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Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Package Prices

What Is Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve ?

Gastric Sleeve is the weight loss methods preferred by overweight patients. It is used in cases where the patient’s efforts to lose weight are not sufficient. It is not a suitable treatment for patients who are 10-20 kg overweight. Instead, it is used in the treatment of morbidly obese patients. If patients are experiencing health problems due to being overweight or have a severely poor quality of life, gastric sleeve is a good treatment.

Therefore, if you are planning to have gastric sleeve surgery, you should first read our content and learn everything about Gastric Sleeve. Then you can consider taking advantage of Kusadasi gastric sleeve surgery by getting detailed information.

How Is Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Treatment Performed?

Gastric Sleeve is a very radical treatment. Therefore, it is important for patients to make good decisions for treatment. It should be known that there is no return after Gastric Sleeve treatment, and the requirements of the treatment should be considered thoroughly. To examine how Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed; Two different methods can be used for Gastric Sleeve surgery. In this case, of course, the methods include;

Laparoscopic ; Also known as the closed method, this technique requires 5 small incisions in the patient’s abdomen. Thus, the surgery does not require a large incision. Surgery is provided with the necessary devices through 5 small incisions.

Open; Open gastric sleeve requires a large incision in the patients abdomen. It is the preferred side treatment method when the patient is not suitable for the closed method. Patients receive this treatment in case of fatty liver. The healing process may be longer and more painful.

To examine how the surgery is performed, the gastric sleeve includes a tube placed in the stomach. This tube is banana-shaped and extends from the esophagus into the stomach. During the surgery, the doctor aligns this tube and staples the stomach. Then the new stomach volume becomes clear. This part is cut and removed from the body. Thus, the patient now has a much smaller stomach. The surgery ends after the necessary closing procedures.

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How Is Gastric Sleeve Weakened?

It is true that Gastric Sleeve surgery is a slimming operation. However, it would not be correct to examine it this way. Because the factor that directly causes the weakening of the patient is not surgery. Gastric Sleeve reduces the patient’s appetite by reducing the stomach volume. In this case, of course, the diet of the patients becomes easier and they experience faster weight loss. To examine how it weakens;

  • Your stomach volume will decrease by 80-85%
  • The tissue that provides the secretion of hunger hormone in your stomach will be removed.

All these processes will reduce your appetite and make your diet easier. Although this diet, which will start 1 day after the surgery, includes starting with normal foods over time, you should forget your old eating habits and eat in accordance with your diet.

Does Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Work?

Gastric Sleeve surgery is preferred by many people. Therefore, there is a lot of experience, positive or negative. In this case, it is quite natural for patients to want to be sure how well Gastric Sleeve surgery will work. However, as mentioned above, Gastric sleeve can give a different result for everyone. The reason for this depends on the postoperative period of the patients.

Nutrition and mobility status of patients after gastric sleeve surgery determines how much weight loss you will experience. In addition to this, of course, the speed of your metabolism is also very important. As for whether it will work, surgery involves the same procedures for every patient. This, of course, means that surgery must work. Because there is a shrinking stomach and a decreased appetite. This will make you lose weight if you gain the necessary dietary habits.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Gastric Sleeve?

Unfortunately, Gastric Sleeve surgery and other weight loss surgeries never have a clear result. For this reason, it would not be correct to say how much weight loss patients will experience before gastric sleeve surgery. However, to give an example, it is possible for patients to lose 70% or more of their body weight after gastric sleeve treatment. Although this ratio shows the capacity of gastric sleeve surgery, patients may result in less or more weight loss after treatment.

Are Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Treatments Covered By Insurance?

Gastric Sleeve is a suitable treatment for obesity patients. For this reason, with obesity having serious health problems, of course, insurance covers this treatment. However, the problem is that if patients are planning to get gastric sleeve surgery in their home country, they will need some evidence that their insurance will cover for gastric sleeve surgery.

These evidences must also prove the patient’s serious health problems, and require the patient to receive dietitian support for weight loss for 2 years. In addition to all these, some must report from the doctor indicate that the patient needs surgery. Otherwise, the patient pays the Gastric sleeve surgery privately. In this case, patients who want to have Kusadasi gastric sleeve surgery can get cheap treatment without the need for insurance. You can get more information about Kusdasi gastric Sleeve prices by reading my content.

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Gastric Sleeve In Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a city that comes from many countries for holidays. Although it is a small town, it is a highly developed and fun holiday destination. For this reason, patients who want to take Kusadasi gastric sleeve treatment may prefer both vacation and treatment for a good motivation before gastric sleeve. Another advantage of Kusadasi gastric sleeve treatment is that it has very comprehensive private hospitals and it is easy to reach everywhere in Kusadasi. In this case, of course, many patients prefer Kusadasi for gastric sleeve treatment in Turkey.

Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Prices

Kusadasi gastric sleeve costs are quite affordable, as are gastric sleeve prices in Turkey. Compared to many countries, patients can gain advantage with Kusadasi gastric sleeve surgeries. However, Kusadasi is suitable for successful and experienced gastric sleeve surgeries. Although the prices vary between hospitals, we provide services for gastric sleeve treatment with 2.600€. For detailed information, you can examine the Kusadasi gastric sleeve package prices and contact us.

Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Package Prices

You should know that Kusadasi gastric Sleeve prices are variable. While patients can get treatment for gastric sleeve surgery at high prices in many countries, this will be much cheaper with Kusadasi gastric sleeve surgery. Kusadasi gastric sleeve package prices, on the other hand, have special prices including hospitalization, accommodation, airport transfers and treatment of the patients. For this reason, patients can gain a great advantage with the prices of Kusadasi gastric sleeve surgery. Although the variation in Kusadasi gastric sleeve package prices varies between hospitals, we offer all these services with a package price of 3.400€;

  • 4 days accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • 3 nights hospitalization
  • VIP service for transportation between airport-hotel-astane
  • All necessary procedures in the hospital
Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Package Prices