Mommy Makeover Package

Mommy Makeover Package

Momy makeover includes a number of treatments that are suitable for expectant mothers. After pregnancy, women’s physiques change a lot. It is possible to appear sagging in the abdomen and sagging of the breasts. For this reason, with the momymakeover treatment, the abdomen is stretched and the breast appears straighter. You can also regain your pre-pregnancy look with Mommy pakeover treatment.

The breasts and abdomen, which are most adversely affected by pregnancy, are the two places that a mommy makeover surgery is designed to rejuvenate. Although you can add arm or leg operations like an arm lift or thigh lift, the surgery consists of a breast procedure paired with an abdomen procedure.

During your appointment, she will talk to you about your expectations, the nature and cost of the mommy makeover, and what to expect in terms of healing, complications, and scars. The patient will discuss their results so you can imagine your own results.

People who are healthy, have a healthy weight and do not plan to become pregnant again are the best candidates for a mother’s aesthetic. You can have children after maternity aesthetics, but it can also undo the effects of the procedure. During your appointment, your Doctor will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about whether a mommy makeover is the best option for you.

Your breasts and abdomen will be younger and appear more pre-pregnancy after your mommy makeover. The breasts and abdomen are tightened and firmed during a mommy makeover, but this procedure does not involve weight loss.

You should plan to spend 4 to 7 hours at the clinic the day of your surgery. It takes 3-6 hours to complete the operation.

You will require company for the entire 24 hours following your mommy makeover. It is crucial that someone drive you home and be with you during this time since you will be recovering from anesthesia. Plan to avoid vigorous activities and exercise for six weeks while taking at least two weeks off from work. You won’t be allowed to drive for at least a week after surgery while taking narcotic painkillers. Plan to lie on your back or side while elevating your feet and upper body.

If you want to have more children, it’s best to wait until after the birth of your last child. However, it’s important to remember that every patient is different, so what is not indicated for one patient might be OK for another.