Weight Loss Treatment Guide

Weight Loss Treatment Guide

Hello. I will deal with you online to plan Weight Loss treatment in Turkey. For an online treatment plan, please message me your height and weight so I can calculate your body mass index. So you can choose the treatments that suit you. According to your body mass incision, the following will be appropriate;

If your body mass index is between 27 and 40, you are suitable for gastric botox and gastric balloon.

If your body mass index is > 35, you are suitable for gastric sleeve and gastric bypass treatment.


You should also answer:

Your Name and Surname:

Your date of birth:

Diseases you have:

The drugs you use:

Are you allergic to anything?

Your previous operations:

Methods you’ve tried to lose weight:


Gastric Sleeve: With gastric sleeve surgery, the majority of the stomach is surgically removed, its size is decreased by 75–80%, and the remaining stomach portion resembles a banana or tube. Due to their significantly smaller stomachs, patients are unable to consume and digest large amounts of food before feeling satisfied, which allows for quick weight loss. Since this kind of surgery cannot be undone, it should only be used as a last option.

Gastric Bypass: In gastric bypass surgery, the structures of the stomach and small intestine are changed, allowing the patient to lose weight. Gastric bypass surgery is both a restrictive and absorption-reducing procedure. Since the volume of the stomach is reduced, the patient’s food intake is reduced.
In addition, as a result of the exclusion of a part of the intestine, the absorption of total calories, protein and other nutrients in the patient decreases.

Gastric Botox: Stomach botox is a non-surgical procedure applied to lose weight. With an invasive procedure, this process, which takes 20 minutes, helps patients lose weight. For stomach botox treatments, Didim stomach botox is often preferred. Gastric botox works by injecting botox into the upper thick muscles of the stomach. After Botox is applied, digestion in the stomach slows down. Ingested food is digested slowly over a much longer period of time. This allows patients to stay full for longer and dieting becomes easier.

Gastric Balloon: Gastric Balloon is a treatment method preferred by patients with weight problems for weight loss. With many weight loss methods, one of the most preferred methods is balloon treatments. It is a treatment that involves filling a balloon placed in the stomach with salt water. As a result of people with weight problems receiving these treatments, people do not feel hungry because of the balloon in their stomach. For this reason, it becomes easier for them to diet. This provides direct weight loss. Although mistakes are often made because they think that treatments alone will provide weight loss, patients who show the necessary care can get very good results.