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Gastric Sleeve Prices in Turkey and Best Cities to Go

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is also known as bariatric surgery. To help you at less and lose weight quickly, a gastric sleeve removes 75-80 of the stomach. Laparoscopic techniques are used for gastric sleeve surgery. An incision in the upper abdomen and then stitches it up. There is significant abdominal wall removal on the left side. Because the remainder of the stomach looks like a narrow tube, this surgery is called a nasogastric tub. The stomach empties into the small intestine as it did before surgery. In the small intestine, it is not created or altered. You will start to lose weight after surgery because you will feel full on less food.

With a gastric sleeve, it is possible to lose all excess weight in 1 year to 1.5 years.

Gastric Surgery, one of the most expensive surgeries among obesity surgeries, is performed at an affordable price in Turkey. Because there are many doctors and clinics specializing in this field in Turkey. Supply-demand flow is plentiful. If you are planning to come to Turkey from abroad for a sleeve gastrectomy, make sure you make the right choice. Turkey is also a full-budget country, which provides services in high-quality well-equipped clinics with successful specialist doctors.

It is a beautiful country not only for treatment costs and successful results of physicians but also for transportation, patient accommodation, hotel accommodation, translation, holiday, and cultural tourism in your region, with all-inclusive package treatment prices and opportunities.

Below, you will find detailed information about gastric sleeve treatment costs in our ongoing topics.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

One of the most popular locations for medical tourism today is Turkey. Patients frequently pick Turkey over other nations for medical treatments since the procedures are both very economical and highly effective. The low cost of living and strong currency are two elements that increase purchasing power in Turkey. Patients can therefore receive treatment for incredibly inexpensive prices.

The success rate of gastric sleeve surgeries is extremely high. In Turkey, the medical sector makes extensive use of technology. Turkey’s hospitals and clinics are furnished with high-quality medical equipment, and the surgeons there has a wealth of training and expertise. This has a significant impact on the treatment’s efficacy.

because the country has a reasonably low cost of living. The cost of the patients’ stay does not have to be thousands of euros. There are affordable options for lodging both before and after surgery, transportation, and dining out.

Why Do People Prefer Turkey for Gastric Sleeves?

As said before, there are numerous risks associated with gastric sleeve surgery. These risks, of course, necessitate that patients receive good treatment. However, as previously discussed, the costs of Gastric Sleeve treatment are extremely high in many countries when not covered by the NHS or other insurance. In this case, patients prefer Turkey’s gastric Sleeve for both cheap and successful gastric sleeve surgery.

You are in excellent hands. Our team is well-equipped to assist you with patient care every step of the way.

Additionally, if you are traveling to Turkey for gastric sleeve treatment, you may have a relaxing vacation to help you prepare for surgery. Coming to Turkey one or two weeks before to a gastric sleeve and undergoing treatment after a beautiful vacation can make you feel better, as it does for many patients. Naturally, a cheap vacation with a cheap stomach tube will also be provided by Turkey’s low cost of living.

Who Is Eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

  • – Age between 18 and 65 years old
  • – BMI over 40 (more than 35 for patients with serious health problems from obesity)
  • – Psychological readiness
  • – Patients who wish to undergo weight loss surgery but are at risk of long procedures such as gastric bypass.
  • – People who are ready to change their life commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • – The most important requirement for international patients who wish to undergo weight loss surgery in Turkey is the opportunity to travel to Turkey.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Painful?

Pain is a side effect of all weight loss procedures, including the gastric sleeve. On the day of surgery, the pain is rather mild; patients are given intravenous drugs as needed. The pain may worsen the day after the treatment because the anesthetic has entirely worn off (although with laparoscopic procedures, the pain is manageable). However, nurses will administer medicines upon the patient’s request. Days 2 through 14 are still accompanied by pain, but it is primarily brought on by activity (patients move around, turn, and change positions), and it should get better over time. In weeks 2 and 3, patients only experience pain during quick movements, bursts, and turns. Patients should see a doctor if the pain persists after two months.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

After having gastric sleeve surgery, the majority of patients often get very thin. About 70% of overweight people are losing weight. The majority of the weight loss happens in the first year, and after another year and two years, there will be even more weight loss, but the weight typically stays stable.

