Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey’s Consequences

Although the Results of weight loss surgeries may vary from person to person, the average results are close to each other. You can read the content to get detailed information about weight loss surgeries and results of weight loss surgeries in Turkey.

Obesity / Weight Loss Surgery Overview

Weight Loss Surgery’s other name is bariatric surgery. This surgery is operated for people that want to lose weight and are very overweight. These people can not lose weight with other weight loss ways. Doctors only decide to operate Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey Obesity Clinic when patients can not lose weight by making their diet healthier or doing exercise.

What are The Types of Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgeries are divided into two gastric bypasses and sleeve gastrectomy. Although these two operations are similar to each other, there are some differences. You can continue reading for more detailed information about the complications that may occur after the operation and the risks and results of the operations.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric sleeve involves cutting the patient’s stomach into a banana shape. In the operation, the cut part of the stomach is removed and sutured. Thus, the patient will feel full for a longer time with fewer portions. This will enable the patient to lose weight. On the other hand, there are some conditions for the patient to receive this operation. You can continue reading for more detailed information about the gastric sleeve. Thus, you can learn the requirements of the surgery and learn about the possible risks.

Who Can Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

This figure may be 30 in patients with a Body Mass Index of 35-40 and in patients with heart and diabetes mellitus due to overweight. On the other hand, previous surgeries of the patient should also be presented to the doctor. The patient must be at least 18 years old.

Gastric Sleeve Risks

  • Blood clots
  • Gallstones
  • Hernia
  • Internal bleeding or profuse bleeding of the
  • Surgical wound
  • Leakage
  • Perforation of stomach or intestines
  • Skin separation
  • Stricture
  • Vitamin or iron deficiency

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Advantages

  • With the shrinking of the stomach, the patient feels full for a long time with very little food.
  • It supports oral access to the gastrointestinal tract and biliary tract.
  • It limits more than malabsorption.
  • Less vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur.

How Much Weight Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Lose?

Thanks to regular nutrition and sports, patients mostly;

33-58% after 2 years
58-72% after 3-6 years

What can Obesity Lead to? What does Obesity Cause?

Gastric By-pass in Turkey

Gastric bypass involves bypassing up to 4/3 of the stomach. It involves removing more of the stomach from the gastric sleeve. In this operation, part of the stomach is cut and the rest is sutured. However, in this procedure, the stomach is not removed and remains inside. The end of the small intestine is then connected directly to the stomach. Thus, even if the patient eats calorie-dense foods since the stomach is connected to the end of the small intestine, the nutrients will be removed from the body before the patient absorbs the calories. Thus, the patient will be full with fewer portions and will digest it instantly, even if he takes a high-calorie food.

Who Can Get Gastric Bypass?

Must have a body mass index of 40 or higher, or a BMI of 35 to 40, and an obesity-related illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea. In addition, the patient must be at least 18 years old and at most 65 years old.

Gastric By-pass Risks

  • Breakage
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Gallstones
  • Hernia
  • Internal bleeding or profuse bleeding of the
  • surgical wound
  • Leakage
  • Perforation of stomach or intestines
  • Pouch/anastomotic obstruction or bowel obstruction
  • Protein or calorie malnutrition
  • Pulmonary and/or cardiac problems
  • Skin separation
  • Spleen or other organ injury
  • Stomach or intestine ulceration
  • Stricture
  • Vitamin or iron deficiency

Gastric By-pass Surgery Advantages

It is a very easy operation for weight loss. As long as the necessary diet is followed, the patient will be able to reach the desired weight in a very short time.

How Much Weight Lose with Gastric By-pass Surgery?

Thanks to regular nutrition and sports, patients mostly;

50-65% after 2 years
70-75% after 3-6 years

Differences Between Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass

The differences between the two start from the way they operate. For example ;

Gastric Sleeve: No operation can be performed on the intestines.
Gastric By-pass: The intestines are connected to the stomach in the shortest way.
Gastric Sleeve: The stomach takes the shape of a long banana.
Gastric Bypass: A walnut-sized stomach volume remains.
Gastric Sleeve: The digestive system works regularly.
Gastric bypass: Some stages are passed for the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

Weight Loss Surgeries in Turkey

Turkey provides successful treatments in many departments in the field of health. It has the same p success in weight loss surgeries. For this reason, many bariatric surgery patients receive weight loss surgery in Turkey. So why do patients prefer Turkey? You can get more information by continuing to read the content.

weight loss surgery

Hygienic Bariatric Surgery Operating Rooms

Weight loss surgeries used in bariatric surgery can be performed openly or laparoscopically. Hygiene is very important in these surgeries, which are mostly performed laparoscopically. To minimize the risks of an operation, it is necessary to be treated in hygienic clinics and operating rooms. Otherwise, it is possible for the patient to become infected and the treatment to turn into a painful process. This is one of the biggest reasons why people seek treatment in Turkey. Turks are generally a hygienic and clean people. Of course, these structures are also reflected in treatments. Knowing this, patients prefer Turkey. Unfortunately, as a result of the treatments taking place in unhygienic environments, the above-mentioned risks cannot be prevented.

Experienced Bariatric Surgery Doctors

Many bariatric surgery patients prefer to be treated in Turkey. This enables doctors in Turkey to gain experience in these treatments. Thus, doctors can make better decisions about the treatments patients want and plan treatment. This ensures that they have the ability to make the right decision for the patient. On the other hand, surgeons in Turkey are experienced in treating foreign patients. Therefore, doctors can easily communicate with foreign patients and draw up a treatment plan. Communication between the patient and the doctor is very important in such large operations. Turkey also provides a very good advantage to the patient in this regard.

Affordable Bariatric Surgery Operations

These treatments are very high priced treatments. Therefore, affordable treatments should be taken. There is no need to pay thousands of euros for successful treatments. It is possible to get successful weight loss surgeries at affordable prices. Turkey does not provide treatment at very high prices as in other countries. Many countries do this for commercial purposes, but the biggest goal of clinics in Turkey is to lead the patient to a healthy life.
On the other hand, there are several reasons why prices are affordable in Turkey. First, is the affordable cost of living. The second is the high dollar currency. The high dollar exchange rate in Turkey allows foreign patients to receive treatment comfortably.

Weight Loss Surgeries in Our Obesity Clinic

  • Patients that have BMI over 40 can improve obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer etc.
  • Patients that have tried other ways to lose weight like having a healthier diet, being more active but can not lose weight
  • Patients that are ready to change their lifestyle completely after Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery

can have Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey Obesity Clinic. They can talk to one of our Obesity general practitioners. Our GP can give more certain information if the surgery is appropriate or not.

How is Life After Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey Obesity Clinic for Patients?

Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey helps obese people to lose weight in a short while. However, the surgeries are not enough alone. Patients have to be ready to change their lifestyle completely in a better way like having a healthier diet, being more active etc.

Patients Change These After Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

  • They start a lifelong exercising plan not to gain weight again.
  • They will have a healthier diet after they get better. Because patients can take nourishment with soft foods.
  • They should also go check-ups regularly to see that everything is fine after their Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey Obesity Clinic.

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