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How Successful Is IVF Treatment In Germany And Is Gender Selection Legal?

What Is IVF Explain? ( In Vitro Fertilization)

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex set of treatments intended to improve fertility, avoid genetic issues, and aid in child conception. IVF involves removing mature eggs from ovaries and fertilizing them in a laboratory using sperm.

Some couples turn to IVF as a last resort since they are unable to conceive children. Instead of using medicines to make individuals more fertile, IVF therapy begins the pregnancy process in a lab setting. In this instance, the woman’s womb is filled with a combination of reproductive materials from the mother and father that have been blended in a lab. So, expecting couples may simply hold their newborns in their arms.

What Is The Meaning Of Gender Selection?

Before conception, you can pick the gender of your kid through a reproductive treatment called gender selection, sometimes referred to as sex selection. Individuals and couples may decide the gender of their unborn child voluntarily or medically.

Families may want to know the gender of their unborn child for a variety of reasons, each of which is particular to the pair. “Family balance,” or having an equal number of male and female family members, is one of the most popular explanations.

Couples who risk transferring genetic problems to their offspring might benefit from gender selection as a therapy. Some genetic diseases are exclusive to either boys or girls. If the parents are aware that they run the risk of passing genetic illnesses to either gender, they may choose to have a kid of the opposite gender to reduce or eliminate this risk.

What Is The Process Of IVF And Gender Selection?

IVF involves taking an egg out of the woman’s ovaries and fertilizing it with sperm in a lab. A woman’s womb is where the fertilized egg, also known as an embryo, is placed to continue growing and developing. It can be done with your eggs and sperm, sperm from a donor, or eggs and sperm from your spouse.

Gender selection: What is it? To pick the sex of their child, prospective parents undertake a medical procedure known as gender selection, sometimes known as sex selection. Sperm separation and genetic testing are both used for gender selection. The woman’s uterus is then filled with the desired sex embryos.

What Are The Success Rates For IVF?

IVF success rates vary for a variety of reasons. Age, general health, and environmental conditions, and success rates at IVF clinics. Together with these elements, the likelihood that a couple will become parents is highly unpredictable. Couples should pick a reputable IVF clinic for a successful outcome if they are unable to change their age or other circumstances. Success rates will consequently rise. Despite the difficulty of taking a broad view of the situation, the IVF success rates for 2021 are as follows;

  • 35% for women under 35.
  • 30% for women aged 35 to 37.
  • 24% for women aged 38 to 39.
  • 16% for women aged 40 to 42.
  •   9% for women aged 43 to 44.
  •   5% for women aged over 44.

What Can l Expect From IVF?

IVF methods will require several steps and cycles. Therefore, it’s critical to be prepared. The following is often the sequence in which IVF proceeds; ovarian stimulation is frequently one of the phases about which patients are most concerned. 

It necessitates injecting the hormones required to activate the ovaries. For women, additional hormonal medications will be necessary. The patient then moves on to this difficult egg harvesting phase after this procedure is finished and the eggs have reached maturity.

Oocyte or egg retrieval: This method is efficient and secure. But it is frequently possible to have pain when having this operation. This is because it may be obtained without causing harm to your ovaries. In addition to the essential manipulation of the ovary’s sperm collecting, pain is mostly brought on by perforation of the ovarian capsule and vaginal wall: Compared to sperm collection, this approach is significantly simpler and less painful. The male will simply need to ejaculate into a container to obtain sperm from men. When collecting sperm for IVF, your IVF clinic or laboratory will provide you with a sterile container. As much sperm as possible from your ejaculation should go into the container throughout this process; do not attempt to transfer any that has fallen to the floor.

Fertilization: In a laboratory setting, gametes from the expectant father and mother are mixed. For fertilization to occur well and quickly, it must occur in a secluded area.

Transfer of embryos: As was already said, fertilized gametes develop into seeds. Pregnancy starts once this is put for a predetermined amount of time in the mother’s womb. You should be aware that the test must be performed two weeks following the transfer if the pregnancy is identified.