Because it is almost impossible not to lose weight with a tube after gastric surgery. Just as there are patients whose weight drops to their ideal weight, there are also patients whose weight loss is insufficient. In subsequent reports of a large patient cohort, the long-term rate of weight loss was approximately 85-90%. A small number of patients may regain weight over a period. However, the chance of returning to the old weights is 1%

Like all operations for obesity, gastric surgery does not guarantee a specific reduction in weight. The appetite is greatly reduced and the amount of food can be consumed at meals after closed gastric sleeve surgery.

Patients who begin to lose weight see a good shift in their mindset right away. When the routine of daily life is restricted, bad nutrition and inactivity are temporarily interrupted. It gets simpler to switch to a healthier lifestyle. As a result, patients who after surgery adhered to a normal daily schedule, including a healthy diet and exercise, saw greater benefits.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Take?

General anesthesia is used during the procedure. An average gastric sleeve operation lasts 1.5 hours. The danger following gastric tube surgery is low, and some side effects are reportedly extremely minor due to the protection of the inlet and outlet passageways into the stomach and continuity in the digestive system. The most popular surgical procedure used to manage obesity nowadays is gastric sleeve surgery. Like all procedures, gastric reduction surgery might have unfavorable outcomes if it is not carried out by a team of experts, in the proper circumstances, and using the proper technique.

What Are the Possible Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery also involves the overall risks associated with any surgical procedure. A team of professionals will always be with you before, during, and after surgery.

The possible specific complication of this operation is breathing problems, which can occur due to the mobilization of blood clots in the veins of the legs depending on the patient’s weight, especially the leakage of sutures and associated abscesses, and is observed in 1%. The reasons for this decline are the widespread use of the procedure, the increase in the number of testing centers and surgeons, and advances in the technology used.

Is It Safe to Have a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

It is completely safe. There are many experienced surgeons and well-equipped hospitals in Turkey. You can have the surgery safely. In addition, the price is much cheaper than in other countries. In short, it offers many benefits to patients in every way. Turkey is the best in this regard.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve In İstanbul:

Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul. This city, which can accommodate any traveler’s needs, also excels in attracting visitors for health reasons. For thorough information on Istanbul Gastric Sleeve Costs, which also offers successful treatment for gastric procedures, which are often chosen in the medical industry, read the material.

Why Do People Prefer Istanbul for Gastric Sleeve?: Turkey is a high major country in every way. The tourism and healthcare industries, it has had great success. It can readily satisfy a person’s health requirements as well as their holiday demands. It is better in this situation to obtain treatment in Istanbul. When having gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, a patient can travel while receiving treatment, both in the summer and the winter. Turkey, on the other hand, is desirable because it has a low cost of living. The inexpensive therapies are guaranteed by the low cost of living. Patients also benefit when they select reasonably priced, high-quality treatments.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Istanbul:  A clinic cannot be referred to as the top clinic for gastric sleeves. because Turkey has skilled surgeons and extremely successful clinics. If you’re still looking for an answer, though, every clinic that CureBooking works with is productive. For our patients, we take great care to choose the best clinics and surgeons. As a result, we avoid an unsuccessful outcome. So far, every patient who has undergone a sleeve gastrectomy has had a positive experience.

Is It an Effective Surgery to Get in Istanbul, Turkey?: In two methods, gastric sleeve surgery promotes weight loss: You feel satisfied sooner and stop eating since your stomach is smaller. This suggests that you eat fewer calories. Because the part of your stomach that produces the hormone ghrelin, which is connected to appetite, has been removed, you aren’t as hungry.

