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Best Lasik Eye Surgery Clinic in Turkey, Frequently Asked Questions, All About Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye operations are operations to improve blurred vision problems. Performing these surgeries in good clinics minimizes the risks of the surgery and also minimizes the level of pain. Therefore, you can read the article to choose a better clinic in lasik surgery.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

In order for people to see clearly, the rays coming into the eye must be properly refracted and focused on the retina. This focusing is done by the cornea and lens in our eyes. In eyes with refractive error, the light is not refracted correctly and blurred vision occurs. People with vision problems in their eyes have to wear glasses or contact lenses in order not to be disturbed by this defect.

In this operation, it is aimed to have a permanent and definitive solution for people who wear glasses or contact lenses and have problems in their eyes. Lasik Eye Operation has been around for many years. It is the most commonly used procedure in eye treatments. In the past, these operations were performed with blades called microkeratome. Thanks to the advanced technology, it is completed after a very easy laser operation.

How Does Lasik Eye Surgery Work?

As we just mentioned, in order for us to perceive a clear image, the rays coming to our eyes must be refracted and focused on the retina in our eye. This focusing process is done by the cornea and lens, which are also in our eyes. If the rays coming into our eyes are not refracted correctly, blurred vision is experienced. In LASIK surgery, the flap on the outer layer of the eye, which we call the cornea, is cut in the form of a lid.

Later, this valve is removed and the cornea is treated with laser beams. The flap is closed again. After a rapid recovery, the rays are refracted correctly, and the blurred vision problem is treated.
Later, this cover is removed and laser beams are applied to the area under the cornea and the cornea is reshaped.
The flap is covered again and heals quickly. Thus, the rays are refracted correctly and the blurred vision problem is corrected.

lasik eye treatment

In Which Eye Disorders Is Surgery Applied?

Myopia: Distance blurred vision problem. Incoming rays focus in front of the retina and patients cannot see distant objects clearly.
Hypermetropia is the problem of seeing distant objects clearly, while seeing near objects blurry. When reading a newspaper, magazine or book, the letters are confused and the eyes are tired. Incoming rays are focused behind the retina.
: With the structural deformity of the cornea, the rays become diffusely focused. The patient cannot see both distant and near objects clearly.

Who Can Get Lasik Eye Surgery?

  • Being over 18 years old. The progress in the eye numbers of the patients who experience an improvement in their eye numbers usually stops at this age. This is the age limit required for surgery.
  • Myopia up to 10
  • Hyperopia up to number 4
  • Astigmatism up to 6
  • The number of glasses or contact lenses have not changed in the last 1 year.
  • The patient’s corneal layer should be of sufficient thickness. With a doctor’s examination, this can be determined.
  • In the corneal topography, the eye surface map should be normal.
  • The patient should not have any other eye disease other than an eye disorder. (Keratoconus, cataract, glaucoma, retinal disorders)

Is Lasik Eye Surgery a Risky Operation?

Although it is very rare, there are some risks. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing the right clinic.

  • Dry eyes
  • Flare
  • Halos
  • Double vision
  • Missing fixes
  • Extreme corrections
  • Astigmatism
  • Flap problems
  • Regression
  • Vision loss or changes

If these problems occur immediately after the operation, they are considered normal and temporary. Anack, lasting results in the long run may indicate that you have had a bad operation. For this reason, you should talk to your doctor.

Before Procedure

  • Before the operation, you should take leave from work or school, and dedicate a whole day to the operation. Although you do not have to stay in the hospital, your vision will be quite blurry due to the medications given.
  • You must take a Companion with you. It should be large enough to take you home or to your accommodation after the operation, and it will be difficult to travel alone as your vision will be blurred after the operation.
  • Don’t Do Eye Makeup. Do not apply products such as make-up and care oil to your eyes or face 3 days before and on the day of surgery. And pay attention to eyelash cleaning. This is necessary to prevent infection during and after surgery.
  • You should stop using contact lenses at least 2 weeks before. You must use glasses. Lenses that can change the shape of the cornea can change the progress of preoperative, examination and treatment.

