Implant Cost in Belgrade: Should I Choose Serbia for Dental Implants Abroad?

Dental Implants Abroad: Dentistry Prices in Serbia vs Turkey

Traditional solutions such as dental bridges and dentures are often less expensive than tooth implants in Serbia. After you’ve had an examination and spoken with your dentist, they’ll be able to give you a particular pricing estimate for your case.

Additional treatments such as bone transplants, extractions, and intensive imaging and/or modeling, on the other hand, can easily push the price up to $5,000 to $10,000. After a preliminary examination, your dentist will be able to offer you an estimate of what you may expect to pay.

The average price for Dental Implants treatment packages in Belgrade, Serbia is around $830 (1 implant). However, the cost may vary from clinic to clinic and you may find the same clinic in Serbia is offering Dental Implants treatment at different prices. The price for the Dental Implants treatment here in Belgrade may range between $500 and $2,000. This price in Turkey is $285 to $650.

Some people choose to go to foreign nations in order to take advantage of lower dental implant prices. Eastern Europe, India, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand are among the most popular locations. As CureBooking, we will provide you the best dental clinics in Turkey based on your specific needs and expectations.

If you receive a quotation or see a price that appears to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is. The cost of safe, high-quality, and long-lasting implants is determined by a number of factors. A given estimate may or may not contain any or all of these criteria.

Cost of Implants Influencing Factors in Belgrade, Serbia

Post, abutment, and crown brand (maker), material, and kind

How many teeth must be replaced and which teeth must be replaced?

In order to support the replacement teeth, a certain number of implants are required.

Where do you live? (some cities are considerably more expensive)

Experience, speciality, and popularity of a certain dentist/surgeon

In your scenario, how many professionals are involved?

The surgery’s difficulty

CAD/CAM, x-rays, and CT scans are some of the first treatments performed.

Additional treatments, such as sinus elevation and bone grafting, may be necessary.

What Else Should Be Included in the Cost of Implants in Belgrade?

Remember that the entire amount should include the cost of the implant in Belgrade, abutment, crown, bridge, or dentures, as well as the operations when requesting an estimate. Certain scans and kinds of anesthetics may incur additional fees. However, this is not the case if you choose implants in Turkey because it will be a dental holiday package. It includes accommodation, VIP transfer service from airport to hotel and clinic, all medical fees, personal treatment plan, free initial consultation, free anesthesia and dental x-rays. 

Will My Implants Be Covered by Insurance in Belgrade, Serbia?

Unfortunately, many insurance policies only cover ten percent or less of the overall cost of implants, but much more for more traditional treatments like dentures. This is due to the fact that most corporations define implants and aesthetic procedures as separate entities. In some cases, health insurance will cover surgical charges.

The first step is to contact your insurance carrier to determine if teeth implants in Serbia are covered under your policy. If they aren’t, speak with your dentist’s office to see if they provide or can propose other payment plans or solutions.

You might also inquire whether they will cover a portion of the cost of an alternative therapy, such as dentures or a bridge, that is covered by your plan. Remember that your dentist is there to help you in any way they can and will provide you with all the information you want, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Also, you may consider getting implants in Turkey at the most affordable prices with a personal treatment plan. CureBooking is here to help meet your needs. 

Implant Cost in Belgrade: Should I Choose Serbia for Dental Implants Abroad?

Good Candidates for Implants in Belgrade

Implant candidates must have healthy gums and a robust jawbone with sufficient bone to fuse with and sustain the implant. If the patient already has some bone in their jaw, some bone can be restored via a bone graft. It is also critical that the patient adhere to excellent dental hygiene (brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist).

Poor Candidates for Implants in Belgrade

There are a variety of contraindications to implant therapy, including chronic illness, heavy smoking, and alcohol misuse, all of which slow down the healing process and raise the risk of failure.

The following patients may not be excellent candidates for implants:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Those that smoke a lot
  • Abusers of alcohol or other drugs
  • People in their early twenties whose jawbones are still developing
  • Diabetes that is uncontrolled
  • Immune system flaws
  • Hemophilia is a blood disorder that affects people.
  • Teeth clenching or grinding
  • Steroids, for example, inhibit the immune system.
  • Diseases of the connective tissue
  • Treatment of the head or neck with high-dose radiation

How much time will it take to get implants in Belgrade, Serbia and Turkey?

The standard method of installing an implant takes 6 months for an upper jaw implant and 5 months for a lower jaw implant and involves two surgical operations from start to finish. If further treatments like bone grafts or sinus lifts are needed to build up the bone and make the implant site viable, the process might take a year or longer.

The time it takes to place an implant and crown is determined by a variety of factors and varies from patient to patient. The kind of implant, implant placement technique, the quantity and position of teeth to be repaired, the quality of the jawbone, and the patient’s medical and dental history are only a few of the aspects that influence the procedure.

Your dentist or implant expert will be able to offer you a treatment plan after an initial examination and consultation, which will include an expected timeline and date for each phase of the procedure.

If you choose to get implants in Turkey, you will come to Turkey again after 3 months to complete your procedure. There will be no extra cost for that. 

How Long Do Dental Implants Last and What is the Success Rate in Belgrade vs Turkey?

Success rates vary depending on a variety of criteria such as the size and strength of the jaw bone and where the implant is put in the jaw, but they are consistently high (up to 98 percent if properly cared for) and improving.

The success rate for upper jaw implants is about 90%, while for lower jaw implants it is approximately 95%. This is due to the fact that the upper jaw’s bone is less thick than the lower jaw, making osseointegration more difficult.

It’s crucial to remember that these figures only include individuals who were properly evaluated and recommended for implants by dentists in Belgrade, Serbia and Turkey because they had enough bone density and acceptable oral health. Even in perfect circumstances, there remains a potential of failure.

The effectiveness and length of the surgery are also strongly reliant on the surgeon’s expertise and the amount of experience they have with the exact treatment(s) you require, thus it’s critical to find out how many and how frequently/recently they’ve performed it. In addition, regular dental appointments and committed, complete oral care are also essential to keep implants in good working order in the long run.

So, dental implants success rate in Serbia and Turkey is up to %95, but this percentage may change from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor. It is our job to find you the best dentists in Turkey so that you are happy with the results.

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