After having gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, you can expect to reduce at least half of your excess weight in 18 to 24 months, according to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Some persons have a 60–70% loss in body weight. Your reliable source. It’s important to remember that this will only occur if you follow the diet and exercise advice of your physician.

Gastric Sleeve Costs in Istanbul: Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a great option for people on a restricted budget because it is far less expensive than other bariatric surgeries. Due to rising costs, obese patients from all over the world travel to Turkey to improve their health.

Thanks to CureBooking, gastric sleeve costs in Istanbul are relatively affordable. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul varies depending on the particulars of the patient, facility, and plastic surgeon. Istanbul’s gastric sleeve prices can be up to 60% less than those in several other nations. Turkey’s lower labor and operating costs are the reason behind this.

Istanbul provides the finest sleeve gastrectomy procedures carried out by qualified plastic surgeons who have the chance to treat numerous patients of all nationalities as a result of the nation’s expanding medical tourism industry. In Istanbul, a gastric sleeve procedure starts at 2,250 euros. To learn more about the costs of a tube stomach in Istanbul and to receive a custom package price quote, get in touch with us.

Gastric Sleeve Packages Price in Istanbul: We also have some really attractive packages. We also provide cost-effective weight loss treatments in Istanbul because we are a medical tourism business. Including hotel-inclusive holiday packages, VIP transfers, cost-free consultations, tracking services, and other perks when choosing Turkey are additional benefits. It will be both a vacation and a medical procedure in one of Turkey’s stunning cities, Istanbul.

Gastric Sleeve In Antalya:

Antalya is one of the most preferred cities for holiday tourism after İstanbul.

With its comprehensive hospitals and successful medical staff, it has demonstrated its success in health tourism. Being the most hazardous condition in recent years, obesity is treated effectively in this metropolis. As implied by the title of our article, the subject of our article is the benefits and costs of weight-loss procedures in Antalya. Additionally, you can learn a lot about gastric sleeve surgery.

With the discounted rates we offer at the top hospitals in Antalya, CureBooking can ensure that you’ll have a successful treatment. You should choose to receive care in the most reputable and effective hospitals in Antalya and Istanbul, which have a reputation throughout the nation. As a result, there will be a greater chance of success and you will experience a more pleasant procedure. To benefit from this chance, you can also get in touch with us.

Antalya Gastric Sleeve Prices: You should know that prices are variable in Turkey as in every country. Like in other places and towns, treatment costs vary in Antalya as well. It may be more opaque in some locations even though it is more appropriate in some. So make sure you shop around for the lowest pricing. Do not forget that we give the best price guarantee for this. We can give our patients the greatest deals because of the good name we have in Antalya.

As CureBooking, Our Gastric Sleeve Prices; 2.250 Euro

Gastric Sleeve Packages Price in Antalya:

If you are planning to receive treatment in Antalya, you will definitely need accommodation, transportation, nutrition, and hospitalization. To avoid paying high costs for these, you can choose the package services we offer. At CureBooking, you should know that we offer the best treatments, the best prices, and comprehensive package prices.

  • 3 days staying in hospital
  • 3 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR testing
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Gastric Sleeve In İzmir: 

Izmir weight loss treatment is very suitable for patients who want to receive treatment on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The Aegean coast is known and loved by the whole world. For this reason, patients who want to have weight loss surgery can also have a nice holiday in Izmir before the treatment. Thus, besides being motivated for surgery, they can also get cheap and quality treatments. You can continue reading our content to get detailed information about Izmir’s Weight loss treatment and to get detailed information about Izmir’s Weight Loss Treatments.

Obese patients or those who are overweight can benefit from weight-loss procedures in Izmir. In Turkey, different weight loss procedures like the gastric balloon, gastric botox, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass are frequently chosen as Izmir, Cesme, and Gumuldur weight loss treatments as well as Istanbul or Antalya weight loss. Continue reading our articles for information on weight loss programs in Cesme, Gumuldur, and Izmir. You can choose where you wish to get treated more easily as a result.