During the Process

The procedure is usually done under light sedation. You are asked to lie on the seat. A drop is applied to numb your eye. Your doctor uses an instrument to keep your eye open. A suction ring is placed in your eye. This may make you feel a little uncomfortable. So your doctor can cut the flap. Then the process starts with the adjusted laser. Once complete, the flap is closed again and the process is complete. The flap heals on its own without the need for stitches.

Healing Process

You may feel itching and discomfort in your eyes immediately after the operation. These complications are quite normal. Hours later pass. After the procedure, which is for a few hours, you may need to use eye drops for pain relief or relief. It may want you to use eye protection to sleep at night during the eye’s healing process. It takes approximately 2 months to experience a completely perfect vision.

You may experience some temporary problems and blurred vision within 2 months. At the end of 2 months, your eye will be completely healed. After the operation, it takes an average of 2 weeks to use eye make-up and care oils. This is necessary to prevent an infection in your eye. At the end of the whole healing process, you can continue your life without glasses and contact lenses.

In Which Country is The Best For Lasik Eye Surgery?

When you search for Lasik eye treatments online, there are several countries that come up. Among these countries, Mexico, Turkey and India are in the first 3 places. Let’s see which country is the best by examining these countries

First of all, there are several factors to decide if a country is good. These;

  • Hygienic clinics: Hygienic clinics include some important points such as the cleanliness of the instruments used during the operation. It is a very important point for the patient to avoid infection during the operation. Because the formation of infection can bring many problems along with it, and it may require another surgery.
  • Experienced Doctors: In the country where you will receive eye treatment, the doctor must be experienced and successful. This is one of the most important factors affecting the success rate of eye surgery. At the same time, it is unfortunately not enough for the doctor only to be experienced in the treatment. He should also be experienced in treating foreign patients. It is very important for comfortable treatments. You must be able to communicate during treatment.
  • Affordable Treatments:Affordable treatments are perhaps one of the most important reasons for seeking treatment in another country. Saving at least 60% compared to your country means it’s worth your trip. In other words, you should pay attention to the fact that the prices in the country where you will receive treatment are quite affordable.
  • Use of Technology:It is important to use advanced technology in the field of medicine in your preferred country. The treatment you will receive in countries where advanced technology is used offers the best for you. Better review determines what you need. At the same time, the devices used during the procedure allow you to receive better treatment.
  • Quality Operations:A country that has it all means you can get quality treatments. If you choose a country by paying attention to these factors, you will probably not have any problems in the long run. Even if you have problems, the clinic will do its best to treat it.
Mexico India Turkey
Hygienic clinics X
Experienced Doctors X X
Affordable Treatments X
Use of Technology X
Quality Operations X X
lasik eye treatment

Why Should I Prefer Turkey For Lasik Eye Treatment?

Turkey is a location preferred by many eye patients to get both quality and affordable treatments. It is a location in Turkey where you can get very successful eye treatments with hygienic clinics, experienced doctors, state-of-the-art devices and affordable prices.

Hygienic Clinics

It is of great importance that the clinics are hygienic due to the Covid-19 that the world has been struggling with for the last 3 years. That’s why clinics continue to work more carefully than ever before. There is a door providing sterilization at the clinic entrances. You have to enter there and come out completely disinfected. There are shoe covers at the clinic entrances.

Wearing a mask is mandatory and this rule is followed. On the other hand, it is a very important factor for treatment. Unhygienic clinics increase the risk of infection after surgery. This is a very important issue in Turkey. After the treatments you receive in Turkey, your risk of getting an infection is as low as possible.

Experienced Doctors

Doctors in Turkey treat thousands of foreign patients every year. This increases their ability to communicate with foreign patients. There is no communication problem, which is important for the patient to receive better treatment. At the same time, there are highly experienced doctors in the field. A treatment that combines experience and expertise is unlikely to fail.

Affordable Treatments

Turkey, perhaps, allows you to receive the most affordable treatment compared to other countries. This is due to the very high exchange rate.

In Turkey, 1 euro is 16 TL, 1 dollar is about 15 TL. This enables foreign patients to receive treatments at very affordable prices. At the same time, Turkey is quite suitable not only for treatment but also for meeting basic needs. It is possible to meet the needs such as accommodation and nutrition at a very affordable price.

