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Dental Implant Process

What Information Should I Give You to Get a Dental Implant Treatment Plan?

Dental implant treatments often require viewing the patient’s dental X-rays. For this reason, patients should send us a message and send a dental x-ray or dental photos before asking for a treatment plan and price.

You can get your treatment plan with options such as all-inclusive or only treatment. For this, you can let us know that you want an all-inclusive price or only a treatment price.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in Turkey for Dental Implant?

First of all, two different processes are followed for dental implant treatments. This will vary depending on your treatment;
If you come to have your dental implant done, 1 day will be enough.

If you plan to receive temporary dental prostheses in addition to implant treatment, this will take 1 week. In both cases, you must return for the crown 3 months after returning to your home country.

In this case, there are still 2 options for your dental crown treatment. If you prefer a dental crown, you must be in Turkey for 5 days if it is a zirconium crown, and for 1 week if it is a porcelain crown.