Is Izmir Safe for Weight Loss Surgery? Izmir is known as the pearl of the Aegean Sea. Therefore, of course, patients want to be treated in Izmir. Izmir is suitable for both a good holiday and cheap and successful weight loss surgeries. So, is it safe to get weight loss treatment in Izmir? Yes. Izmir is the 49th safest city in the world. In this case, you can get treatment with peace of mind.

Izmir Gastric Sleeve Prices: In a gastric sleeve, patients’ stomachs are surgically reduced. This is a drastic and permanent course of action. Patients should, of course, select a reputable facility for their care. Izmir Gastric Sleeve therapies come in a wide variety, however, the patient should still be monitored after the procedure. Of course, for this to happen, the patient must receive care at a reputable hospital. For Izmir’s gastric sleeve treatment, you can also get in touch with us. As a result, you can spend 2.250€ on Izmir gastric sleeve pricing. Additionally, you should be aware that this is reasonably priced and that most hospitals do not offer better.

Gastric Sleeve In Fethiye: 

One of the most visited areas in Turkey is the Muğla province’s Fethiye district. Given that the city is home to some of the most breathtaking natural tourist sites, it is simple to understand why. In addition to the city’s well-known attractions, the area is home to a large number of hospitals that are comprehensive, well-equipped, and roomy, attracting medical visitors. Cities like Marmaris and Kusadasi, renowned for their excellent medical treatments, are around an hour’s drive from Fethiye. Due to Fethiye’s strategic position, patients may readily reach nearby hospitals and clinics and obtain high-quality care from qualified medical professionals before, during, and after their treatments.

Additionally, numerous hotels are close to the hospitals, making lodging and transportation quite accessible. Many medical tourists combine their treatment with a medical holiday to take advantage of the city’s fantastic beaches, historical landmarks, and nightlife.

It is smart to check for the best clinics when choosing where to receive treatment in the Fethiye area, but this does not guarantee that you will receive the most excellent care. Every clinic has a distinctive feature that sets it apart from the competition.

For this reason, it won’t be feasible to declare it the best clinical. However, if you’re seeking a reputable clinic, you’re at the right place.

CureBooking is able to provide you with effective and affordable gastric sleeve treatments thanks to the low rates at the hospitals and clinics we’ve partnered with close to Fethiye.

You can get in touch with us for advice if you’re curious to learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and medical vacation packages in Fethiye.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Near Fethiye, Turkey: The price of gastric sleeve surgery varies at hospitals and clinics near Fethiye, just like in other towns and nations. Therefore, it is crucial for patients to get the best prices.

For you, we at CureBooking have looked into the most excellent pricing. Currently, our contracted medical center charges €3600 for gastric sleeve operations.

Gastric Sleeve In Marmaris:

The Marmaris region of Turkey is among the most popular places. Yet why? because there are numerous spacious, well-equipped, and comprehensive hospitals in Marmaris. Almost all of Marmaris’ hospitals have a view as a result of the city’s location. During their time in the hospital, patients are given a respectable quantity of care. On the other hand, the top hotels that people choose for lodging are close to hospitals. As a result, getting from the hotel to the hospital is simple. Finally, because it is a popular tourist destination, a vacation is also possible there. Patients might have a short vacation in Marmaris after they are able to stand after their therapy.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve in Marmaris:  When you decide to get treatment in Marmaris, you should be aware that while looking for the top clinics is a very wise choice, it won’t produce definitive results. because the clinks’ characteristics vary. Every clinic differentiates apart thanks to a distinctive feature. Because of

this, it won’t be feasible to name one as the finest clinical. However, you are in the right place if you are seeking a reputable clinic.

At CureBooking, We can guarantee that you will receive a successful treatment with the special prices we have in the best hospitals in Marmaris. You should prefer to be treated in the most well-known and successful hospitals in Marmaris and Istanbul, which have a reputation even among countries. Thus, the success rate will be higher and you will receive a more comfortable treatment. You can also contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.

