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Gastric Balloon Effect Weight Loss

Does Gastric Balloon Really Work?

Gastric balloon is a frequently used treatment in weight loss treatment and it works very well. It is even used to lower BMI in obese patients before surgery. For this reason, many patients can lose weight with gastric balloon treatment. If you are planning to have gastric balloon treatment, this is a treatment that will work.

How Should I Feed After Gastric Balloon?

After gastric balloon treatment, the nutrition plan of the patients is given by a specialist dietitian. The diet plan will be different for each patient. Therefore, although it is not correct to give information about a plan, you should know that your diet will be carbohydrate-restricted and protein-based. After 6 months of diet, the balloon will be removed and it is important to continue your diet.

Gastric Balloon Side Effects

Gastric balloon will not have any side effects other than the patient’s feeling of bloating in the stomach after the treatment. Sometimes it is possible to cause nausea. Other than that, there will be no momentary effect. If you are planning to have gastric balloon treatment, you can get an online consultation by contacting us.

Effect of Gastric Balloon on Weight Loss

The gastric balloon will occupy a large space in your stomach. This will give you a feeling of fullness in your stomach. With the feeling of fullness, it is planned to eat less food. Since you will not feel your hunger, your diet will be easier. This will directly allow you to lose weight.

Will I Gain Weight When The Balloon Is Removed?

It is normal to gain a few pounds after the gastric balloon is removed. Because there will no longer be a feeling of bloating and fullness in the stomach as before. But it is not possible for you to experience a great hunger. Since you eat less with the gastric balloon, your stomach will be a little smaller. Therefore, it will be easier to eat less than before. If you continue with your diet, you will not gain weight.