Implants in Patra, Price Comparison for Dental Implants: Greece vs Turkey

Low-Cost Teeth Implants in Turkey vs Patra

Greece is without a doubt one of the world’s most famous vacation destinations. Every year, millions of visitors visit the country, and a growing number of them take advantage of the country’s low dental costs. Aside from the gorgeous beaches and outstanding customer service, you will also find top dental specialists at a reasonable price.

People are crossing boundaries more than ever before to take advantage of cheaper dental fees. Holidaymakers in Greece will get private cosmetic dental care when on vacation in a sunny seaside resort, saving up to 60% and returning home with a bright white smile. Dentists in Patra, Greece for dental implants are standing by to assist you with your dental issues. 

Turkey is also a spot where history and modernity collide. It serves as a cultural crossroads between the ancient and the new, making it a popular tourist destination even without dental services. Aside from being a jewel, Turkey is the best country for dental tourism because its best and most experienced Turkish dentists have received intensive international-grade training.

While you are at it, go back in time to get your teeth fixed. It really does not get any better. Turkey has incredible sights and sounds, as well as many architectural and natural heritage sites. It is a spot where you can get high-quality dental treatment at the most affordable price for dental implants in Turkey.

How Much Teeth Implants Cost in Turkey vs Patra, Greece?

Patients from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and other countries can enjoy a high-quality, low-cost dental holiday in Greece, saving up to 60% on equivalent dental care in their home countries!

For example, they can restore a complete arch of teeth, such as All-on-4 dental implants, which are the most common, for £4.800, while the estimated price of equivalent care in the UK, Germany, and France is £12.000, resulting in a £7.000, or 60%, savings. Their low prices allow their patients to recover their optimism while also restoring their chewing and speaking abilities without having to miss out on their vacations.

In Patra, Greece, the average cost of dental implants is about $2,000. The cost of dental implants can be less or more than the stated cost, depending on a variety of factors. The total cost is determined by the supplies and facilities used, the treatment conditions, the treatment period, and the dentist and clinic that you choose. Please keep in mind that the cost of dental implants in Patra does not normally include hotel accommodations or airfare. However, this is not the case in Turkey. (explained below)

Full Package Implant Holiday in Turkey vs Patra, Greece

Many dental clinics in Patra, Greece, sell enticing packages for the Dental Implants you need, which provide a variety of other advantages in addition to the procedure itself.

However, dental implants cost in Turkey for a single tooth starts from £5285 on average. So, you will save more than %75 of your money with the most known and highest quality implant brand which is Straumann. The advantages of getting teeth done in Turkey are endless. First, as we mentioned is the cost of implants in Patra vs Turkey. Turkey is home to one of the most affordable dental implants with top quality that are performed by the most experienced and highly trained dentists. 

Patients from all over the world who want to take a break in their life as well as a holiday. In your dental holiday in Turkey, you will get your smile back and have an unforgettable vacation at the same time.

Accommodation, Transportation and Personal Spending in Patra vs Turkey

Traveling to Turkey from the United States, United Kingdom or Canada is lower than it is in Greece. For example, the cost of a plane ticket from Washington DC is about $1.000 USD, which may be insignificant in contrast to the money you can save. However, with this amount of money, you can get two dental implants in Turkey.

 The hotel price in Greece is very expensive when you compare it with the price in Turkey. Also, transportation, personal spending such as food or shopping will be much lower in Turkey due to the value of Turkish Lira. 

Let us give an example of simple spending in Turkey. If you want to use minibuses, the cost will be 3.5 TL which is equal to 0,30 while it is 1Euro in Greece. Also, if you want to have dinner in a good quality restaurant, the cost will be less than 100 TL for one person which is equal to £8,5 while it is 3 or 4 times more in Greece.

Implants in Patra, Price Comparison for Dental Implants: Greece vs Turkey

By choosing dental implants in Patra, Greece, you will not get a full implant package and it will not include additional needs. However, full dental implant holiday packages in Turkey will include everything you may need such as VIP transfer services from airport to hotel and clinic, accommodation, hotel privileges, personal treatment plan, flight tickets and all medical fees at low costs. A free initial consultation will be arranged for you so that you can get the best outcomes. 

You should be aware of the factors that can influence the package price before planning a trip to Greece and Turkey. Examine the variables that could influence the treatment’s total cost. The price for getting dental implants in Patra, Greece and Turkey is determined by these factors;

The number of teeth that are to be replaced by a dental implant

The patient’s age

Issues with the procedure’s complexity

Instability of the patient’s hormones

The dentist’s expertise

Dental implants are made of a variety of materials.

Post-operative treatment and care.

If you are thinking about saving money for the total cost of your dental implants in Patra, you will need to take into account some additional costs such as;

Hotels and places to stay

Airfares, flight tickets

Transportation from hotel to clinic

Insurance for travel

In conclusion, Turkey is a perfect place to get dental implants with all prevailing advantages over Greece. Contact us for more information about getting dental implants in Turkey or full dental holiday package deals.