Marmaris Gastric Sleeve Prices: Are you looking for the price of Gastric sleeve treatment in Marmaris? You should know that prices are variable in Turkey as in every country. Treatment prices in Marmaris are also variable, as in countries and other cities. While it is more suitable in some places, it may be higher in some places. Therefore, you should be sure to find the best price. You should not forget that we offer the best price guarantee for this. The reputation we have in Marmaris enables us to offer the best prices for our patients.

As CureBooking, our Gastric Sleeve prices; 3000 £

Gastric Sleeve Packages Price in Marmaris: If you plan to receive treatment in Marmaris, you will follow the steps are taken places to stay, transportation, nutrition, and hospitalization. You can choose our package services to avoid paying high fees for these. As CureBooking, you should be aware that we provide the best treatments, the best prices, and comprehensive package prices.

  • 3 days staying in hospital
  • 3 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR testing
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Gastric Sleeve In Kuşadası:

Patients can receive both inexpensive and highly effective treatments with Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Treatments. In addition, it works well for enjoying a relaxing vacation before the therapy.

Patients usually choose Kusadasi gastric sleeve treatment because of this. Although Kusadasi’s prices are a little more than those of Antalya, Istanbul, and Kusadasi’s, they are all of the same quality and offer a superior vacation, despite the little price difference. Due to this, receiving Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve treatment entitles you to complimentary dietitian support in addition to excellent care.

Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Prices: As previously stated, Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve treatments are slightly more expensive than in other provinces. While this will result in shorter wait times and better-equipped hospitals, it will have no effect on treatment success rates. However, because Kusadasi is a small town, your doctor will take better care of you at the hospital.

This will allow you to have an earlier intervention given the risk of any complications. At the same time, we can offer services such as VIP Transportation and Hotel accommodation, as well as all-inclusive packages that include all necessary procedures at the hospital. Thus, you can get gastric Sleeve treatment at very affordable prices. Our Gastric Sleeve cost; is 1.750€

We can also assist you to obtain gastric sleeve surgery in our affiliated clinic in Kusadasi for €2600 if you’re considering it and seeking a more affordable facility. The costs of your transportation might be taken care of by CureBooking. The Kusadasi clinic is within an hour’s drive from Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, making traveling easy.

Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Package Prices: Turkey Gastric Sleeve Packages have very advantageous prices. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with gastric Sleeve package prices in Turkey and you do not spend extra money on hotel accommodation. In addition, with VIP transfers, transportation is not a problem.

For this, Gastric Sleeve Kusadasi Prices are 3.200€. Gastric Sleeve Kusadasi package services include 3 nights of hospitalization, 2 nights of hotel accommodation, and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to take advantage of these advantages.

Gastric Sleeve In Didim:

The bariatric surgical procedure known as the gastric sleeve has been utilized for many years and is commonly favored. You should be aware that this does not inevitably result in weight loss, though. You will be able to lose weight after surgery. You shouldn’t anticipate having surgery and automatically losing weight.

You are recognized that in recent years, obesity has been the most prevalent dangerous illness. Treatment is therefore vitally crucial. You should be aware that obesity is a disease that encompasses several other health issues in addition to being overweight. Therefore, it’s critical to be aware of your needs. How does it function? Who is it appropriate for? Discover the benefits of receiving treatment in Didim.

Gastric Sleeve Prices in Didim: Of course, patients should consider the cost of Turkey Gastric Sleeves. It seems sensible for patients to look up gastric sleeve treatment costs for this reason. Prices can change at any time. We are adamant that the gastric sleeve rates in Didim are the most affordable in the city. We don’t receive any commission when we tell our patients about the exceptional rates we have at the hospitals with which we have contracts. For further details on these costs, you may also give us a call.

