treatment in Izmir combine their treatment with a holiday so that they both have a holiday in Izmir and receive dental treatment.


Izmir  Dental Clinics

Dental clinics in Izmir are clean, equipped and of high quality, as in the rest of Turkey.
Hygiene; Hygiene is kept at the highest level. In this way, infection formation is minimized while patients receive treatment. Thus, patients who receive dental treatment are more likely to have healthy and pain-free new teeth.
Technology: Clinics in Izmir offer treatment services with state-of-the-art devices. This is an essential condition for almost any type of dental treatment. Both veneers, implants and teeth whitening processes are performed with the best technological devices. It; While ensuring that the teeth whitening process is permanent and more efficient, it ensures that the veneers and implants are in the most compatible dimensions for the patient.

Izmir Dentist

Due to the fact that Izmir is a highly preferred city in terms of tourism, the majority of patients are also tourists. This gives dentists experience in treating foreign patients. On the other hand, dentists are experienced and experts in their field. In this way, they successfully conclude many dental treatments. In fact, there are patients who prefer Izmir for the correction of their dental treatments in other countries.


Historical Places to Visit in Izmir

  • Clock tower
  • Yali Mosque
  • National Library and Alhambra Cinema
  • Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar
  • Kilaragasi Inn
  • Chestnut Bazaar Mosque
  • Shadirvan Mosque
  • Salepcioglu Mosque
  • agora
  • Kadifekale
  • Basmane Hotels Street
  • Basmane Station
  • Ayavukla Church
  • Kulturpark
  • ethnography Museum
  • Archeology Museum
  • Konak Pier
  • Beth Israel Synagogue
  • st. Polycarp Church
  • Passport Pier

Izmir Hair Transplantation Clinics

Turkey is mostly preferred in the field of hair transplantation in health tourism. This is a very popular treatment in Izmir. Many tourists prefer Izmir for their hair transplant treatments. Hygienic clinics and treatments from successful surgeons provide quite an advantage. On the other hand, due to being a big city, there is a competition between hair transplant centers. For this reason, clinics compete to be the best. This greatly affects the hygiene, equipment and prices of the clinics. For this reason, Izmir is a very good choice for both hair transplant treatments and holidays.

Bucharest Life Memorial Hospital

Izmir  Aesthetic Centers

Aesthetic treatments are the treatments preferred by patients, provided that they look completely natural. It is desirable that aesthetic treatments are not understood from the outside. This is possible thanks to the plastic surgeons in Izmir. Plastic surgeons in Izmir can transparently share their previous plastic surgeries with their patients. On the other hand, in the field of plastic surgery, technology is again important for the patient to receive a painless and more successful, natural-looking treatment. The procedures applied to patients with technological devices look more natural and are painless. It would be advantageous to choose Izmir again for both vacation and treatment.

What to do in Izmir ?

Izmir is a city that can meet many entertainment needs. For this reason, there are thousands of things to do. We will briefly tell you what to do in Izmir.
First of all, you can start by visiting the historical places above. Maybe the best thing to do during the day. On the other hand;
You can go to the sea during the day. You can swim in clean seas in the districts of Izmir.

  • You can taste mussels and drink beer on the beach.
  • You can watch the view by taking the cable car.
  • You can visit the beach by using rental bikes on the beach.
  • You can cross by using the ferry.
  • You can have fun in the amusement park by entering the cultural park.
izmir turkey 12 27 2019 white ferry boat in the aegean sea in turkey in cloudy dull weather sea t20 wl9RLK min

In the evenings, you can have dinner in Alsancak or Bornova, and have fun in nightclubs or bars. There are thousands of activities to do in Izmir. But these are the best!

Places to Visit in Izmir

  • Cesme
  • Alaçatı
  • Alsancak
  • Urla
  • Cord
  • Foca
  • Seferihisar
  • Bergama
  • Sirince Village
  • Karaburun Peninsula
  • Sigacik
  • Kalemlik
  • Karagol Nature Park
  • Değirmendere Waterfall
  • İnciraltı
  • Mordogan
historical harbour in izmir turkey at sunset in t 2021 08 30 05 38 19 utc min

Places to Shop in  Izmir

Izmir is a very big city. For this reason, there are many shopping locations.

  • Kemeraltı
  • MaviBahce Shopping Center
  • Izmir Optimum Shopping Mall
  • Arkas Art Center
  • Forum Bornova
  • Agora Shopping Center
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center
  • Point Bornova AVM
  • Westpark Outlet
  • Ege Park Mavisehir Fashion and Shopping Center
  • Ozdilek AVM
  • Selway Outlet Park
  • Park Bornova Outlet Center
  • Novada Outlet
  • Palmiye Shopping Center
  • Kemer Plaza Shopping Center
  • Sabanci Cultural Center
  • Izmir Park AVM
  • K2 Current Art Center
  • Hilltown Karsiyaka Shopping Center
old building in the city t20 nXw3Zg min

What To Eat In  Izmir

Izmir is a city located by the sea. For this reason, seafood should definitely be tried. On the other hand, Turkish alcohol called Raki should be tried in Izmir. Next to raki, you should try the mezes of Izmir.

  • Boyoz
  • Kumru
  • Kokorec
  • Lokma
  • Izmir meatballs
  • pisi
  • Şambali dessert
  • Gozleme
  • Grilled fish
  • grilled octopus
  • curd dessert

Izmir  Nightlife

Izmir is quite possible to stay. For this reason, nightlife is also very lively. You can enjoy the nightlife in places such as Alsancak, Bornova, Cesme, and the Konak. You can also listen to amateur music groups at night in Izmir, Alsancak square, where there are hundreds of bars, nightclubs and pubs. Instead of spending time in any place, many Izmir residents lie on shims in Alsancak, listen to music and drink beer. You can join them and participate in this fun activity.

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