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Gastric Sleeve In Serbia-Prices

What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve is the weight loss surgery preferred by morbid obesity patients. Gastric Sleeve can be preferred for obesity-related health problems as well as patients being overweight. Although Gastric Sleeve looks like a surgery that provides weight loss, it increases the patient’s quality of life by reducing the load power in the legs and the lubrication in the internal organs, together with weight loss. For this reason, Gastric Sleeve treatment should not be considered only as a weight loss surgery. With Gastric Sleeve surgery, patients gain a very healthy life as a result of losing weight and eliminate many health problems.

Who Is Suitable For Gastric Sleeve in Serbia?

Serbia Gastric Sleeve surgeries have the same criteria as every other country. For this reason, if patients are not suitable for getting Gastric Sleeves in their own country, this will result in the same result in different countries. Because Gastric Sleeve is an operation that cannot be performed when it has risks that will threaten the patient’s life or when the patient does not have sufficient BMI. If the patients are required to have gastric sleeve surgery;

  • The patient’s BMI is 40 and above. (If the patient’s BMI is 35 and above, the patient must have health problems caused by obesity. These are Sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, etc. High cholesterol.)
  • The patient is between the ages of 18-65.

How Does Gastric Sleeve Lose Weight?

How does Gastric Sleeve surgery enable patients to lose weight? We have multiple options to explain this. Most importantly, the Gastric Sleeve significantly shrinks the patient’s stomach. In this case, the satiety limit of the enlarged stomach of obesity patients decreases. In other words, if the patient normally reaches the limit of satiety with 3 servings, then the gastric capacity will be much reduced with the gastric sleeve.

With half a portion instead of 3 portions, the patient will reach the feeling of satiety and will not be able to eat more. In this case, of course, the patient will lose weight when supported by calorie restriction.

Finally, the secretion of hunger hormones in the stomach and large intestine will decrease. Although the hormone in your intestine continues to be secreted, you will feel less hungry because the tissue in your stomach is removed.

Serbia Gastric Sleeve Prices

Does Gastric Sleeve Work?

If Gastric Sleeve surgery needs to be examined;

Logically, gastric sleeve surgery will allow you to lose weight. It is seen how Gastric Sleeve surgery works as above. Gastric Sleeve will shrink your stomach and make your diet easier. In this case, if you support this with diet and do sports, you will hardly lose weight.

However, if patients continue to overeat after Gastric Sleeve surgery and do not follow their diet program, they should not expect to lose weight. Because what makes patients lose weight is not the surgery itself. Gastric Sleeve not only facilitates your diet. In this case, patients do not have difficulty in losing weight.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With a Gastric Sleeve?

Although Gastric Sleeve surgery includes the same procedures for every patient, of course, the same results are not possible for every patient. Because although the procedure is the same, the patient’s post-operative recovery process, post-operative nutrition and mobility will greatly affect the weight loss results. Gastric Sleeve, Apart from surgery, you should not forget that the patient will lose weight due to many external factors.

If it is necessary to give an example, the results of a patient who has a healthy and low-calorie diet and does sports for a long time will not be the same as a patient who has occasional leaks and whose daily calorie intake is higher. On the other hand, it is possible for the patient to regain their weight as a result of successful weight loss. However, if you are wondering how much weight Gastric Sleeve surgery can give you, Gastric Sleeve weight loss capacity will allow you to lose 70% or more of your current body weight.

Does Gastric Sleeve Guarantee Weight Loss?

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a very radical operation. For this reason, patients want to be guaranteed to lose weight after surgery. However, this is not possible. Because, no matter how scientifically warranted the surgery is, if patients do not pay attention to their nutrition, they will not be able to lose weight. For this reason, as long as the patient eats correctly and does not remain inactive, weight loss will be possible. This does not mean that it is a guarantee. It means that it will vary depending on the patient.

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Serbia Gastric Sleeve Risks

Gastric Sleeve has risks arising from anesthesia and treatment. Serbia weight loss surgeries are not preferred frequently, so there are less experienced surgeons, of course. For this reason, patients prefer different countries for successful treatments. Gastric Sleeve Risks can be variable. The risks of treatment and anesthesia are as follows;

  • excessive bleeding
  • infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks from the cut edge of the stomach
  • gastrointestinal obstruction
  • hernias
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • malnutrition
  • Vomiting

Serbia Gastric sleeve

Serbia Gastric Sleeve surgery, unfortunately, is not a preferred treatment. Unfortunately, Serbia is not suitable for Gastric Sleeve treatments because the prices of the Serbia Gastric Sleeve are expensive and the number of experienced doctors is low. For this reason, many patients receive treatment in different countries instead of Serbia Gastric Sleeve. You can also consider getting treatment in a different country instead of Serbia Gastric Sleeve. Thus, you can get treatments that are both cheaper and have a higher success rate.

How Much Is Gastric Sleeve In Serbia?

Serbia gastric sleeve prices are highly variable. Therefore, patients should first decide which side they prefer for Serbia gastric Sleeve treatments. On the other hand, patients should find a hospital where they can get Serbia gastric sleeve treatment and evaluate these prices. To give prices on average, price changes are possible between €9,580 – €13,490. Prices will vary depending on the cities and the equipment of the hospitals. In short, you should be willing to pay high costs for successful Serbia gastric sleeve treatment.

