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Belgium Gastric Sleeve Prices

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery? ( Belgium Gastric Sleeve)

Although the Belgium Gastric Sleeve can be defined in many ways, we can say that it is the simplest way to reduce the stomach, restrict the patient’s eating and lose weight in this way. However, Belgium gastric sleeve includes many details and is not an easy procedure. Although it is correct to use it as a simple definition, its clear definition will be as follows; It is the process of aligning the stomach with a tube placed at the stomach entrance and dividing it into two. 80% of the patient’s stomach is removed. The patient can only use 20% of his stomach throughout his life. In the removed part of the stomach, there is a part that makes us hungry.

Thanks to that part in the removed part of the patients, the patients feel less hunger after the operation. Thus, after the treatment, patients feel less hunger and lose their appetite, and they lose weight quickly because the nutrients their stomach can take are reduced. However, of course, patients should pay attention to their nutrition and continue diet and sports after treatment.

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Who is Suitable for Gastric Sleeve Treatment?

Belgium Gastric Sleeve treatment is an extremely serious operation. Patients should know that this treatment is permanent and should decide accordingly. Gastric Sleeve treatments are not reversible in the future. The patient should accept to use 20% of his stomach throughout his life and should be prepared for nutritional changes. However, of course, not everyone can get Belgium gastric sleeve treatment whenever they want. There are certain conditions to receive these treatments.Belgium Gastric sleeve treatments also have some criteria, as in every country;

  • Patients should have a body mass index of at least 40.
  • Age of patients should be between 18-65.
  • Patients whose body mass index is not 40 should have a body mass index of at least 35. However, crops must have serious health problems associated with obesity.

Patients meeting these criteria can receive treatment. However, in order to get clear information about the treatment, it would be more appropriate to have a test in a hospital that performs Belgium gastric sleeve surgery .

How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

If you are planning to have a Gastric Sleeve treatment, of course you should know how Belgium Gastric Sleeve treatments work. As we mentioned above, the aim of gastric sleeve treatments is mostly to reduce the stomach and limit eating. First of all, patients will reach the feeling of fullness faster. This aims to be satiated with fewer servings. In addition, the part of the stomach of the patients that is removed and secreting the hormone ghrelin is also removed.

This makes the patients feel less hungry and their appetite is cut off. Thus, it becomes easier for patients to lose weight. But of course, the quiche does not end there. Gastric Sleeve treatment is a method that helps to lose weight. If patients do not pay attention to their dietary habits and continue to eat excessive sugar and oil after receiving Belgium gastric sleeve treatment, they will experience digestive problems and stomach problems as a result of the operation, and it will be difficult for them to lose weight.

Belgium Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Complications and Risks

If you are planning to have Belgium Gastric Sleeve treatment, of course you should know that treatments do have some risks. As in any surgery, it is possible to experience infection and anesthesia problems in Belgium Gastric Sleeve surgery. However, apart from these, the risks that may arise due to Gastric Sleeve surgery;

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks from the cut edge of the stomach
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Hernias
  • Reflux
  • Low blood sugar
  • Malnutrition
  • Vomiting

How Much Weight Will I Lose After the Gastric Sleeve?

If you are planning to get Belgium Gastric Sleeve Treatment , of course the first question that will come to your mind is How much weight will you lose? Gastric Sleeve treatments are treatments that help patients lose weight. For this reason, it would not be correct to say that patients will lose “so much” after the operation. Because the outcome of the treatments completely depends on the patient. If the patients pay attention to their nutrition and do sports after the treatment, the results will definitely be as the patient intended.

However, if the patients do not pay attention to their eating habits and remain inactive after the treatment, of course, a successful result should not be expected. After the treatment, patients who follow the diet list and do not interrupt their routine controls will start to lose weight quickly if they start sports after the recovery process. To give an average figure, after Treatment, patients who meet the requirements and eat well can expect to lose on average 55% or more of their body weight.

Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you are planning to have Gastric sleeve treatment in Belgium, you should know that you will need support throughout the recovery process. Gastric sleeve surgery is most commonly performed with the laparoscopic (closed) method. Therefore, patients do not experience a difficult recovery process. But you will still have stitches in your stomach. For this reason, you should remember that you should not lift heavy and rest in order not to harm them.

In Belgium, you will probably be a guest for a few days at the hospital where you receive Gastric Sleeve Treatment. The hospital staff will assist and take care of you during your stay. However, you should know that after discharge, there should be someone with you who can help you.

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Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before Belgium gastric sleeve surgery , your surgeon will inform you about your dietary change. Gastric sleeve treatments require a radical dietary change. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually enter food into your stomach more slowly and gradually. You should know your nutritional changes and decorating these shelves;

Nutrition in the First 2 Week After Gastric Sleeve Surgery;

In order to get enough protein, calcium and other nutrients, liquid food should be based on milk. Ideally, milk with a low fat content should be selected.

Foods You Can Take;

  • diet drinks
  • Grain-free low-calorie soups (such as tomato or chicken soup)
  • Non-foam low-sugar fruit drinks
  • Unsweetened pure fruit juices
  • Unsweetened coffee or tea
Nutrition in the 3rd and 4th Weeks After Gastric Sleeve Surgery;

After 2 weeks, you can gradually start consuming soft crushed foods. Food should be cut into pieces with a fork and crushed. So it will be easier for you to digest.

