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Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Prices

What Is Didim Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile treatments are the structuring of a person’s smile with the design that best suits his face. A hollywood smile treatment may involve changing the design of the smile, the size of the teeth, the color of the teeth, and even the volume and shape of the lip. Therefore, if patients have badly colored or aesthetically unsightly tooth shapes, they can easily receive treatment with Hollywood smile Makeover treatment.

Didim hollywood smile Makeover treatment significantly affects the costs that patients will pay for hollywood smile treatment. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred city. For detailed information about Didim Hollywood smile treatments, you can read our content.

What Treatments Does Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Include?

Hollywood Smile is actually also known as Smile makeover and it involves the complete restructuring of the smile. Hollywood smile makeover can include changing tooth color, shortening or lengthening teeth, treating missing teeth and lip treatments. All of these treatments are related to the problems patients have. Therefore, a different treatment plan is created for everyone. Didim Hollywood smile treatments may include;

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are indispensable in Hollywood smile Makeover treatments. Approximately 28 dental veneers are made. These are important for a whiter and healthier tooth appearance. Didim Hollywood smile Makeover prices are calculated with the average price of the coatings as everywhere else. Other required treatments are done at an extra cost.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Crowns

It is applied for patients who have broken teeth but do not have root problems. While the veneer is suitable for anterior teeth, Crowns cover the tooth 360 degrees in Hollywood smile Makeover Alanya treatments. It is used to strengthen the tooth.

Didim Hollywood Smile

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Braces

Although not used very often, there are times when it is needed. It is used for teeth that are so crooked that a good appearance cannot be achieved with implants and other treatments. However, this does not give the appearance of bad braces, different procedures can be applied. Braces may not be visible.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Implants

Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatment, often requires dental implants. However, same day implants are used rather than traditional dental implant treatments. Thus, patients can receive dental treatment without long waiting times. It is used for patients with missing teeth.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are more invasive treatments used as an alternative to dental implant treatments. It is used in the treatment of missing teeth. Especially if the patient has two healthy teeth on the right and left of the missing tooth, dental bridges can be made by taking support from these teeth. These ytedavfis are determined as a result of the patient’s oral examination. It is not a necessary treatment for everyone.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Teeth whitening

Another frequently preferred procedure in Hollywood smile treatments is teeth whitening. You can also talk to a dentist to get detailed information about whether you need teeth whitening treatments that are preferred for many patients.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Gum treatments

The fact that the gums are receding or long also proves the presence of gum problems. Sometimes patients’ gum problems also need to be treated for a good smile. In such cases, patients have the right to decide whether to take gum treatment or not.

Didim Hollywood Smile  prices

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Lip Lift

Hollywood smile makeover Didim, of course, is not just about teeth. In order to make your smiles more aesthetic, some operations can be performed on your teeth and lips. If the lips are thin, it is possible to have a better smile with lip lift. This treatment also mostly depends on the preference of the patient. If the patient wants a lip lift, the surgeon does not perform this procedure.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Lip filler

Sometimes patients’ teeth look good with good treatments, but sometimes the shape and fullness of the lips make a smile complete. For this reason, hollywood smile treatments require making small operations on the lips of the patients. However, this will of course depend on the preference of the patients. If the dentist recommends lip filling to the patient, the patient can receive this treatment if he/she wishes.

Is Hollywood Smile Makeover A Painful Treatment?

Hollywood Smile treatments may require more than one dental procedure. However, in this case, of course, it is possible for some procedures to be painful. Teeth whitening or some tooth coating treatments are of course painless. However, other treatments such as dental implants can be painful. For this reason, local anesthesia is applied so that the patients receive a comfortable treatment and do not feel pain.

Local anesthesia involves numbing the area of the tooth where the patients will receive treatment. Thus, the treatments are extremely comfortable. You can contact us for more information about Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatment. At the same time, if you have a dentist phobia, it is possible to receive treatment with general anesthesia or sedation techniques.

Didim Hollywood Smile Cost

Why Are Hollywood Smile Makeover Expensive?

Hollywood smile Makeover treatments are performed for an aesthetically better oral health appearance. Therefore, treatments are unfortunately costly. Since it requires the treatment of more than one problem in the teeth of the patients, the prices may seem high. However, if you look closely, you will see that it is actually not very high. To give an example, if you get Didim Full set dental veneer treatment, it will only make your teeth look tidy and your problematic teeth will not be treated. In addition, the Hollywood smile makeover will design the patient’s smile, even if patients need dental veneers, so dental veneers are made in accordance with your tooth design.

In other words, if your teeth are shorter than normal, you will have short dental veneers when you receive dental veneer treatment, but if you receive Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatment, you will have veneers in the appropriate sizes for your smile. Finally, Hollywood smile Makeover treatments are not covered by insurance as they are included in the aesthetic dentistry procedure. This, of course, requires the patient to make a special payment for the Hollywood smile. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to receive treatment in countries with low costs.

Cheap Ways to Get Hollywood Smile

Since Hollywood smile treatments are in the field of aesthetic dentistry, patients have to make a special payment for Hollywood smile treatment. Private payments can of course also be quite diffirent. As mentioned above, it is clear why the prices are high. But isn’t it possible to get Hollywood smile treatments at affordable prices? Hollywood smile treatments also have quite a price difference between countries.

Therefore, patients should do dental tourism for Hollywood smile treatments. Dental tourism can be considered as a sub-branch of Health tourism. Patients prefer different countries to receive procedures that are not available in their own country or to receive treatments that they cannot obtain in their own country because of the high cost. Since Hollywood smile treatments have extremely high prices in many countries, it is possible to get cheap Hollywood smile treatments by choosing Turkey Hollywood smile.