Belgrade  Gastric sleeve Prices

Belgrade Gastric Sleeve treatments are the most preferred by patients. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is one of the crowded cities where hospitals are very dense. Therefore, of course, patients prefer this city for their treatment costs. However, although there are many hospitals, the prices are high. It is possible to find treatments starting from 9.500€ on average.

Nis Gastric sleeve Prices

Nis is one of the most populated cities in Serbia. For this reason, Nis gastric Sleeve Prices are also frequently asked. However, it is not right to give a clear answer for this either. Because the fact that even the average prices are too variable makes it difficult to give a clear answer. Therefore, patients should get the net price for Gastric Sleeve treatment from the hospital they prefer for the treatment plan. If you need to give an average price, it is possible to get a Nis gastric sleeve surgery for 11.450€ as a start.

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Novi Sad Gastric sleeve Prices

Novi Sad is one of the most populated cities in Serbia. For this reason, Novi Sad gastric Sleeve Prices are also frequently asked. However, it is not right to give a clear answer for this either. Because the fact that even the average prices are too variable makes it difficult to give a clear answer. Therefore, patients should get the net price for Gastric Sleeve treatment from the hospital they prefer for the treatment plan. If you need to give an average price, it is possible to get a Novi Sad gastric sleeve surgery for 10.250€ as a start.

Cheap Gastric Sleeve In Serbia

Serbia Cheap Gastric Sleeve treatments are unfortunately not possible most of the time. For this, patients must be treated with insurance. Otherwise, they pay the costs privately. This significantly increases treatment costs. On the other hand, there are some conditions under which you need to have Gastric Sleeve treatment under insurance. Even if you meet these conditions, you may have to wait about 2 years before getting your treatment.

The fact that this period is long and it is difficult for the insurance to approve you also makes it mandatory for patients to be treated in different countries. For this, the most preferred countries are determined. You can contact us to get cheap and successful treatments in countries close to Serbia.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Serbia

Gastric Sleeve costs are often close to each other. However, since hospitals and doctors provide treatment by adding prices on top of these costs, Serbia Gastric Sleeve prices are also increasing considerably. For this reason, patients should search for cheaper principles for Gastric Sleeve treatment. Do you also want to get cheap and successful treatments without long waiting times? So you don’t have to strain your budget to get Gastric Sleeve treatment, which allows you to take advantage.

In Which Country Should I Get A Gastric Sleeve?

Treatments are quite radical treatments, patients should do the necessary research in order to receive successful treatments. Otherwise, if he receives treatment from an unsuccessful or inexperienced Gastric Sleeve doctor, the healing process may be difficult and the patient may not be satisfied with the treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful when choosing a country for gasstric Sleeve.

If you only need a piece of advice, then you should know that patients often prefer Turkey gastric sleeve treatment. It is possible to get both successful and inexpensive treatments with Gastric Sleeve Turkey. You can continue to read our content to get information about gastric Sleeve Turkey treatments.

Which Country Is Best For Cheap Gastric sleeve?

There are some points to consider when choosing a country for sleeve gastrectomy. At these points, patients should pay attention to the following;

Inexpensive Cost of Living: If patients prefer to be treated in countries with a low cost of living, they will receive Gastric Sleev treatment at the most affordable prices. Gastric Sleeve treatment prices are directly proportional to the cost of living of the country.

High Exchange Rate: If you are receiving treatment in a country with a high exchange rate, you can get treatment at extremely advantageous prices by paying foreign currency, even though the treatment prices are expensive compared to the currency of that country. Thus, high exchange rates in your country do not affect you.

Successful Gastric Sleeve Treatment: Gastric Sleeve treatment should be successful. Otherwise, patients will receive a risky treatment and will remain insensitive to complications that may occur during the healing process. Therefore, it is very important to get gastric sleeve treatment in countries where experienced surgeons are present.

Belgrade Gastric Sleeve Prices

Why Do People Go to Turkey for Gastric sleeve?

There are many reasons why patients prefer Turkey for Gastric Sleeve treatment. Patients prefer Turkey to get treatment from successful Gastric Sleeve, Cheap Gastric Sleeve and experienced surgeons. This would be a very correct decision. Because Turkey is very successful in terms of health tourism and can provide excellent results for patients. This, of course, enables patients to prefer Turkey gastric Sleeve treatments instead of receiving expensive treatments in their own countries.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

Gastric sleeve treatments in Turkey have price differences as in other countries. However, considering these price differences, the cheapest Serbian gastric Sleeve prices are higher than the most expensive Gastric Sleeve prices in Turkey. For this reason, if you get Turkey gastric sleeve treatment, it will be possible very cheaply. At the same time, you do not have to get successful treatments at high prices, as in Serbia gastric sleeve treatments. There is no problem in choosing the cheapest prices for gastric sleeve treatments in Turkey.

Turkey gastric sleeve surgery price

Gastric Sleeve surgery, the prices of the treatment should be evaluated in two ways. First of all, because it is a very important treatment, the patient must stay in the hospital and in Turkey. For this reason, it would be much more accurate to benefit from all-inclusive services. Otherwise, it can be more costly when the patient only makes a payment plan for his treatment and wants to deal with the rest himself. Because we offer hotel, transfers and all examinations for our patients at a special price. This provides the patient’s payment advantage. You can examine the Turkey Gastric Sleeve prices as follows;

  • Gastric Sleeve Price Only: 2.250€
  • Turkey Gastric Sleeve Package Prices: 2.700€

Services Included in the Package;

  • 3 Nights Hospitalization
  • 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Treatment
  • Required Tests and Examinations
  • VIP transportation service