  • Fish prepared with white sauce
  • Minced and mashed meat or chicken prepared with tomato sauce
  • soft omelet
  • Crushed macaroni with cheese
  • cottage cheese cake
  • Lasagna
  • Cottage Yogurt or Cheese
  • Peeled Mashed Potatoes
  • Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash puree
  • cooked fruits
  • mashed banana
  • thinned fruit juices
  • low calorie yogurt
  • low calorie cheese
  • Low-calorie dairy and cheese desserts
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Nutrition in the 5th Week After Gastric Sleeve Surgery;
  • It is possible to switch to diet products rich in protein and low in calories, step by step.
  • Make sure you get enough protein every day.
  • It should be ensured that foods that you can tolerate are taken in small amounts and slowly.

In the last week, you will be able to eat on the condition that you stay away from excessive calorie foods and unhealthy foods. But you should not rush. Because it may still be difficult for you to digest food. For this, start with soft solid foods. Eat more cheese, fish and soft meats. Continue to eat bread and avoid all other unhealthy foods. Once you get used to your diet, these won’t be difficult.

Belgium Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It is perfectly natural that you plan to receive Belgium Gastric Sleeve treatments. Because Belgium is a very successful country with the stalk system. You should know that if you get Gastric Sleeve treatment in Belgium, you will get successful results. However, there is a negative side, Gastric Sleeve treatment prices in Belgium. Compared to many countries, the cost of Gastric Sleeve treatment is higher in Belgium.

For this reason, patients search different countries instead of getting Gastric Sleeve treatment Belgium. This will be more advantageous. Because, although getting Gastric sleeve treatment in Belgium will provide very successful results, there are also countries where you can get results with the same success. For this reason, you may prefer more affordable countries.

Successful Obesity Surgeons in Belgium

If you are planning to have Gastric Sleeve treatment in Belgium, it is perfectly normal to seek highly successful bariatric surgeons for it. Because Gastric Sleeve treatments should be taken by experienced surgeons. Otherwise, as mentioned above, the probability of experiencing some risks will be higher otherwise. If you are planning to have Gastric Sleeve surgery Belgium, you definitely need to get treatment from experienced and successful surgeons.

Otherwise, the probability of experiencing some complications will increase. Or, instead of thinking about them, you can get treatment from countries that have proven their success in Gastric sleeve treatments. Thus, you will not pay thousands of euros extra to get Gastric Sleeve treatment in Belgium and you can get the best treatments at better prices in the countries you prefer.

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Belgium Best Hospitals for Gastric Sleeve

Of course, you need to find a well-equipped hospital for gastric Sleeve treatment in Belgium. Gastric Sleeve treatments should be taken in hospitals equipped for all kinds of complications. No matter how low the probability of risks to be experienced, if taken by successful surgeons, everything should be considered and everything should be ready in well-equipped hospitals.

Otherwise, the smallest complications may require new surgeries or cause serious health problems. For this reason, it will be more advantageous and correct for patients to receive treatment in the best hospitals in Belgium. However, you know that the cost you will pay will increase even more. Therefore, instead of getting Belgium, gastric sleeve treatment you can get Gastric Sleeve treatment in Turkey as other patients prefer. This will be more cost-effective for you and the success rate of the treatments will be higher.

Belgium Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price

You know that Gastric Sleeve treatments in Belgium have very high costs. Unfortunately, in this country where the cost of living is quite high, getting treatment in the field of health is also very expensive. For this reason, patients who plan to receive Gastric Sleeve treatment in Belgium should sacrifice thousands of euros. Or you can get treatment in a better country for almost half the price. If you receive Belgium Gastric sleeve treatment, you will need to eat healthier after the treatments, as a result of your dietary changes.

However, in some cases you will also need to take vitamin supplements, which will require you to spend a lot of money after the treatment. You can also plan to get Gastric Sleeve treatment in Turkey in order to get the treatments more economically. Thus, you will be more advantageous. Because the Gastric Sleeve surgery price in Belgium starts from 7.000 €. If you plan to receive treatment in better hospitals and from better surgeons, you should not forget that the prices will increase.

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Advantages of Turkey Gastric Sleeve

Being treated in Turkey will provide you with many advantages. Some of those;
The Cost of Treatments is quite affordable compared to many countries; If you receive Turkey gastric sleeve, you will have more advantages than many other countries. Turkey is a country that allows foreign patients to receive treatment at the best prices, thanks to its high exchange rate and low cost of living. However, it is possible to be treated in Turkey by paying half of the treatment fee requested in Belgium. Extremely Saving, right?

So much so that the fee to be charged for the treatment you will receive in one of the worst hospitals in Belgium is more than the best hospitals in Turkey would ask for. For this reason, you will be able to get treatment from proven surgeons at very affordable prices.

Your non-treatment needs will be less costly. The higher the exchange rate, the higher your purchasing power. This allows you to pay less for hospitalization, accommodation, transportation and many other essentials.

Gastric Sleeve Price in Turkey

Turkey is a country where the cost of living is cheap. But the extremely high exchange rate ensures that treatments are offered at the best prices. Although the prices requested for gastric sleeve treatments are very affordable throughout Turkey, patients can choose us for more affordable prices. With years of experience, we provide the best treatments at the best hospitals, at the most affordable prices!

As Curebooking, our Gastric Sleeve prices are divided into 1,850 € treatment price and 2.350 € package price. Although only the treatment is included in the treatment price, the Package prices;

  • 3 days hospital stay
  • 3 days accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • PCR test
  • nursing service
  • Medication
Gastric Sleeve in Belgium
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