Dental Veneers Cost in Belgium and Turkey

Advantages and Price Comparison of Veneers in Belgium vs Turkey

Dental Veneers prices in Belgium vary depending on a variety of circumstances, but the average cost starts at $729. A patient’s health condition, the type of materials used, the number of visits required until the treatment is completed, the equipment utilized, and the clinic you choose are all factors that might affect the ultimate cost of Dental Veneers.

Each patient should be handled with care and attention, with a treatment plan tailored to his or her specific needs and budget. With all else you need to do to get comfortable in your home, finding a dentist in Belgium may not be at the top of your must-do list. However, in order to avoid paying more for your dental treatment, you must have a dental examination every year. 

Choosing a Dentist in Belgium vs Turkey

You can also choose emax veneers, zirconiums or porcelain veneers in Turkey over Belgium because Turkey is known as one of the top countries for health tourism. You will get more insight about the costs of dental veneers in Belgium and Turkey, veneers procedure in Belgium and Turkey in this article.

In Belgium, you have the option of choosing between public and private dentists. In Belgium, dentistry is covered by the public healthcare system, and you can choose your own dentist. Be aware, however, that many dentists only accept private insurance plans. This may necessitate a longer search for a public dentist.

Alternatively, to assure full recompense, you may want to purchase private health insurance in addition to your public policy. This is very popular in Belgium, and it can save you a lot of money if you need more extensive dental care.

However, if you want to save money 3 to 4 times, you can choose Turkey to get your veneers over Belgium. You will also get a cheap veneer package so that you will not have to worry about other costs such as hotel, transfer, or additional procedures.

You will also not have to wait for dental appointments because in Turkey, it is such an easy process. After you buy your flight tickets, all reservations of accommodation and transfers will be done by our expert staff. Dental care in Belgium, however, can make you wait for weeks or months for a single procedure.

Some example of private dentists costs in Belgium;

Consultation – free to €80

Dental Implants – €900 to €1200

Braces – €1500 to €3000

Whitening – €100 – €300

Veneers – from €500

E-max veneers  – €600

You can see that these prices are nowhere near the prices in Turkey. This is because of the laboratory fees, medical fees, economy of Belgium and the cost of living. Since the cost of living and the value of Turkish Lira is low, you can get cheap veneers in Turkey rather than Belgium.

A non-invasive dental repair method that was formerly popular among people who had teeth that were damaged or discolored. Veneers can be used to mask uneven, misaligned, or just defective teeth, and the operation is now viewed as the optimum means of creating the “perfect smile.” 

There are two types of veneers: porcelain and composite. Veneers are glued over existing teeth and locked into place. Porcelain veneers are more costly and seem more natural, but they require numerous visits since they are produced in a laboratory. It is frequently necessary to modify existing teeth by eliminating part of the bulk. Composite veneers, on the other hand, seem less natural since they are adhered directly to the original teeth.

Veneers procedure in Belgium, Turkey and anywhere in the world is the same. But, what matters is the quality of the material and dental work. 

Dental Veneers Cost in Belgium and Turkey

For a Veneers Procedure, how long should I stay in Belgium?

This surgery is an outpatient operation, which means you may be able to return home when it is completed. However, you will need to visit your dentist for a follow-up appointment to examine the placement of your veneers, and in most cases, the operation will need to be done on two different occasions, separated by only a day or two. Stitches are not necessary because this is a non-invasive procedure, however you will be needed to stay in Belgium for veneers for at least a few days.

For a Veneers Procedure, how long should I stay in Turkey?

We offer 5 day packages of veneers in Turkey to complete the whole procedure. However, if you want to stay more than 5 days, we will offer 7 days of staying so that you will discover this country more.

In Belgium and Turkey, how long does it take to recover from a veneer procedure?

Following the implantation of your veneers, there is no need to rest. After your trip, you may immediately resume your usual activities, including exercising. For approximately a week after the enamel is removed, you may suffer some slight pain. It is preferable to avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold, as well as meals that are hard, chewy, or crunchy. When your sensitivity subsides, you can resume your regular eating habits.

Do You Offer Warranty in Dental Veneers in Turkey?

We think that everyone should be able to have an attractive and confident smile. Our staff includes not just skilled and experienced dentists, but also a full-time in-house dental technician that works in close collaboration with our dentists to provide quality lab work once your chairside operations are completed. We offer 5 years of guarantee in all dental treatments, so you do not have to worry about future problems.

What is the Success Rate of Veneers in Belgium and Turkey?

Success rate of veneers in Belgium, Turkey or the world does not change. Many studies came into conclusion that %91 of people who had veneers experienced highly positive results. It is important that you get high quality veneers and dental work. Since veneers are made according to your teeth structure, a dental technician’s expertise is also significant. You can be sure that our dentists are highly professional and have years of experience in their field.

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