Didim Hollywood Smile  Package Prices

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover

Didim Hollywood smile Makeover is often preferred as Cheap Hollywood smile and Didim Dental Holiday. Hollywood smile treatments may require at least 1 week stay in Turkey. This, of course, requires patients to stay in Turkey for 1 week. In this case, patients not only have a unique holiday by doing Didim Dental Holiday, but also receive Hollywood smile treatment at the most affordable prices.

The cheapness of Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatments may differ between clinics. Therefore, you can call us to get treatment with the best price guarantee. Hollywood smile treatments in Turkey is a unique opportunity for patients to both have a holiday and receive quality treatments at affordable prices. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? For this, you can continue reading our content and call us for more detailed information.

Is Didim A Suitable City For Hollywood Smile Treatments?

Didim, like many holiday cities in Turkey, has extremely hygienic and high quality dental clinics. The comfort of Didim dental clinics and the products used by dental clinics are of extremely high quality. Didim dental treatments are suitable for cost-effective and quality dental treatments. In this case, patients often ask why Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatments are cheap.

They do not think that Hollywood smile treatments in Didim are of high quality. In fact, this creates surprise in foreign patients, as cheap dental treatments are possible throughout Turkey, and often creates the idea that “Tooth treatments in Turkey are of poor quality and therefore cheap”. However, this is extremely wrong. Because the ability of foreign patients to receive treatment at cheap prices in Turkey depends entirely on the low cost of living and the high exchange rate. For this reason, Didim is a very suitable city for Hollywood smile treatment.

Dental Holiday Didim

Didim is a very famous holiday city around the world. If holidaymakers from many different cities such as Germany, England, Ireland and Poland are planning a holiday in Turkey, Didim is one of their first choices. For this reason, it is the most preferred city for Dental Holiday. Dental Holiday allows the patients who are planning to receive Didim Holywood smine treatment to take a vacation during the treatment. Since Hollywood smile treatments are not possible in 1 day, patients plan a holiday during their stay in Didim for treatment.

This does not require separate time for vacation and treatment during the year, thus saving time. And instead of being there for two different purposes, you save money by taking a vacation while getting Treatment. Finally, by continuing to read our content, you will be able to get detailed information about Hollywood smile Package prices. In this way, it will be enough to pay a single fee for treatment, accommodation in the hotel and all transportation services! This allows you to pay less for Hollywood smile treatments and not pay extra for hotel and Transportation!

Didim Best Dental Center

When you decide to get Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatment, it is perfectly natural to first call the best dental clinic. So what are your criteria? What features will you consider when choosing between Didim Dental centres? If you don’t have an idea yet, you can take a look at;

  • Features You Should Consider When Choosing Didim Dental Clinic;
  • Make sure you can communicate with Didim Dental Clinic, Or you need to make sure that they provide guide support.
  • See how hygienic the Didim Dental Clinic is
  • How soon will your Hollywood smile treatment be completed at the Dental Dental Center? This is quite important
  • Check out Didim dental clinic prices
  • How long Didim dental clinic has been operating?

All these are the things to consider when choosing a dental clinic in Didim. The first three are Prices, Treatment process and language support. In a clinic that provides all these, you can look at other features. Thus, it will be easy for us to choose the best one among Didim Dental Clinics or Didim dental centers. Or instead of wasting time with all these, call us and prepare your quality and affordable Holywood smile treatment plan!

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Package Prices

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover package services include transportation of the patients during the treatment, breakfast in the morning, Didim Dental Clinic Consultation and all necessary tests and imaging in the dental clinic, as well as accommodation during the treatment. Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover treatments will require you to visit Didim Dental Clinic every day for a few days.

In the meantime, of course, you will need to arrange a hotel where you can stay, pay a taxi fare for transportation and pay extra fees for procedures such as dental x-rays, including Consultation. In this case, the Hollywood smile price will increase considerably. How would you like to do all these at affordable costs?

With Didim Hollywood smile package prices, patients can receive treatment with prices starting from €2.725. Services included in Didim Holywood smile package price;

  • Hollywood Smile Treatment
  • 6 days accommodation in a 4-star hotel
  • Breakfast
  • All transportation needs between Airport – Hotel – Clinic
  • consultation
  • Medicines
  • Dental X-ray

Hollywood Smile Cost Didim

Hollywood Smile treatments are not a standard treatment. It is not possible to give a clear price as in dental veneers. Because if a patient who wants to receive Hollywood smile treatment has fractures, missing and gaps in his teeth, then the treatment plan is shaped according to these problems. Or, if the patient’s lips have an aesthetic problem and the tooth color is yellow, then a different treatment plan is followed.

For this reason, it is not correct to give clear information about Didim Hollywood smile Makeover treatments. However, starting prices will start at €2,470 on average. This is often the price of a full set of veneers used in the treatment of many patients. The price may increase or decrease with other treatments that the patient needs. For this reason, you can get an Online Consultation by calling us or texting us with a clear treatment plan and price information.

Didim Hollywood Smile Makeover Prices

 immediate implant  Placement After Extraction Prices 450€
Zirconia Crowns (Dental Crown Prices) or Laminate Veneer Prices ( Dental Veneer Prices) / E – Max 350€
 Bone Grafting Cost 380€
 Porcelain Crown Prices  225€
 Bleaching Prices ( 2 Times Upper and Lower Jaws) 420€
 Bichectomy Prices OPERATION (Hollywood Cheek) 1.030€ 
 Maseter Botox Prices 2022245 €  
 Root Canal Cost 2022135 €

Didim Hollywood Smile Before – After Photos