Didim Gastric Sleeve Package Prices: Turkey Gastric Sleeve Packages are really affordable. With gastric sleeve package pricing, patients can receive highly affordable medical care in Turkey without having to pay additional costs for lodging. Additionally, transportation might not be an issue with VIP transfers.

For this, Didim’s Gastric Sleeve Prices are 3.200€. Gastric Sleeve Didim package services include 3 nights of hospitalization, 2 nights of hotel accommodation, and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to take advantage of these advantages.

You can get in touch with us if you’re thinking about having gastric sleeve surgery and ask any concerns you might have about the procedure’s costs and availability 24/7 via CureBooking

How Can l Choose the Right Clinic for a Gastric Sleeve?

It’s hard to choose the best hospital for a gastric sleeve operation, especially because there are so many less qualified doctors available. It’s a good idea to start by asking friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose which clinic best meets your requirements.

You can get in touch with one of our skilled personal healthcare experts for assistance in selecting the best gastric sleeve surgery facility. The online consultation is cost-free, so there’s no need to worry. You can contact us 24/7 via CureBooking for all your questions and concerns.

What Is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price In Turkey?

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery might vary based on the surgeon’s skill, the type and quantity of surgical supplies used, the cost of the preoperative evaluation, and hospital costs. Naturally, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is higher in private facilities. Even if there are pricing variations throughout the world, with these operations, healthy outcomes matter more than money. Prices are obviously discernible in general, despite the fact that variations in currency rates and environmental factors in other nations/regions have an impact.

For this reason, you should speak with a health tourism business like us or conduct a thorough interview with a private clinic to acquire clear price information. Otherwise, the costs will fluctuate. Naturally, this will make you believe that there are additional expenditures.  

CureBooking Gastric Sleeve special prices for a limited time;

Gastric Sleeve Prices: 2,500 Euro

Gastric Sleeve Package Prices: 2,750 Euro 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price in Turkey vs Other Countries

Below is an overview of gastric sleeve surgery costs in 11 countries including North America, Europe, and Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve surgery prices in the US are the highest of the 11 countries we visited, averaging €18,000. In the UK one has to pay around 10,000 euros, in the United Arab Emirates almost 8,000 euros. In some other countries, such as the Czech Republic and Mexico, where gastric sleeve surgery costs around €4,800, the price is lower than in other regions, especially in Poland and Germany, where prices range from €6,000 to €7,000. However, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is the cheapest, around €2.750, and makes sense as the overall cost and cost of living in Turkey is lower than in the other countries mentioned in the chat above. Also, it is not only the actual operating costs but also the gastric sleeve medical package which includes transportation, patient accommodation, hotel accommodation, translation, etc.

Why Is Turkey the Cheapest Country in Europe and World for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, which is one of the most expensive surgeries in obesity surgeries, is performed at an affordable price in Turkey. Because in Turkey there are many doctors and clinics who are experts in this field. The demand-supply stream is abundant. If you are planning to come to Turkey from abroad for gastric sleeve surgery, make sure you make the right choice. Turkey is a budget country in healthcare.

For example: 1 Euro on a day dated 12.09.2022 and 18.50 TL in Turkey. (Turkish Lira). With this exchange rate difference, patients coming from abroad can receive both high quality and cheap health services in the country, and they can also spend their holidays with our package prices if they wish.

You can reach us 24/7 on our CureBooking Website

How to Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Patients might need to lose weight before having a sleeve gastrectomy. due to the laparoscopic approach used during the surgeries. It could be preferable to lower the fat in the liver and other internal organs a little in order to make this easier. Because of this, you ought to ask your surgeon if you can reduce your weight before the procedure.

Additionally, you need to mentally get ready for the treatment. Both the happy aftermath of the operation and the challenging process that followed are things you might consider.

You can record the challenges brought on by being overweight and make note of how the procedure has changed following the operation. You will be motivated by this.

Following considering all of these, ask a family member to stay with you after the procedure. After the process, you may find it difficult to move and will want assistance.

What Is the Gastric Sleeve Pre-surgery Diet?

