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Getting IVF Treatment with Gender Selection in Turkey- Is It Possible?

IVF Treatment in Turkey with Gender Selection

When it comes to picking from the best and most reputable IVF with Gender Selection clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, there are many alternatives. These clinics accept foreign patients from all around the world and provide them with a variety of IVF packages that include gender selection.

Infertility is a health condition that affects a surprising number of couples; at least one out of every ten couples suffers from it. Infertility involves enormous psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges in addition to the physical elements, which can be unpleasant at times. IVF with Gender Selection in Turkey is a fertility therapy that aids in conceiving, carrying a pregnancy, and giving birth to couples or singles.

Female infertility accounts for 40-50 percent of all infertility cases, and can be caused by illnesses or abnormalities of the fallopian tubes, ovulation problems, uterine diseases, or other factors. Male infertility accounts for around 20% of all infertility cases. Male infertility is largely determined by the amount and quality of sperm produced by a guy. Couples can have the family they’ve always desired thanks to reproductive operations done in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is Gender Selection and Is It Possible in Turkey?

By analyzing cell genetics laboratories and taking a biopsy from embryos obtained via the advancement of technology in IVF therapy, it is possible to identify whether the embryo is male or female. Gender selection is the term for this.

In order to get an embryo, couples that plan to make a sex choice must undergo an in vitro fertilization process. On the 21st day, the mother’s candidate regulin is inhibited by medication. The patient becomes pregnant after 10-12 days and begins to encourage the needles to develop and grow egg cells on the third day of the regulin.

Getting IVF Treatment with Gender Selection in Turkey- Is It Possible?

It generally takes 8-12 days to induce labor. A breaking needle is produced when the egg cells reach the proper size, and eggs are collected within 36 hours. At the same moment, the father’s sperm is extracted. Sperm and eggs are fertilized into embryos via microinjection. 

The embryos’ development is monitored until the third day, when the gender is determined using the PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) technique. The transfer process is carried out two days following this operation by choosing viable embryos based on the intended sex. The BHCG test is conducted 12 days after the transfer to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Under general anesthesia, egg collecting is a fairly easy procedure. After the operation, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for more than 15-20 minutes and can go home after resting for a few hours. The tube baby is picked up by the parents after four days.

In Vitro Fertilization in Turkey can be used to choose a gender. Some nations have outright outlawed the surgery, while others allow it solely for family balancing purposes. The sex of the embryo in Turkey is determined using PCR or FISH methods, much as it is with single gene alterations. Gender selection procedures in Turkey do not entail altering the embryo’s genetics. These procedures are solely used to determine the sex of the embryos produced.

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