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Laws and Requirements to Get IVF Treatment in Turkey

Are you thinking about doing IVF in Turkey? Turkey is becoming more famous as an international IVF treatment center. Turkey has approximately 140 IVF facilities, and the inexpensive cost and exotic environment make it appealing for fertility therapy.

Unlike the other nations mentioned on this page for IVF abroad, Turkey’s regulations prohibit the donation of eggs, sperm, or embryos. As a result, only IVF treatment with one’s own eggs and sperm in Turkey is permitted. While this may appear to be a barrier, the cost of IVF treatment in Turkey can be half that of the UK, making it a viable option.

Because Turkey is not a member of the European Union, fertility clinics there are exempt from the EU Tissues and Cells Directive. Turkey’s fertility facilities, on the other hand, follow government regulations on IVF therapy (this page can be translated). Turkey requires a visa for the majority of tourists from the United Kingdom. It’s simple to obtain, costing around £20, and is good for three months. Other nations, such as tourists from the United States, have similar visa requirements.

What Are the Laws to Get Fertilization Treatment in Turkey?

In comparison to certain European nations, Turkish law is extremely stringent in terms of who can be treated and what therapies are permitted. Surrogacy, as well as egg, sperm, and embryo donation procedures, are severely forbidden in Turkey. It is against the law to treat lesbian couples and single women.

IVF treatment with a married couple’s own eggs and sperm is permitted. Furthermore, PGS and PGD treatments are permitted. Eggs can be frozen if the following criteria are met: a) cancer patients; b) women with a reduced ovarian reserve or a family history of ovarian failure before menopause.

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Requirements for IVF Treatment in Turkey

Requirements for IVF Treatment in Turkey

According to the law:

Donation of eggs, sperm, or embryos is prohibited.

Surrogacy is prohibited.

Both partners must be married.

The treatment of single women and lesbian couples is prohibited by law.

PGD and PGS are permitted, but non-medical sex selection is prohibited.

Although there is no legal age restriction for treatment, because only a woman’s own eggs may be utilized, many clinics will not treat women above the age of 46.

Embryos can be kept for up to ten years, but couples must inform the clinic of their plans on an annual basis.

There are restrictions on the number of embryos that can be transferred:

For the first and second cycles, women under the age of 35 are only allowed to transfer one embryo. The third cycle allows for two embryos.

Women above the age of 35 are permitted to have two embryos.

Is It Possible to Freeze Eggs in Turkey?

In Turkey, how much does it cost to freeze your eggs? Egg freezing in Turkey is only permitted under the following circumstances:

-Cancer sufferers

-Women who have a low ovarian reserve

-When there is a history of early ovarian failure in the family

In Turkey, the average cost of free eggs is €500, including storage fees.

How much does IVF cost in Turkey?

In comparison to certain European nations, Turkish law is extremely stringent in terms of who can be treated and what therapies are permitted. IVF is only available to married couples who use their own sperm and eggs. It is against the law to treat lesbian couples and single women. Although there is no legal age limit for treatment, because donor eggs or embryos are not accessible, only a woman’s own eggs can be utilized. As a result, several facilities refuse to treat women beyond the age of 46. In Turkey, the average cost of IVF therapy is $3,700.

How Much for Embryo Donation in Turkey? – It is prohibited.

How Much for IVF with Donor Eggs in Turkey? – It is prohibited.

How Much for donor sperm for IVF in Turkey? – It is prohibited.

Contact us to get more information about the costs of IVF treatment in Turkey.

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