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How Much Does Dental Veneers Cost in Sweden vs Turkey?

Dental Care in Sweden and Turkey

Dental care is not covered by the same health-care system as the rest of the population. In Sweden, both public and private dentists are accessible, although they all charge a fee. Folktandvrden, or public dentists, can be found all across the country.

Dental care is not covered in the same way that other medical treatments are, and you are responsible for a substantially higher percentage of your dental check-ups and treatments.

If you have health insurance in Sweden, you are entitled to free dental care until you reach the age of 23. You may be eligible for a national dental care subsidy the year you reach 24 and are required to pay for dental treatment. You may be eligible for a dental care in Sweden subsidy from your county council or region if you have a specific need for dental treatment (country council’s dental care subsidy). For that dental care, you will not be eligible for a national dental care subsidy.

SGK (Turkish insurance) covers treatments that are found to be non-aesthetic for reporting by the health board. However, it should be clearly stated in the report that the treatment is not performed for aesthetic purposes, and the type of malocclusion. On the other hand, another issue observed in the payment of the treatment fee by the SGK is the date when the report was issued. In order to cover the treatment fee, it is necessary to start treatment within 6 months from the date of issuance of the health committee report. These are the conditions for Turkish people.

If you choose Turkey to get your teeth done, you will save a lot of money. Dental veneers cost in Sweden are so expensive compared to Turkey. Why are you going to pay thousands of money to veneers in Sweden? Turkey will offer you many advantages with all inclusive veneer packages

Turkey is easily accessible

The geographical advantage of Turkey may be observed in the fact that a four-hour flight from Istanbul may take you to 50 different countries across the country.

It is widely accessible to a large number of people because it is located in both Europe and Asia, so neighbors from many cultures and backgrounds may readily visit.

Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines, and Istanbul Airport remains a major hub for both domestic and international flights. Stop waiting and come here to take in Turkey’s mystical, historical ambiance while wearing a million dollar smile.

Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is seductive with its antiques, traces of civilization, Roman and Greek architecture, Christian and Muslim influences. It can be quite difficult to see all that Turkey has to offer, and due to the variety of tourist attractions, you’re likely to miss something while you’re there. 

There is a sight to be seen wherever you look in Turkey. Our trusted dental clinics in Turkey are in Izmir, Kusadasi, Antalya and Istanbul. And these places will offer you so many historical places, natural wonders, Turkish street food, beaches, wonderful nightlife and cheap staying. If you get your veneers in Sweden, you will miss all these beauties and an unforgettable dental trip in Turkey.

Delectable Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine, influenced by Central Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Balkan cuisines, has a wonderful flavor. The western section of the country is dominated by olive oil, which literally means “olive oil dish.” Cold vegetable dishes with no meat. You will definitely enjoy the eggplant, tomatoes, onions, rice, and grape leaves stuffed with them.

Köfte, also known as “shish,” “doner,” and meatballs, contains some of Turkey’s best kebabs. Despite the abundance of dessert options, you should try baklava, a sticky sweet pastry with crunchy honey-covered walnuts or pistachios. It’s just as good as it appears. I can think of a lot more, but you will have to go see for yourself.

Costs of Veneers in Sweden vs Turkey

When you find that dental treatments in Turkey are four times cheaper than in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, the first thing that comes to mind is that the quality of healthcare can be poor or unhealthy. But it is not like that. The cost of dental treatments in Turkey is less due to the Turkish economy.

The operating costs of the clinics are very low. Moreover, the value of Turkish Lira is less than a pound of pound (£ 1 = $ 11.99), so you pay less when using pounds or even with euros or dollars due to cost savings from the exchange rate.

Not only are accommodation and travel expenses not that high either, as people can book themselves an average of £ 50 / night for pretty nice hotels. However, you will not have to worry about the costs of accommodation because our veneer packages in Turkey include everything you need such as 4 or 5 star hotels.

You will be surprised by the cost of veneers in Sweden vs Turkey. You can see some dental treatments cost in Sweden vs Turkey below in the table.

ProcedureSweden PricesTurkey Prices
Small or Large X-rays£16-65
Sinus Lifting£650-1500£250
Bone Graft£675£200
Compare the veneers and dental treatment cost in Sweden vs Turkey

You can see that there is a huge gap between the prices of veneers in Sweden vs Turkey. So, why? Veneers prices are affected by some factors:

Material: The dentist can construct these veneers out of a variety of materials, including dental porcelain. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and the dentist’s choice will be determined by the patient’s demands. More often than not, choosing a more expensive material over a less expensive material that will not last as long saves money in the long run.

Dentist: The price of veneers is partly determined by the dentist you select. The more reputable and sought-after a dentist is, the more expensive he or she will be. It’s best to go with a reputable dentist whoLocation: The dentist’s office’s location is also important. In comparison to a rural or suburban location, the cost will be higher in larger cities.

Location: The dentist’s office’s location is also important. In comparison to a rural or suburban location, the cost will be higher in larger cities.

The total number of veneers is: It goes without saying that if you want more veneers, you’ll have to pay more. On the other hand, if you consider the cost per veneer, getting a single veneer is frequently more expensive than getting several at once. Single veneers are also more expensive than many veneers since the cost of producing them is higher. can actually improve your smile.

The cost of living: The cost of living makes a huge difference in veneer cost in Sweden vs Turkey. Turkey is one of the top countries for dental care because it offers affordable dental treatments with high quality.

How Much Does Dental Veneers Cost in Sweden vs Turkey?

Establishment of New Hospitals in Turkey

Turkey has concentrated on improving the quality of healthcare services in both the private and public sectors. The Joint Commission International has accredited many hospitals in Turkey (JCI).

The government promises to build new hospitals with top-of-the-line technical and medical facilities by hiring experts in their professions.

Turkey is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking dental treatment such as implants, crowns, or veneers because of its reduced pricing without losing quality. You can get the best dentistry in Turkey for a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in Western Europe.

Choosing a Dentist in Sweden vs Turkey

Is it better to be private or public? Is it better to be close to your workplace or to be close to your home? Or is it better to get your teeth done in Turkey at the most affordable costs? As CureBooking, we will find a clinic that is the best for your needs and expectations. It is entirely up to you to choose whatever dentist you want to see. However, there are a few things to think about while choosing a dentist in Sweden:

Prices can vary (quite a little in some cases), so phone around to get a sense of what different dentists charge for a certain procedure.

Some dentists (but not all) allow you to split the payment.

Waiting times can be lengthy, particularly during the summer and during vacation periods. So, while picking a dentist, make sure to look into the various waiting times.

You will not have to worry about waiting times or the difficulty of getting an appointment in Sweden. Choosing a dentist in Sweden would be more difficult than Turkey. If you choose Turkey, you will get your flight tickets and all the reservations of lodging and VIP transfer services from airport to hotel and clinic will be done. 

Contact us if you have any further questions, concerns or to get a personal quote about veneers cost in Turkey.