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Low-Cost Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey: Procedure and Packages

Affordable Breast Lift in Istanbul

Not Recommended for Breast Lift: Patients with heart problems and lung disease and patients suffering from obesity and diabetes

Discharge from Hospital: 1 to 2 nights at the hospital

Duration of Operation: 2 to 6 hours

Types: Breast lift with augmentation, breast lift with implants, breast lift with reduction

Minimum Stay in Istanbul: 5 to 7 days

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Preparation: If the patient smokes, he or she should stop smoking at least a month before the procedure. Patients may be recommended to cease using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), aspirin, and aspirin-containing treatments. Patients may also be instructed to stop using naturopathic supplements like garlic, gingko, and ginseng, as they might interfere with clotting and anesthetic during the breast lift procedure.

Getting Breast Lift in Istanbul- What Is It?

The breast lift in Istanbul, also known as breast ptosis or mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure that seeks to improve the appearance of drooping breasts. The cosmetic surgeon is the one who does mastopexy. Repositioning the nipple and areola, tracing the mammary gland, removing extra skin, and tightening the muscles in the women’s chests are all part of the procedure. Breasts that are symmetrical and beautifully shaped can be achieved with this approach.

The surgery takes two or three hours and is conducted under general anesthesia. After a few weeks, the patient should be able to return to work without difficulty.

Boob Lift in Istanbul Healing and Recovery Process

A breast ptosis operation is an outpatient surgery that is done under general anesthesia. It generally takes one to three hours for the procedure to be completed.

Patients who have had this cosmetic surgery are advised to relax by doctors. This does not, however, imply that the patient must spend the whole day in bed. In reality, experts advise that you should not remain immobile following surgery.

After the operation, you are free to eat whatever you wish. Starting on the second postoperative day, you can shower. Weekly wound care, on the other hand, would be required. The pain experienced following this treatment is usually quite mild.

To make it disappear, all you need to do is use a nonnarcotic analgesic. This promotes quicker healing and lowers the danger of problems that are common with other drugs.

Low-Cost Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey: Procedure and Packages

Typically, just one or two surgical sutures are used. The rest is concealed behind the skin and will disintegrate over time. Following are some of the instructions that you may be given following your surgery:

Drains aren’t always necessary;

You must wear a surgical bra for four weeks; you may take three to seven days off work; and after the third postoperative week, there are no regulations to follow.

The boobs usually take 2 months to get their ultimate form.

Will There Be Any Scars After Boob Lift in Istanbul?

The scar left behind following breast lift surgery is the most prevalent complaint. For the breast scars, there must be a specific protocol. After two weeks, the doctor will remove the paper tape that the plastic surgeon had placed in the operation room. The scars will then be covered with Tegaderm, a sterilized plastic dressing.

It’s suggested that you leave it on for at least three months. The Tegaderm used on the cicatrice, on the other hand, must be changed every month. It’s possible that the one put to the crease below the breast will need to be replaced more frequently than the one on the nipple. Using the medicinal dressing for three months after surgery improves scar quality substantially.

Before and After of Breast Lift Procedure in Istanbul

The results of mastopexy (breast lift) surgery in Istanbul are visible right away, but the ultimate outcomes of the breast lift surgery will take a few months to appear. The edema may take many months to subside. Mastopexy surgery produces long-lasting effects, although the patient’s breasts will fluctuate over time. In order to retain a fresh and revitalized appearance following surgery, the patient should adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Istanbul Breast Lift Price by High Quality Hospitals

The cost of the procedure is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic surgery center in Turkey for a breast lift. Although breast lift costs in Istanbul vary by clinic, they are far less expensive than in many other nations. Cure Booking, in collaboration with the top plastic surgeons, provides a very affordable breast uplift pricing. We organize all of the phases of your medical journey from the moment you contact our clinic.

Due to the greater expenses imposed by their healthcare system, many women prefer to get their breasts lifted elsewhere. Because Turkey has technology and competent cosmetic physicians that rival European standards, as well as reduced labour expenses, it offers ladies who desire each of them: high-quality and low-cost breast lifts. Patients who undergo mastopexy in Turkey might expect to save up to 70% on their treatment. Cure Booking all-inclusive packages for mastopexy in Turkey include some of the best facilities in the nation. Because your health is always our top priority, all of our partner hospitals are globally recognized and rated as the best in terms of hygiene and quality.

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