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Where Can I Get the Cheapest Veneers in Europe?

Dental Veneers in Europe: The Cheapest Country to Go

Thousands of individuals travel from the United Kingdom each year to have dental care in another country. This ever-increasing popularity can be attributed to lower pricing and high-quality service that often exceeds that of UK dental clinics.

There are several wonderful alternatives available when it comes to veneers. Dental clinics overseas are home to some of the world’s most known professionals, as well as contemporary facilities and all-inclusive packages developed exclusively for overseas customers, for those searching for a balance between price and quality.

Veneers can be costly. In the UK, you should expect to pay between £400 And £1,000 for a single porcelain veneer. Because these expensive fees are out of reach for many people, potential patients frequently inquire, “What is the best country for veneers?” and “what are the cheapest locations to get veneers abroad?”

It is important that you should do detailed research about the cheapest implants in Europe. Do they offer all inclusive packages? Is accommodation and transfer included in the price? Are there any hidden costs? Is your clinic professional and consists of experienced dentists? Do you offer high quality equipment and technology? Do you offer after care, follow up? Do you have warranty on your dental treatments? How many days does it require to get dental implants? These questions are must so that you can have an understanding of the high quality implants abroad.

The cost of veneers in Europe is determined by the factors below:

The cosmetic dentist’s expenses for executing the operation.

The cosmetic dentist who puts the veneers and the ceramist who makes them have creative and technical competence.

The location where treatment is performed. Cosmetic dentistry costs vary significantly by location of the nation, particularly between big urban regions and smaller communities.

What kind of dental insurance you have. Cosmetic treatments are usually not covered by dental insurance.

The substance that was used. Porcelain is more costly than composite resins, whether indirect or direct.

The total number of teeth that are being treated.

So, the cost of veneers in Europe depends on many factors  and we think that you should know about these so that you will be aware of what is coming and why some places differ in terms of the veneers price in Europe. There are some countries where you can find high quality dental veneers but they will not be affordable or the cheapest veneers in Europe. Let’s have a look at these countries and find the cheapest veneers without being compromised by the quality. 

1- Ukraine

Due to the country’s general price strategy, dental veneers in Ukraine are 4 times less expensive than in the United States and 2-3 times less expensive than in Germany, Spain, Italy, and other Western European countries. As a result, medical tourists consider Ukraine to be one of the finest locations for affordable veneers.

Ukraine is one of the countries that offers low-cost flights. In comparison to the United States or Germany, the cost of lodging and meals is also reasonable. When you consider the total cost of the trip, inexpensive teeth veneers become even more affordable.

2- Spain

Porcelain Veneers, also known as dental veneers or porcelain laminates, are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to improve esthetics and correct bite problems. Porcelain veneers are a dental technique that improves your smile by repairing crooked teeth, severely discolored teeth, and creating a natural look in just a few days. Porcelain veneers cost in Spain starts from $500 up to $650.

When people think about dental veneers abroad, Spain is not the first thing that pops into people’s mind. It may be known for its great dentistry services, but the dentists are not qualified enough for international patients who are traveling abroad to get dental veneers. 

3- United Kingdom

Patients in the UK are traveling abroad to find cheap veneers because veneer cost is very high in this country. That is why people do not choose the United Kingdom as a dental veneers abroad destination. The reason is that many individuals confront a dilemma when they want dental treatment and the expense of doing it locally is prohibitively high, and the NHS does not provide an adequate solution. Dental tourism has grown in popularity in recent years, allowing people to travel abroad and receive high-quality dental care at a lower cost. 

British people are now traveling to different European countries to get the best quality veneers, good dental work at the most affordable prices.

Turkey coast

4- Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its successes in the field of economical cosmetic dentistry and low-cost teeth veneers, in addition to its five-star beach tourism offerings.

Each year, the number of international visitors to Turkey increases by 38%. According to government statistics, over 662,000 patients picked Turkey as a medical tourism destination in 2019.

People from all over the world come to Turkey to work because of the inexpensive cost of living. When compared to Arab states, the United Kingdom, Israel, and European countries, you can save up to 50%. International patients are welcome at Turkish dental clinics. That is why they sell dental veneers for a low price. 

Also, since  there is a competition between clinics, they keep their standards high and the price lower. They need to do it in that way, otherwise people will not choose their clinic. 

The cost of dental care in Turkey is dictated by a low-cost policy and the country’s average living wage. Porcelain veneers are available at a low price here, with costs starting at $95and going up to $250. You can see that Turkey is the cheapest country not only  in Europe but also in the Near East. 

According to research, the best destinations in the Near East for dental veneers are Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Cyprus. However, keep in mind that the cost of accommodation in these countries varies greatly. Since you will get an all inclusive veneers package in Turkey, you do not have to worry about the accommodation costs.

Turkey is the cheapest country in the Near East for veneers. Over 500,000 foreign patients travel to Turkey to save thousands of dollars on veneers, answering the question of where to obtain veneers with their option. Veneers in this condition might save you up to 70% on the cost.

Due to its outstanding natural beauty and fascinating culture, the Near East is also a favorite destination for outbound patients. Get low-cost dental veneers in Turkey and visit UNESCO World Heritage sites or enjoy the sun on beaches of Kusadasi, Izmir and Antalya.


Germany may be known for its high quality dental treatments, but how much do you know about the dental work of dentists? Do they offer fluent English speaking dentists? Do they provide warranty on dental treatments? As we said earlier, you should do a detailed research before getting veneers in Germany.

Since everyone wants to get the cheapest veneers without being compromised by the quality of them, Germany is not the place in Europe. Veneers cost in Germany is really high and it is not among the affordable veneers in Europe. 

6-Czech Republic

Dental veneers vary in terms of the sort of decay or damage they are intended to repair, as well as the material used and personal preferences. In terms of cost, porcelain dental veneers cost around €300 in the Czech Republic, €600 in France, and around €700 in the United Kingdom. There may be a lot to see in Prague such as The Majestic Castle and St Vitus Cathedral, the Belvedere, Lorreto, and Charles Bridges, and the Old Town Square, Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock. However, you should know that Czech Republic is not the cheapest country for veneers in Europe. 

7- Poland

In terms of the quality of veneers abroad, you should think about the competition in the countries. There are good and poor examples of dentists overseas, just as there are good and poor examples of any service, but as we’ve established, “Low Cost Doesn’t Mean Low Quality,” far from it. 

There are numerous instances of successful clinics that have invested in cutting-edge technology and that require their clinics to run smoothly and successfully in order to handle the volume of patients they encounter. Increased competition in concentrated areas of dental clinics, such as Turkey, maintains excellent standards and low pricing. This is not the case in Poland because there is not enough competition between dental clinics.

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