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Affordable, High Quality Dental Crown Types in Antalya

Ceramic Crown Advantages and Costs in Antalya

A dental crown is a cosmetic dentistry surgery that restores the form and covers the surface of the tooth. The treatment is extremely effective in concealing a tooth’s flaws while also increasing its size and strength. Top dental clinics in Antalya, Turkey, give quality dental care while keeping hygiene and cost in mind. They currently have the greatest dental crown package available, which includes porcelain, ceramic, and porcelain-metal mix dental crowns. They guarantee that you will be treated with the greatest facilities and technology available.

Time to Stay: The treatment will last around an hour. It is not necessary to stay in the clinic or hospital. However, you may be required to stay in Turkey for up to 7 days for follow-up.

Note: The length of time may vary based on the patient’s condition and the treatment method chosen. You can get more information by contacting us. 

İnclusions of Crown Packages in Antalya:

Reports from the medical field

Fees charged by doctors

All operation costs

Hotel accommodation

VIP Transfer services (airport-hotel-clinic)

Exclusions of Crown Packages in Antalya:


Pre-Op Tests that Must Be Taken

Imaging and X-rays

A computed tomography (CT) scan

All Ceramic Crown Types in Antalya

Crowns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We will create a treatment plan for you that is the greatest fit for your requirements. Gold, metal, porcelain fused to metal, complete porcelain crowns, and zirconia crowns are some of the materials used for dental crowns or “caps.” Your dentist will work with you to pick a colour that matches the rest of your teeth when you get your crown.

All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns in Antalya give the greatest natural color and are the highest quality crowns available anywhere on the planet. These crowns are constructed entirely of translucent ceramic and are extremely lifelike, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth. They are able to mimic both the appearance and function of real teeth.

• All ceramic crowns are made with computer technology, such as CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/manufacturing), which is based on 3D design. These crowns are prized for their metal-friendly properties in addition to their outstanding looks. There is no risk of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to hot or cold foods for patients with metal-compatibility concerns.

• A crown’s typical lifespan is about ten years. The patient’s dental hygiene is the most significant element determining the longevity of any restorative therapy.

Ceramic crowns in Antalya come in two varieties:

1. Zirconia crowns in Antalya are extremely strong and are best suited for rear teeth.

2. E-Max crowns in Antalya- These crowns are very attractive and are best utilized on the front teeth.

Zirconium and Emax Crowns Cost in Antalya

All Ceramic Crowns Have Benefits in Antalya

• These crowns are perfect for those who desire a more natural appearance, since they are the most aesthetically appealing crowns.

• The substance is ‘bio-compatible,’ meaning it is gentle on your gums and tissues.

• No allergic response or sensitivity to hot or cold meals is a possibility.

At our partner dental clinics, we use high-quality crowns that not only endure a long time but also complement your appearance.

We have all of the necessary tools to address and resolve the problem. Furthermore, we are completely aware of the treatment’s drawbacks, so we guarantee that the operation is carried out carefully and that no dental issues arise afterwards.

You can benefit from a ceramic crown in Antalya at our dental clinics in a variety of ways, including:

• We utilize high-quality crowns that are constructed of thinner material and feel lighter in weight as a consequence.

• We examine whether or not a person is allergic to metal.

• There is no danger of an allergic response or intolerance to hot or cold meals with our treatment.

• The crowns we place have longevity as they can last disfigure for years.

• We recognize the need for refinement in the production of these crowns, since they need a high level of competence from the dentist, which our seasoned professionals readily handle.

Zirconium Crowns in Antalya

When it comes to ceramic crown manufacturing, zirconia is at the top of the list. Zirconia is a white powdered metal oxide made of zirconium dioxide. It’s also made of ceramic. It’s extremely tough, wear-resistant, and difficult to break. Because of its hardness and solidity, biocompatible material has mechanical properties that are extremely comparable to those of a real tooth.

It is appropriate for implantation in both front and rear areas due to its mechanical properties. A white cap is covered with ceramics, which allows for the translucency and light refraction of a natural tooth. Zirconium crowns in Antalya create a perfect replica of a real tooth and provide a charming smile.

E-max Crowns in Antalya

E.MAX is an all-ceramic system made of lithium disilicate glass. It’s one of the most aesthetically attractive choices since porcelain may be placed on top of it, providing remarkable translucency and a tooth that seems extremely natural.

In E.MAX porcelain veneers, there is no cutting or shrinking of the teeth. Thinning can be done up to 1.5 millimeters thick. As a result, it is a procedure that is carried out without causing any harm to healthy and natural teeth.

Contact us to get more information about zirconium and emax dental crown types in Antalya.