Penis Enlargement Surgery – Painless Procedures

Penis enlargement surgery is a cosmetic procedure preferred by men who think they have a short penis. Men or their partners sometimes think that penis size is insufficient. This requires penile enlargement surgeries. Many men think that the pleasure of a woman during sexual intercourse will depend on the size of the penis. It should be known that this is a wrong attitude. By reading our content, you can get information about normal penis sizes and get detailed information about penis enlargement surgery.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement is cosmetic procedures preferred by men who think their penis size is small. Penis enlargement is a process that has different types. Depending on the patient’s preference or the doctor’s recommendation, different types of operations can be performed. The types are as listed below. You can continue reading our content to learn how the most commonly used varieties work.

Although penis enlargement is the operations that men often prefer, they are not surgeries that can be taken everywhere. However, since they are cosmetic procedures, their prices are also extremely high. You can continue to read our content to get successful penis enlargement operations at more affordable prices.

Is Penis Enlargement Risky?

Penis enlargement surgery has risks just like many other operations. Every operation carries risks arising from anesthesia. However, it should be known that penile enlargement exercises may also have risks associated with this operation. For this reason, you must be operated by a successful surgeon. Otherwise, you will be likely to experience the following risks;

  • Bruising at the operation site
  • Bruising along the penis
  • Changes in penis shape
  • Bleeding at the incision
  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Temporary loss of sensation in the penis
  • Pain with erection
  • Scar
Penis Enlargement Surgery

What Is The Normal Size Of The Penis?

Today is full of superstitions about penis size. However, since viewing of pornographic content has increased, people think that the normal penis size should be the same as in the videos watched. This is an extremely wrong thought. Scientifically, the size of a normal penis; the flaccid penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 in) long; The average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long. However;

Although it is said that having a short penis length will cause the partners to not enjoy it, this is not the case. When women’s vaginal condition is found, you should know that the vagina length is 20 cm. However, while the whole of it is of no importance during sexual intercourse, the beginning part is of great importance. The part where the most sensitive nerves are located is the first 8 cm section. This shows that penis size has nothing to do with female orgasm.

What are the Types of Penis Enlargement Surgery?

There are various types in penis enlargement operation. Depending on the preference of the patients and the opinion of the doctor, these varieties can be preferred. However, in this content, we will cover the first 3 procedures. You can continue reading our content to get detailed information about these most commonly used procedures compared to others.

Silicone implants: This type of surgery helps to make the penis longer and thicker. A medical silicone is placed under the skin of the penis.
A surgeon first makes an incision on the penis and then inserts a silicone slip through it into the shaft of the penis. They will shape the silicone implant to make it fit the size and shape of the penis. Thus, the crescent-shaped silicone surrounding the patient’s penis will make the penis appear larger.

Fat transfer: Penis enlargement with fat transfer is one of the most frequently preferred procedures. It involves injecting the fat taken from the abdomen into the penis without requiring any incisions. Thus, it allows the patient to receive treatment without any incisions, and there is no risk of allergic reaction since no large product is put inside (such as silicone). Thus, the small drooping penis enlarges.

Suspensory ligament division: Suspensory division surgery, or ligamentolysis, offers a way to cut the suspensory ligament and make the flaccid penis appear longer. This ligament connects the penis to the pubic bone.

During the procedure, the surgeon will break this ligament and move the skin from the abdomen to the shaft of the penis. While this may cause the flaccid penis to sag lower, it does not actually increase its size.
The surgeon may also recommend other procedures, such as removing fat from the area surrounding the penis. Doing so may make the penis appear larger, but it still doesn’t actually change its length.

  • tissue grafts
  • hyaluronic acid injections
  • polylactic acid injections
  • penile disassembly

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Painful?

Penis enlargement surgery includes operations that require incision and do not require incision. Depending on the type of operation you prefer, the likelihood of the operation being painful will vary. However, even if you choose an operation that includes an incision, you will be asleep during the operation. Therefore, you will not feel any pain.

However, after the operation, considering the erection condition, you may experience some pain. It will not be an unbearable pain. Most of the time, you will continue to use medication, so your pain will be less. In pain assessments made after the operation, patients often call values between 0 and 10 as 3. This explains that it is not a situation to worry about in operation.

Recovery After Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement operations are operations of concern, often considering the healing process. But you should know that you need to change this point of view. Improvement in penis enlargement operations varies from person to person. This shows that patients should know that they will go through a different process. It would be wrong to give up on this operation by reading the experiences of patients who have had a heavy recovery process. The recovery process in penis enlargement surgery is related to the surgeon you receive treatment and your general health condition. If you have a healthy body and receive treatment from a successful surgeon, you will get through these treatments more easily;

  • Generally, following a penile enlargement surgery, patients will need about one to fourteen days of recovery time. The incision should heal within the first 5 days after a medical procedure.
  • Swelling and discomfort will improve greatly during the first week. Recovery from penis enlargement surgery can be improved with baseline estimates that begin in the rapid postoperative period, for example, by elevating the scrotum and using ice to reduce swelling.
  • Patients should ensure that they do not put the ice directly on the scrotum or penis, as this can cause skin damage and frostbite. Lifting the scrotum can be done using an old hand towel or a shirt tucked between the legs.
  • Using supportive underwear or jockstrap, keeping the penis towards the navy, and limiting any extensive action for about fourteen days after the strategy will also speed up penis enlargement recovery. For the first fourteen days following a medical procedure, patients should not do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
  • All sexual activities should be avoided for at least six weeks after surgery.

