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Why Get Septorhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey? Procedure and Costs

Getting Nose Job in Turkey at Affordable Prices

Septorhinoplasty is a procedure that involves reshaping your nose (commonly known as rhinoplasty) as well as your nasal septum (also called septoplasty). The nasal septum is a thin tissue wall that divides your nostrils (hole opening of the nose). If you have a deviated septum, you may need a septorhinoplasty. The septum wall inside your nose is crooked with a deviated septum, which prevents some air from passing through. This surgery may also be required if your nose has become deformed as a result of an accident such as trauma. This procedure is also available to people who desire to improve the appearance of their nose. This procedure may also be used to fix abnormalities that have arisen as a result of previous nose surgery.

You may be able to breathe easier and improve the appearance of your nose with septorhinoplasty in Istanbul.

Why choose Turkey for septorhinoplasty?

Over 750,000 incoming patients from 144 countries select Turkey for medical treatment each year, according to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council. In Turkey, septorhinoplasty is becoming increasingly common. Consider the reasons why individuals go from all over the world to get their septorhinoplasty performed in Turkey.

Hospitals that are technologically advanced

The Turkish Ministry of Health created the Program for Health Support Sector Transformation in 2003 with the goal of increasing funding and improving healthcare quality. As a result of this endeavor, Turkey presently has more than 50 JCI (Joint Commission International) approved medical centers. This is proof that the hospital adheres to the highest medical standards in the globe.

Turkish hospitals have now reached the level of leading facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Every 1-3 years, the equipment is updated to ensure that medical treatments are carried out correctly. As a result, anyone considering a septorhinoplasty in Istanbul can rest assured that the procedure will be of high quality.

Prices that are reasonable

The Turkish government is doing everything it can to make Turkey a top medical tourism destination in the globe, providing modern medical care at low prices. 

Many Turkish plastic surgeons are also members of international organizations like the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), which brings together top experts from around the world.

Additional services

Turkey is a welcoming country for visitors. Local plastic surgery clinics provide a wide range of complimentary services.

For example, the cost of septorhinoplasty includes lodging, airport transportation, and language aid. Some clinics go above and beyond, providing spa treatments, lunches, and even excursion tours.

Septorhinoplasty Procedure and Clinics in Turkey
Why Get Septorhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey? Procedure and Costs

What Is Septorhinoplasty Procedure in Istanbul Like?

You will be given either local or general anesthetics prior to the surgery.

The surgeon will make an incision in your septum during the septoplasty phase. The surgeon may be able to realign the septum without having to relocate it if the remodeling is basic enough. Otherwise, the septum will have to be removed, straightened, and reinserted into the nose. The nose will next be sutured closed by the surgeon.

A closed rhinoplasty (in which an incision is made within the nose) or an open rhinoplasty (in which an incision is made outside the nose) might be performed (by making an incision at the base of the nose). 

The cost of septorhinoplasty in Turkey

Because septorhinoplasty is essentially two operations in one, it will be more expensive than rhinoplasty.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still less expensive than much of the UK and Europe.

The average cost of a septorhinoplasty in the United Kingdom is roughly £4500-7000£, thus having your surgery in Turkey can save you up to 50%.

The fact that septorhinoplasty in Turkey is much less expensive than in Europe or the United States has nothing to do with the quality. Because labor and operating costs are low in Turkey, nose jobs are less expensive.

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