How Much Does a Crown Cost in the Netherlands?

Dental Care in Netherlands- Dental Crowns

Crowns, also known as caps, are custom-made materials that go around an existing tooth to shield it from more injury while also improving the smile.

Teeth crowns in Holland are also used as the last stage of root canal therapy to tie cracked teeth together and support bridges. They can also be used to mask discolored teeth and enhance their look. Today, we will talk about the costs of getting crowns in Holland and the whole procedure.

Why do you require a crown in the Netherlands?

If there isn’t enough good tooth tissue left to carry a filling or to cover and secure broken or fragile teeth, a crown is likely to be needed. They will also serve as a protective sleeve that slips around the remaining teeth to enhance the look of misshapen or discolored teeth.

What is in the procedure of dental crowns for you?

Based on the state of the broken tooth, the preparation period can vary. To guarantee that the tooth will support the crown, it will be carefully reshaped. In most cases, a digital scan of the tooth would be taken. This is not only very precise, but it also eliminates the need for impressions, reducing any pain. Technicians use advanced computers to build your personalized crown after receiving the scan in our state-of-the-art optical laboratory. The crown would then be crafted, milled, and colored to align the neighboring teeth using these computers. In most cases, treatment is spread out over two visits. A temporary crown is worn for about two weeks after the tooth is prepared and the digital scan is taken at the first consultation to secure the tooth while the crown is made. 

What are the materials used to make crowns?

Crown placement is one of the most well-known dental techniques in Holland and the world. Their use can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans, who used gold and silver to ‘cap’ trouble teeth in the 5th century. Since then, dental procedures have progressed, and crowns can now be made from a range of materials:

  • Metal alloys, such as gold alloys and other metal-based alloys
  • Porcelain made of zirconia
  • Porcelain that has been fused to metal
  • Porcelain that has been fused to zirconia
  • Ceramic and resin material

Porcelain crowns are recommended because they are long-lasting and can be customized to complement the natural color of the teeth. However, porcelain crowns in Turkey are recommended strongly because they are the most affordable ones in Turkey. You can discover the beaches, historical places, natural wonders, Turkish culture and cuisine in your dental veneers holiday. You will be happy that you will receive a full dental holiday package turkey deal which includes everything you may need such as accommodation, VIP transfer services from airport to clinic and hotel as well as all medical fees. Contact us to get your seat in a beautiful country, Turkey.

What is the average lifespan of a crown in the Netherlands?

Depending on your habits, diet, and oral care regimen, a permanent crown will last anywhere from five to fifteen years. Teeth grinding puts pressure on a crown, which can cause cracks and injury. If you know you grit or clench your teeth, talk with your dentist in CureBooking. They will give you advice and alternative remedies (such as a mouthguard) to help secure your crown and keep it looking good in the future.

How can I take care of my crown?

You should care about your crown as though it were a natural tooth. Although it does not take special treatment, keep in mind that it serves as a sleeve over your natural tooth, so rotting and gum disease will also arise if you do not have a proper oral hygiene routine. Try to visit the nearest Boston dental office on a daily basis, and floss around the tooth. Pull the floss through your teeth rather than up and out while flossing – pulling up and out will grab on your crown and cause wear and tear.

Dental Care in Netherlands- Dental Crowns

Placing Crowns Procedure in the Netherlands

Step 1: Preparing your teeth

Your teeth are primed at the initial consultation. This allows enough room for the crown or bridge to be placed. They can numb the region to be handled because planning can be a painful process.

Step 2: Taking a dental x-ray

During this initial appointment, the dentist will take a dental sample. After that, the dental laboratory will build the crown or bridge. Using their CEREC technologies, they will build a crown or bridge based on a 3D image and design.

Step 3: Examine the occlusion

An occlusion examination is used by the surgeon to evaluate the condition of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw. This helps one to figure out the crown or bridge height, as well as the outline of the chewing surface and cutting point.

Step 4: Choosing a color

With the help of a color scheme, you and your dentist in Holland will choose which color of crown is best for you. The dental technician will always change the color if it turns out to be different when it’s time to put it on.

Step 5: Adhere the temporary crown to the tooth

On the filed-down tooth, they insert a temporary crown during the first consultation. This is for your comfort as well as the sake of your tooth. This temporary crown will be used before the custom-made crown or bridge is finished.

The temporary crown is replaced during the last appointment, and the dentist puts the permanent crown in your mouth and secures it. They put the crown in the proper position after applying quick-setting cement to the inside of the crown.

You will have to wait for weeks to get your teeth done in Holland, but this is not the case in Turkey. Your teeth crown holiday will last less than a week and they will be cost effective with high quality materials. Our trusted dental clinics in Turkey for crowns will provide you the best teeth treatment possible. 

Dental Crowns Cost in the Netherlands- 2021 Price

You should know that dental crowns in the Netherlands will cost you. The dental care prices are taken into account and all procedures will cost you separately. For example, in your dental crown procedure, dental x-rays, crown itself, replacement of crown, anesthetic, and filling material costs are separate. You can see that in the table, a typical dental crown cost in Holland is € 618,96 on average.

Crowns with plastic construction in HollandPrice
Small X-ray€ 15,06
Anesthetic€ 13,45
Plastic construction (filling material)€ 53,79
Crown€ 236,66
Dental technique costs€ 300,00
Total€ 618,96

You can see that the dental technique costs in Holland are higher than the crown itself. However, you can get a crown in Turkey with the starting prices of only € 180 which includes everything inside. You will not be charged from small or large x-rays or anesthetic. You can get the cheapest crowns in Turkey at our best dental clinics. Contact us for further questions or concerns.