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Facts and Statistics about Obesity and Overweight

Major Facts about Obesity

  • According to the world’s statistics, obesity kills more than hunger today.
  • Obesity is three times more than 1976.
  • People that were older than 17 years old were overweight in 2015. There were 645 millions of obese in the world back then. This means that 40% of people that were older than 17 were overweight and 14% of them were obese. 
  • 345 millions of children between 6 and 20 year-old were fat and obese in 2017.
  • In 2018, 36 million children younger than 6 were either fat or obese.
  • Actually, people can restrain obesity.

Facts about Obesity to Restrain It

To restrain obesity, the Facts that should be known about Obesity are that it is caused by unhealthy diet, being inactive, some regular medicines and genetics. For this reason, people that are around fat and obese people play an important role in their life. They can either help them to make healthy choices or unhealthy choices. The most effective way to restrain obesity or lose weight is to eat healthier and do more exercise.

facts and statistics about obesity and overweight

What You Can Do to Fight With Facts About Obesity

  • Increasing eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. 
  • Start doing exercise at least 3 hours in a week. Children can do more exercise than adults. (45 minutes in a day is enough for children)
  • Stop eating unhealthy foods like junk food and fast food.
  • Stop drinking sugary beverages.

In addition to this, people that have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits can be more successful about losing weight. Your friends and family have to give support while you are changing your lifestyle. This is one of the Facts about Obesity and losing weight.

Food Industry is Another One of The Facts About Obesity

  • They can decrease fat and sugar in their products.
  • They can produce healthier products.
  • They can ban foods that include too much sugar and fat.