IVF Treatment In Germany 

IVF, also known as in-vitro fertilization, is the most popular therapy for infertility. In this procedure, sperm and egg cells from men and women are mixed together mix in a lab setting.

In-vitro conception takes many weeks, and each IVF cycle often necessitates the woman to make two brief journeys or one long trip to Germany. The male is only needed to attend one visit at the clinic, however, he is free to go with his girlfriend to other appointments.

Consultation and initial testing for both couples are the first steps of IVF, and they may be completed in a single quick session. The appointment should preferably take place in Germany, but it can also be made with the patient’s home country’s gynecologist’s assistance. Consultations may occasionally take place through Skype.

The experts will assess the pair and run blood tests, an ultrasound on the woman, a sperm count on the guy, and another test. In many cases, the guy can supply a sample of sperm that can be cryopreserved the very same day, requiring only the woman to attend the following sessions.

If the necessary drugs are accessible in the patient’s native country, they can either stay there, if they haven’t already been to Germany or return home to begin the next part of the procedure, ovarian stimulation. The lady starts taking medicine to stimulate the follicles in the ovaries at the start of the subsequent cycle. This can be done at home or in Germany. Typically, the eggs are ready to be retrieved by mid-cycle.

Egg retrieval is a quick procedure that is carried out in a hospital environment under a local anesthetic. Only around two hours are required for the patient to remain in the clinic. The medical staff can fertilize the eggs that very same day since they know exactly how many eggs they have recovered right away. The number of fertilized embryos is already known to the physicians the next day. One day later, they can implant one to three embryos into the mother. This procedure calls for two clinic appointments spread out over three days. The patients are free to do anything they choose when not at the clinic, including traveling throughout Germany and taking in the sights of Hamburg.

The patient can go home immediately after this treatment. Within two weeks, it is possible to know if a pregnancy has occurred. If pregnancy occurs, the woman can continue receiving care from her regular gynecologist or obstetrician in the home country.

If the implantation is not successful, the couple can contact the fertility clinic and begin immediately preparing for the next cycle.

Is Germany Good For IVF?

Yes. At the moment, Germany is considered one of the leaders in the number of IVF procedures and infertility treatments.

How Much Is The Cost Of IVF In Germany

?The costs to the patient for IVF generally amount to approximately 15.000 Euros.

Is Gender Selection Allowed In Germany?

In Germany, preimplantation sex selection for non-medical reasons was forbidden by law

In Which Countries Are IVF Successful?

CountryUpper Age LimitIVF for SinglesIVF for Same-sex couplesSurrogacyEgg, Sperm, or Embryo donationStarting cost of a cycle
Turkey46    ✓-    ✓    –    ✓  –                    ✓   –2700€
Thailand✓-✓-✓-✓-                    ✓-6.800€
package tour is included in the price. VIP transport, hotel accommodation and guidance services.
IndiaNo specified age limit; Preferred upper age limit is 50-51    ✓        ✓       ✓                    ✓3.400€
Spain50, or in some cases 52    ✓        ✓      –Anonymous egg/sperm donation allowed for international patients6.600€
UkraineNo specified age limit; Preferred upper age limit is 50-51    ✓        –      ✓                      ✓3.800€
The Czech Republic48 years +364 days    –        –      –Only egg or sperm donation is allowed3.100€

Turkey is widely chosen by people from every country for IVF treatments. So for what reasons do patients flock to this country as the best option for treatment? In Turkey, IVF procedures are widely preferred in the world because the doctors are very experienced, the hospitals and clinics are very hygienic and they are very affordable.

If you want more information about IVF procedures in Turkey, you can contact us 24/7 on our CureBooking Website. As a result, you will be able to find the most affordable and successful IVF treatments at the best IVF clinics.

IVF Gender Selection Treatments In Cyprus/Turkey And Prices

A popular tourist destination is the Mediterranean island country of Cyprus. Due to its close proximity to Turkey, transportation to the island is quite simple via a variety of airports.

