Is It Risky To Get Dental Treatment In Turkey?

There are many successful dental treatments offered in Turkey. However, other countries have published many negative blog posts to hide this success of Turkey. For this reason, there are many patients who think that it is risky to have dental treatment in Turkey. By reading this content, you can find real information about dental treatment in Turkey.

Dental Center Turkey

Turkey is one of the places that many people prefer for treatment with its advanced health tourism and state-of-the-art equipment. You can easily treat crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, stains on your teeth or many treatment methods such as root canal treatment and implants with state-of-the-art devices and quality products. Our clinics have smile design software, in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D Tomography and soft tissue lasers. Thus, it is very easy to get the most suitable and comfortable treatment for your tooth size. Each of our Dental Centers offers patients first-class dental treatment in a luxurious setting. Our clinics are designed to provide patients with a comfortable experience. You can contact us to experience this comfortable and quality experience.

Dental Treatments Guaranteed

Many dental treatments are guaranteed in Turkey.
After the treatment, the necessary invoices and certificates of the products used are provided and your teeth are guaranteed with these documents. Thus, the treatment of your problems related to the procedure applied after the treatment is provided free of charge. At the same time, your legal rights are thus protected.

Dental Treatments Cost In Turkey

Zirconium VeneersStarting from 180 Euros
Porcelain Veneers Starting from 95 Euros
E-max Veneers Starting from 320 Euros
Dental ImplantsStarting from 290 Euros
Hollywood Smile Starting from 2250 Euros
Teeth WhiteningStarting from 110 Euros
Canal Treatment Starting from 64 Euros
Dental FillingStarting from 28 Euros

The main reason for getting dental treatment in Turkey is to get quality treatments very cheaply. Patients save 50-70% compared to UK dentistry prices. If you also want to get dental treatment but cannot be treated because of the prices in your country, choosing Turkey will be a solution for you.
In addition, the high exchange rate in the country ensures that incoming patients’ basic needs such as accommodation, nutrition and transportation are cheaper than many other countries. Detailed price list is also given in the continuation of content.

Transportation and Location to Turkey for Dental Treatment

You can fly direct from London to Istanbul in just under four hours. Turkey may not be as close to the UK as other popular dental tourism destinations, but Turkey is still one of the most preferred locations for dental patients from all over Europe. Considered as the Cradle of Civilizations, Turkey is one of the most preferred holiday destinations with its cultural and historical riches, forests and seas. For this reason, most of our patients who come for dental treatment extend their travels after the treatment, enjoy their holiday in the country and accumulate good memories. In this way, they return to their homes with both quality treatment and good memories.

Dentists In Turkey

One of the main reasons why Turkey is preferred is that dentists maintain high standards. The growth of dental tourism in Turkey is not only dependent on price. At the same time, experienced and expert doctors give treatment to patients with excellent hand workmanship and these quality treatments make it safe to be treated in Turkey.

Most Preferred Dental Treatments in Turkey

Dental Implants In Turkey

Getting a dental implant in Turkey will cost 70% less than in your country, which is why dental implants are such a popular treatment.
Dental implants are a dental procedure that treats missing teeth or root problems. The root of the tooth with a problem in the root of the tooth is cleaned and the tooth is extracted, then the treatment is terminated with a dental prosthesis fixed to the screw with the screw placed on the gum, and your smile becomes aesthetically beautiful. It is also a method that can be applied to replace your previously extracted tooth.

Dental Veneers In Turkey

Veneers are cosmetic dental treatments used in the treatment of problems such as broken , cracks, gaps, and staining. They are tooth-colored shells that are fixed to the tooth with a special adhesive applied to the tooth. There are many types of coatings. It can be applied to a single tooth as well as suitable for the whole mouth. It is one of the most preferred treatment methods because it is a treatment method preferred by patients who want a more aesthetic appearance.

Teeth Whitening In Turkey

In Europe, dental clinics are allowed to use Whitening with a gel containing a maximum of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, which generally has little effect on the color of your teeth. In dental clinics in Turkey, a product between 25% and 40% is used for the result.
Of course, only teeth whitening does not have reasons to justify the trip, but if you are going to be in Turkey, it will still be advantageous for you to have a look.

dental treatment in Turkey

Other Dental Treatments

  • Root canal treatments
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Fillers

It is possible to get many dental treatments in Turkey. Instead of popular cosmetic dental treatments, you can also be treated for health problems in your teeth.

Most Preferred Locations for Getting Dental Treatment in Turkey

If you want to have a dental treatment in Istanbul, it is one of the most visited places by tourists, not only in terms of dental centers, but also in every sense. It connects Europe and Asia and is the country’s largest city. It has a rich culture and ancient history that will allow visitors to have a pleasant time. There are also accommodation options for all tastes and budgets.

If you want to get dental treatment in Antalya, Antalya is the fifth most popular city in Turkey. It is the largest city in the Mediterranean. It is a popular summer holiday town with an old port, excellent beaches, resorts and water parks. Antalya is one of the places frequented by many tourists. Dentists generally speak good English and are used to dealing with foreign patients.
Most of the dental clinics in Antalya are close to the hotels and holiday villages, depending on the accommodation preference, there is no transportation problem.

If you want to have dental treatment in Kuşadası, you can get the best quality dental services at this location. It is a beach town for patients who do not want to be treated in a big city. In the trees, integrated with the beaches, you can both get treatment and have a holiday away from the crowd.

Is It Safe to Get Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Getting dental treatment in Turkey is as safe as getting treatment in your own country. This is because the treatment you received in the country and all the documents are given to you, so if you have a problem about the treatment you have requested in the country, you can be treated again with these documents and use your legal rights.

How Should I Plan My Dental Treatment In Turkey?

If you want to plan a dental trip in Turkey, you need to do a long research, collect information about accommodation and transportation. It should be a detailed and long research. For your dental health, you should be able to reach the best clinics at the most affordable prices and get a quality treatment. You may be afraid to receive treatment in a country you do not know, in a language you do not know.

For this reason, as Curebooking, we have brought together the best clinics and the most experienced doctors for you. In line with your request, you can even pay for your transportation and accommodation expenses in Turkey with the Package Treatment method at a single price, and you will receive dental treatment at an affordable price and guaranteed!

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