Things to Consider in Penis Enlargement Surgery

You should know that penis enlargement operations are often not needed. It is not the length of the penis that matters. If your penis is 8 cm and above, it means that penis enlargement operations are developed according to your wishes. As explained above, it is not necessary for women to have a long penis for pleasure. However, you should not forget that if you are committed to penis enlargement surgery, you must receive treatment in a good country. Penis enlargement operations are operations that should be taken from experienced and successful surgeons.

At the same time, since there are cosmetic procedures, it is possible to get treatment at very high prices. Instead, it will be more advantageous to choose countries where you can get treatment at a better price. In many countries such as the UK, USA, Germany and the Netherlands, almost a fortune is required for these operations, and you should know that you can get treatment at better prices. So you can be more careful when choosing a country.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Expensive?

You may have heard that penis enlargement operations are often extremely expensive. These may make you think that there are inaccessible surgeries. But you should know that it is not correct. More accurately, the country where you will receive the operation will determine this cost. While there are countries that provide very expensive treatment with operations, there are also countries that provide very affordable prices. You can see the difference between countries more clearly by continuing to read our content.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost in the USA?

The USA is a leading country in healthcare. The high level of medical development and the widespread use of technology, as well as the fact that it provides treatment in accordance with world health standards, are the features that make it extremely successful to receive treatment in the USA. What about the prices?
The USA is a very expensive country not only for penis enlargement surgeries, but also for many operations.

To give the simplest example, it costs hundreds of euros even for a tooth extraction. For this reason, of course, it should not be expected to be cheap in penis enlargement operations. Patients who want to receive penile enlargement treatment in the USA must sacrifice 15,000€. This price may be even higher if it depends on the equipment of the hospital and the success of the surgeon.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost in the UK?

The UK is also a major provider of plastic surgery with a high level of medical care and the NHS has a greater influence on the establishment of clinics and plastic surgery centers. The UK is a country that will certainly provide successful treatments.
But like the USA, the UK is a country that makes treatments inaccessible given the price. If you are planning to have an operation in the UK, you should know that the average cost is 12.000 €.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost in Germany?

Germany is perhaps the most recommended country for plastic surgery. It has excellent clinics and can be considered a world leader in cosmetic surgery due to the high restrictions on the healthcare system, and its excellent methods and inventions are fully driven by what is known today as natural results.
Germany’s healthcare system scores well for equipment quality and overall services, but still fails to offer affordable treatment for local patients or medical tourists. Average cost of penis enlargement surgery in Germany is 10.000€

Best Country for Penis Enlargement Surgery

Since you have studied the countries listed above, you must have seen that the costs are high enough that you can give up on the surgery. But remember that you can get treatment for better prices. Receiving treatment in Turkey, which is a country that is highly successful and provides treatment at world health standards, and is frequently preferred in health tourism, will be extremely affordable compared to the countries listed above. Turkey is a country that can provide the best treatments at the best prices, thanks to the low cost of living and the extremely high exchange rate.

You can consider get treatment in Turkey . Thus, you will save a lot and you will receive treatment by successful surgeons. Do you have any reason not to think about this country, which is advantageous in all respects?

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Advantages of Penis Enlargement in Turkey

You should know that penile enlargement surgery is extremely advantageous in Turkey;

First of all, it is a highly developed country in the medical field. Therefore, it increases the success rate of the treatment.
Since surgeons are experienced in penile enlargement surgery, the success rate of the treatment increases in this way. Instead of getting an unsuccessful treatment in a different country, you can overcome good treatments in Turkey.

You should know that the treatment costs are extremely affordable. Compared to the treatments you will receive from any country, you can save up to 70%.
You should know that non-treatment costs are also quite cheap. Along with the low cost of living, the high exchange rate also significantly reduces the price of your other basic necessities such as accommodation and transportation.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost in Turkey?

Although the general prices in Turkey are very affordable, they are of course variable. Factors such as the location you prefer in Turkey, the experience of the surgeon and the location of the clinic will certainly change the cost of treatment. However, if you want to receive treatment with the best price guarantee, you can choose us as Curebooking. Our treatment costs are offered with prices starting from 3.000€. You can call us for detailed information. You can make your treatment plan before you come and get treatment without a waiting period.