It is among the most popular locations for IVF and gender selection procedures. In Cyprus, there are several clinics that have been treating patients for many years and are quite skilled at recognizing each patient’s needs. So getting IVF and gender selection procedures in Cyprus is a fantastic alternative. Compared to clinics of a comparable nature in other nations, their charges are also more reasonable. The price list for the latest procedures provided by our affiliated fertility clinics in Cyprus is listed below.

What is gender selection during IVF? Family balance, also known as gender selection, enables single parents or couples to decide the sex of their kids. Many individuals want to decide the sex of their kid for a variety of reasons and beliefs.

With preimplantation genetic testing, this is doable (PGT). During IVF therapy, PGT is utilized to detect genetic abnormalities in embryos. Embryologists can determine the sex of the embryos by looking at the embryo’s chromosomes during the test. Only embryos of the chosen sex may be placed into the uterus of the mother or a surrogate thanks to this accurate gender prediction of an embryo. This significantly raises the likelihood of having a child who is the desired sex.

Altought IVF therapy is becoming more common across the world, gender selection treatment is still a relatively new process that is only legally acceptable in a few countries. Gender selection therapy is either prohibited or very rarely approved in several countries throughout the world.

IVF Gender Selection Treatments Prices In Cyprus

All Treatments Price
Classic IVF€4,000
IVF with Oosit Freezing€4,000
IVF with Sperm Donation€5,500
IVF with Oosit Donation€6,500
IVF with Embryo Donation€7,500
IVF + Gender Selection€7,500
IVF with Sperm Donation + Gender Selection     €8,500
IVF with Oosit Donation + Gender Selection€9,500
IVF with Embryo Donation + Gender Selection€11,000
Embryo Freezing€1,000
Sperm Freezing€750

Another Country That Has Been Successful In IVF Gender Selection Treatments Is Thailand.

Thailand’s high standard of medical treatment has long been acknowledged on a global scale. The nation makes considerable investments in the medical field. Due to these efforts, Thailand now ranks among the countries with the most sophisticated healthcare systems in the world. Each year, more than a million foreigners have medical and surgical operations in Thailand. Since so many individuals go to Thailand for medical care each year, staff members in the healthcare and service sectors have extensive expertise in catering to the requirements of foreign patients.

Thailand’s top choice for medical tourists is undoubtedly a result of the country’s affordable medical services. IVF and gender selection are just two of the many surgeries that cost between 40 and 70 percent less than those offered in Western countries, such as in Turkey s Prices. In vitro fertilization treatment in Thailand has been recorded with very high success rates of successful conception and treatment outcomes.

Medical Holiday In Thailand And Package Prices Of Treatments

Another reason to visit Thailand for fertility treatments is the potential for a vacation there. Millions of normal visitors also visit the nation’s stunning cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya each year in addition to the vast number of medical tourists that come here. You don’t have to spend every waking hour in a facility if you’re receiving gender selection and IVF therapy in Thailand. You’ll have lots of opportunities to learn about fascinating Thai culture, visit historic and natural attractions, sample a range of mouthwatering foods, and interact with the friendly locals.

Package price for IVF                                      : €   6,800

Package price for IVF and Gender Selection: € 12.000

Detailed Steps Of IVF Gender Selection Treatment

Because precise gender selection necessitates In Vitro Fertilization, which is a very demanding procedure in and of itself, it’s critical to grasp, at the very least, the whole process. In general, IVF consists of four major steps:

  • Ovarian Stimulation: The woman takes hormone-based medications with the goal of making many high-quality fully developed eggs (as opposed to the one that is usually made).
  • Egg Retrieval: Removes the eggs from the ovaries.
  • The Embryology Laboratory: Fertilization of the eggs, embryo development for 3-7 days
  • Embryo Transfer: An embryo transfer is a process of putting an embryo back into the intended parent’s uterus.

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