To prepare for the procedure, you will be given a diet starting two weeks before your scheduled surgery date. It is a strict diet that restricts calories and carbohydrates such as sweets, potatoes, and pasta. You will consume predominantly lean protein, vegetables, and low- or no-calorie liquids. During this period, you will start the clear liquid diet two days before surgery and continue this clear liquid diet after the surgery.

It’s important to follow the eating plan your doctor provides for you both before and after gastric sleeve surgery. The foods you are allowed are designed to help your body recover, and also to pave the way toward a healthy eating lifestyle for life. Exercise is also a vitally important element.

How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

A gastric sleeve is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size by removing the major curve of the stomach. It can be performed with a laparoscopic or robotic technique. The remaining stomach is like a sleeve or a banana. It is a restrictive procedure.

Technique: General anesthesia is used during the procedure. It uses the five trocar method. The larger omentum is split by the purpose of the ultrasonic scalpel following pylorus identification. The anesthesiologist inserts a bougie before separating the stomach. Under the instruction of the bougie, the stomach is separated using a stapling tool. The remaining portion of the stomach is then sewn to the omentum once any bleeding and leaks have been controlled. The abdomen is opened up and the divided stomach is removed.

CureBooking provides services in high-quality well-equipped clinics with successful specialist doctors.

What Is Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

You’ll keep eating only clear liquids for the first week after the procedure, just like you did the days before. By doing so, postoperative problems such as intestinal obstruction, gastric leakage, diarrhea, constipation, and dehydration can be reduced. This regimen will assist in your goal of giving your body the time it needs to heal.

During this period, your doctor will keep you under constant observation and give you weekly food, drink, and exercise programs.

What Will My Life Be After Surgery?

75% of the stomach is removed during gastric sleeve surgery. Your body will experience several challenging changes as a result.

Your food intake will be restricted because your stomach size will be significantly smaller. After consuming a tiny bit of food, you’ll feel satisfied pretty quickly.

Gastric Sleeves can occasionally result in a loss of appetite. After this surgery, the stomach will create less “hunger hormone,” which could help you lose weight.

How Is the Recovery Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Patients who have a desk job can return to work within 7-10 days after surgery. But for patients with severe labor, restriction lasts up to 3 weeks after surgery. Anyone returning to work after day 7 should also avoid movements that put pressure on the abdominal wall.

However, discharged patients are expected to return to normal life as soon as possible. Daily activities reduce the risk of embolism. Due to the closed access, patients can quickly return to their daily lives after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery. In closed skin surgery, a small incision of about half a centimeter is made and this incision, which is a hidden suture, is completely healed after a week.

It takes around ten days for the tapering abdominal suture to fully recover. In other words, for around 10 days, the patient could leak. This is why the first ten days are not advised for rigorous exercise or a strict diet. After a week, the surgical patient can return to work if he does not engage in any physically demanding activities.  

make the right choice for your healt

Can Your Stomach Go Back to Normal After Gastric Sleeve?

As such the answer to can your stomach grow back after weight loss surgery is NO, it will not grow back to its original size, but rather hold a capacity that allows the patient to have a long-term normal life once they achieve their weight loss success.

Can I Still Get Pregnant After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Yes, you can!

After a gastric sleeve operation, most women can become pregnant. However, you need to wait at least 18 months for your weight to settle before you even think about trying to conceive. In this manner, you can have a risk-free pregnancy.

Gastric Sleeve Operation

In Turkey Summary

Operation Number1 sessionTime to return to work5 days
Operation Time1- 1.5 hoursRecovery2-4 weeks
AnesthesiaGeneral AnesthesiaPersistence of ResultsPermanent with a Good Diet
Sensitivity Time3-6 daysHospital Stay1-2 days
Package Price2,750 Euro Services included in the package price;
3 days hospital, Stay 3 days accommodation in a 5-star Hotel, Airport Transfers, Nursing service, Medication 

Why CureBooking?

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