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Liver Cancer Treatment In Turkey

Liver Cancer Treatment Procedure And Costs In Turkey

Your body has a natural process for managing the renewal of withering and dead cells, and it does so in a very controlled and regulated manner. When this process breaks down, the disease is referred to as malignant. Hepatic cancer, commonly known as liver cancer, is a kind of cancer that starts in the liver. Liver tumors are commonly detected by mistake on medical imaging equipment or appear as an abdominal lump, abdominal discomfort, yellow skin, nausea, or liver failure. Depending on the diagnosis, your doctor will recommend one of many medications to assist you get rid of malignant cells, or they may recommend a liver transplant as a last option.

What Is Liver Cancer?

When the cells in the liver begin to expand uncontrolled and create a mass of abnormal tissue called a tumor, liver cancer develops. Primary liver cancer occurs when cancer begins in the liver and spreads to other areas of the body. Secondary liver cancer occurs when cancer begins elsewhere in the body and spreads to the liver. The majority of instances of liver cancer are secondary or metastatic.
The number of instances of primary liver cancer is lower than that of secondary liver cancer. Because the liver is made up of a variety of cell types, different types of liver cancer can develop depending on where the tumor originates.
It might be benign, meaning it isn’t cancerous, or malignant, meaning it is cancerous and has spread to other areas of the body. Various types of tumors may have different origins and require different treatments.

What Are The Symptoms Of Liver Cancer And How Can You Know If You Have It?

In general, the odds of a successful cancer therapy increase when the disease is detected early. However, diagnosing cancer at an early stage can be difficult since the signs and symptoms might be non-specific or similar to those of other diseases, and some individuals may not even notice the early indicators of liver cancer.
The signs and symptoms for liver cancer are listed below.
Swelling in the area of the abdomen
Abdominal discomfort and pain
The white portion of the eye and the skin turn yellow when you have jaundice
Stools that are white
Loss of appetite
Vomiting and nausea
Muscle weakness, fatigue, and weariness

How To Diagnose Liver Cancer With CT Scan?

Scanning with a computed tomography (CT or CAT) machine. A CT scan uses x-rays gathered from various angles to produce a three-dimensional picture of the inside of the body. These images are stitched together by a computer into a comprehensive cross-sectional view that reveals any abnormalities or malignancies. Before the scan, a specific dye called a contrast medium is sometimes used to improve picture detail. This dye can be injected into a patient’s vein or swallowed as a beverage. HCC is frequently identified using CT scan findings that are unique to the malignancy. This allows people to avoid having their livers biopsied. A CT scan for liver cancer can be performed to determine the size of the tumor.

In Turkey, How Is Liver Cancer Treated?

People with liver cancer in Turkey can choose from a variety of therapy choices. Because persons and tumors react differently to therapy, the medical team conducts comprehensive diagnostic assessments and creates a tailored environment for each individual.
The size, number, kind, and location of the tumors, as well as the patient’s overall health, are the key factors used to determine treatment. This choice is made with the help of a number of cancer professionals.
The following are the primary treatment options for liver cancer:
The tumor in the liver is surgically removed.
High-energy radiation beams are used in radiation treatment to kill cancer cells. Patients can be chosen using stereotactic body radiation therapy, such as CyberKnife.
Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses particular medicines to destroy cancer cells (oral or intravenous)
The cancer cells are frozen during cryotherapy for liver cancer.
For patients with advanced-stage liver cancer, palliative care and symptom-relieving treatments may be considered.

Surgery For The Treatment Of Liver Cancer

Surgery (partial hepatectomy) may be able to cure you if your cancer is in its early stages and the remainder of your liver is healthy. Only a tiny percentage of liver cancer patients fall into this group. The size of the tumor(s) and if surrounding blood vessels are damaged are important factors that may impact the outcome. After surgery, larger tumors or those that infiltrate blood arteries are more likely to return in the liver or spread to other organs. It’s also crucial to consider how effectively your liver functions and your overall health. A liver transplant in Turkey may be a possibility for some patients with early-stage liver cancer.

Liver Transplant For The Treatment Of Liver Cancer

If your cancer is still in its early stages but the remainder of your liver isn’t functioning properly, you may be able to benefit from a liver transplant. If the tumor is in a region of the liver that is difficult to remove, a transplant may be a possibility (such as very close to a large blood vessel). Those seeking a liver transplant may have to wait a long time for one to become available. While patients wait, they are typically given additional therapies to keep the cancer at bay, such as ablation or embolization.

Radiation Therapy For The Treatment Of Liver Cancer

The use of high-energy x-rays or other particles to kill cancer cells is known as radiation therapy. A radiation therapy regimen, often known as a schedule, is made up of a specified number of treatments administered over a set amount of time. A radiation oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer patients using radiation treatment.

What Is The Cost For Liver Cancer Treatment In Turkey?

In compared to numerous other Western nations, liver cancer treatment in Turkey is rather inexpensive. The best hospital in Turkey offers affordable health packages that include a variety of facilities and patient care services. International patients may weigh the financial advantages of undergoing liver cancer surgery in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, and the greatest part is that the treatment quality is on level with the best in the world. The entire cost, however, may vary based on a number of criteria, including the kind of therapy, facility choice, and location, surgeon experience, room category, duration of stay in the hospital in Turkey.

What is the Best Country to Get Cancer Treatment?

Turkey has become one of the Top 5 countries for cancer treatment. The largest number of cancer patients come to Turkey every year from all over the world. Turkish doctors treat cancer of any stage and kind with cutting-edge technology and procedures. Modern oncotherapy approaches, which exhibit great efficacy in cancer treatment as well as patient safety, are given considerable focus in Turkey. These are some of the methods: Target therapy is the treatment of cancer with medications that have a precise impact on a malignant tumor.
Tomotherapy is the layer-by-layer elimination of the tumor. Immunotherapy is the treatment of cancer with medicines that stimulate the immune system and help it kill cancer cells. The originals of proven and successful medicines are available in Turkey: Keytruda, Opdivo, and Tukysa. Prostate cancer is treated with HIFU treatment, which is a high-intensity focused ultrasound. It’s a low-risk option to radiation with little side effects. From stage 0 to stage 4, Turkish clinics provide the most up-to-date and accurate cancer detection procedures.
Diagnostics and treatment are carried out in accordance with worldwide guidelines. In Turkey, the diagnostic and treatment program follows the precision medicine concepts of customisation, participation, and prognostication. JCI has certified 42 medical centers around the country. This is regarded as the most coveted certification in the world. Turkey has one of the highest number of cutting-edge medical technology. Private clinics and hospitals in Turkey provide all oncology treatment options, including organ transplantation and bone marrow transplantation. You can consider Turkey as the best country to get cancer treatment in that sense.