Use of Technology

Turkey attaches great importance to technology in clinics. All necessary devices for better examination of the patient are available in the clinics. The devices used in laboratories in Turkey are the best devices in the world-wide standards. The devices used during the surgery, on the other hand, have the latest technology that allows the patient to receive successful treatments.

Consequences Of Getting Lasik Eye Surgery In Turkey

Thanks to all these possibilities, it is seen that the patient will receive a completely successful treatment. In this way, he will save money and receive a very good treatment. On the other hand, if a good clinic is preferred, the problems experienced after the treatment are usually covered by the clinic. If the patient is dissatisfied with the treatment or needs a new surgery or treatment, the clinic will likely cover them.

Both Vacation and Treatment Opportunity for Lasik Eye Surgery In Turkey

Turkey is a country that is available for a holiday for 12 months. In the country, which has many locations for both summer and winter holidays, there is usually a season for 12 months. This ensures that patients who want to receive treatment can receive treatment and take a vacation at the same time, in any month they want. There are many reasons for wanting to have a holiday in Turkey.

It is a country that is culturally rich and has hosted many civilizations. On the other hand, it has an excellent view with its forests and water resources. This is quite remarkable for foreigners. In addition to all these, when the price is affordable, the patient returns to his country with wonderful memories by turning his treatment into a vacation instead of choosing another country.

What should I do to have Lasik Eye Surgey in Turkey?

First of all, I must state that, as in every country, there are countries in Turkey where you can receive unsuccessful treatments. However, this rate is lower in Turkey compared to other countries. Still, if you think that you will have difficulty in choosing the clinic where you will get treatment in Turkey. By choosing Curebooking, your treatments can be guaranteed. You can get treatment with a high success rate and the best price guarantee.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost In Turkey

Lasik Eye surgery prices are very affordable in Turkey. In many countries, you can also meet your needs such as accommodation and transfer in Turkey for the fee you pay only for the treatment.

Includes Treatment Package Includes Price
Custom-made laser technologyTreatment for Both Eyes
Customized for eye topography with wave light excimer laser deviceFree VIP Transfer
Eye movement locking system2 Days Hotel Accommodation
Treatment for fine corneal structuresPre and Post Operation Controls
Latest laser technologies with microsecond laser pulsesPCR tests
Technology that can treat people with high eye numbers.Nursing service
Low risk of postoperative complicationsPain reliever and eye drop


Is Lasik Eye Surgery a Safe Operation?

Lasik eye surgery is an FDA-approved procedure. Therefore, it is quite safe. However, it should be known that it is not suitable for every patient. By providing the necessary doctor controls, it is tested whether it is suitable for the patient. It is quite safe when appropriate.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery a painful procedure?

No. The treatment is quite painless. During the treatment, anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. After the treatment, although it is rare, a slight pain is experienced when the effect of anesthesia wears off. With the prescribed painkillers, this also passes.

How Long Does Lasik Eye Surgery Take?

The operation takes about 10 minutes for one eye. However, you need to be in the clinic for approximately 1 hour for anesthesia and a few procedures.

What Happens If I Move During Lasik Eye Surgery?

Another of the most frequently asked questions. Many patients are afraid of this situation.
During the surgery, precautions are taken to ensure that you do not blink or move. In order not to blink your eyes, a holder that keeps your eyes waste is fixed. At the same time, the laser bed is a seat with a recessed head that allows you to be still and receive a comfortable treatment. It also uses a focusing mechanism to provide the treatment center. You only have to follow a flashing target light.

Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cause Night Vision Problems?

Night vision problems arise for two reasons.
1- Insufficient corneal area treatment: It tests whether the corneal area is large enough in treatments received in clinics where curebooking is contracted. This is very important so that the patient does not experience any vision problems.
2-Old Generation Laser Uses: We ensure that the patient receives the best treatment by using the latest technology laser devices. We test the patient’s views after the treatment and offer the best treatment for the patient.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, laser eye surgery is generally not covered by Insurance . However, to get a clearer information, you should read your insurance policy. At the same time, this may change if you have private health insurance. All this will become clear when your insurance company communicates with the clinic where you will receive treatment.

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