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Getting Low-Cost Dental Implants in Philippines

Dental Tourism in Philippines: Affordable Dental Implants

The only long-term cure for replacing missing teeth is a dental implant. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford dental implants, especially if they live in countries where even simple dental treatment is extremely expensive. As a result, a growing number of people are seeking to have their dental implants installed in countries such as the Philippines.

Are there advantages of getting dental implants in the Philippines?

You can choose the Philippines for dental implants for some reasons. The first advantage might be the cost of them. In Australia, the average cost of a single dental implant is $3,800 AUD, while in the United States, the average cost per tooth is $ 4,000 USD. The implant prosthetic is typically not included in the price. The overall cost of replacing several missing teeth with dental implants will rise to the thousands of dollars. 

The other advantage is that you get to travel. The Philippines is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. The country’s 7,100 islands are home to pristine beaches, natural wonders, and historic sites that you can explore during your visit. Top destinations might be Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, and Cebu. 

And the last advantage for getting dental implants in Philippines is the language. When it comes to dental implants, it is important to recognize and interact with your dentist. One of the most important benefits of getting dental implants in the Philippines is the language barrier. The Philippines is one of the world’s most populous English-speaking nations. The bulk, if not all, dentists in the Philippines are English-speaking.

Getting Low-Cost Dental Implants in Philippines

How much is single tooth dental implants in Philippines?

You will notice that dental implants in the Philippines, like All-on-4 teeth implants, are significantly less expensive than in the United Kingdom. This low cost is what helps you to pay for tickets, hotels, and a two-week break while still saving money over doing the job at home. A single tooth dental implants cost in Philippines start from £800 up to £2,000. 

You can also consider getting dental implants in Turkey because the costs start from £480 in our trusted dental clinics in Turkey without being compromised of the quality of the dental work and hygiene. Our dental implants in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Kusadasi) will offer you many advantages as well as full dental implant holiday turkey package deals. Contact us for more information about your dental holiday in Turkey.

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