Affordable Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction operations are operations that women often have to perform. It is very important to reduce large breasts due to the physically painful use as well as being difficult to use in daily life. However, these transactions are not usually covered by insurance. Therefore, patients have to pay a lot of costs. Treatment is needed in different countries for more affordable treatments. You can read our content for Breast Reduction surgeries in Turkey, a country that can fully meet this need.

Big Breast Problems

Breasts that are too large can trigger serious health issues in women. The following are the most critical of these:

  • Pain in the neck, back, and shoulder
  • Discomfort caused by a rash and odor from the breasts’ touch with the abdomen,
  • Physical movements are limited, and you are unable to wear the clothes you want.
  • Pithole deformity on the shoulder caused by the bra strap
  • Our Medical Centers in Turkey offers you the opportunity to get rid of all of these issues by getting a low cost breast reduction in Turkey
Low-Cost Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey: Procedure and Packages

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction operations are an operation to get rid of the difficulties experienced by women with large breasts. Although large breasts often look feminine, it is a situation that women do not want because of its difficult use in daily life. You can learn the details of the problems experienced by women with large breasts by continuing to read the content. On the other hand, you can continue reading the content for detailed information about breast reduction operations.

Who is Breast Reduction suitable for?

Suitable for anyone over the age of 18. However, according to preference, women who do not plan to become pregnant and breast-feed after the procedure are more compatible.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

First of all, the patient is under general anesthesia during the operation. Therefore, it does not feel any pain. During open surgery, it is decided which method is suitable for you according to the tissue to be removed from your chest and the procedure begins. The following techniques can be used during the operation;

Vertical or “lollipop”: This method is for moderate breast reduction and visible sagging. The surgeon will make incisions around the nipple and down to the crease under your breast, remove excess tissue and fat, and reshape and lift the breast.
Reverse-T or “anchor”: The surgeon will make incisions from the edge of the areola to the breast crease and along the crease under the breast. This type of surgery is best for people with large reductions and a lot of sagging or unevenness.

Your surgeon may use drainage tubes and then sew up your breasts and wrap them in special gauze. You may also need to wear a surgical bra.

Risks and Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Scars are a normal side effect of breast reduction surgery. These scars fade over time, but never completely. They may be worse if you lift heavy objects immediately after surgery.

  • infection
  • Loss of feeling in your breasts or nipples, which may be short- or long-term
  • Side effects of medications to help you sleep during surgery (anesthesia)
  • Bleeding
  • blood clots
  • swelling and bruising
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels, and other parts of your body

Are There Alternative Methods for Breast Reduction?

Although breast reduction procedures often require open surgery, those who need less results and do not want scars prefer to have breast reduction procedures with liposuction.
Liposuction is a procedure that involves removing fat cells from the body. For this reason, it is possible to reduce the size of the breast by removing the fat in the breast tissue. You can also talk to your doctor for your breast reduction procedures and find out which one is more suitable for you. It is not possible to apply liposuction in every breast reduction procedure. Depending on the desired results, the procedure can be decided. Liposuction is suitable for more minimal procedures.

How Much Is Breast Reduction in Turkey?

Although breast reduction operations are often a great need, insurance does not cover these operations. Although many women experience some health problems due to large breasts, these operations are considered aesthetic operations. For this reason, the insurance does not cover the cost. Because of the treatments offered at very high prices in many countries, patients get sick and travel to Turkey in order to get more affordable treatments.

Turkey provides very successful and affordable treatment in breast reduction operations, as in all kinds of treatment. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred location for breast reduction operations. You can also contact us to get breast reduction operations in Turkey. Thus, instead of getting breast reduction operations with very high prices in your country, you can get these operations in Turkey both comfortably and successfully and at more affordable prices. If you have any questions about any subject, you can benefit from our 24/7 hotline.

Effects of Big Breasts on Woman

By the end of puberty, breast tissue grows. The size of the breasts is determined by the weight gained before and after this period. Individuals with large breasts can be born with them. Large breasts affect patients physically and mentally, whether due to weight gain or genetic factors. 

It can make people introverted, particularly in adolescence, and make it difficult to find appropriate clothing. Rashes and sores are often caused by large breasts. Exercise can be difficult for women with large breasts. In the long term, this leads to people stopping to exercise and gaining weight. 

Anyone who suffers from all of these health risks and does not have a medical condition that would preclude surgery is a candidate for breast reduction surgery in Turkey at low costs. We care for our patients in all ways. It is our first priority that your health always comes first. So, we are proud to give you the treatment of affordable breast reduction surgery in Turkey which will be a life changing event for you.

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Where is the cheapest place to get a breast reduction?

Cheapest breast reduction surgery is both a cosmetic and a functional procedure. As a consequence, this operation yields the most satisfactory outcomes. Patients feel better in both a physical and mental sense following breast reduction surgery because they are able to choose clothing more easily and participate in physical activity. Turkey would be a great choice for the cheapest place to get a breast reduction.

All Inclusive Breast Reduction Package in Turkey

You may wonder “Why is Turkey surgery cheaper?”, or “What is the best country to have plastic surgery?”. 

Prices of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are lower because the employee’s salaries, the cost of living and the value of Turkish Lira is low. Also, the medication costs are half as much in Turkey as they are in the UK. That is why so many patients travel to Turkey for plastic surgery abroad. 

In the United Kingdom and Europe, breast reduction costs range from £4500 to £6500. You may think it is close to the price in Turkey, but it just covers treatment. The cost of the consultation and aftercare help will range from £400 to £800 in the UK.

Breast reduction costs in Turkey are about 2400 Euros and it is an all inclusive breast reduction package in Turkey. It covers all you will need, including surgery, hospital stays, all tests and examinations, consultation, lodging, and VIP airport/hotel transfers.

Labor and operational costs account for the difference in price. In addition, Turkey and Europe have different currencies. As a result, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey perform a large number of boob work. They have a lot of experience and get the best results when it comes to breast reduction. So, you should not hesitate that cheapest means low quality work, it is the exact opposite.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery in Turkey

After the treatment, drains are used to avoid bleeding. Two days after the operation, the drains are removed. You can go to your hotel after spending one night in the hospital due to anesthesia.

You can comfortably cope with discomfort when you are in a hospital environment. The pain can be easily managed with the medications prescribed by the surgeon. A special bra is worn during the process. This bra should be worn for the first three weeks before the wounds have healed. Patients will start wearing their own bra after three weeks.

Your breast reduction recovery journey in Turkey will not be too long because you will be discharged from the hospital the next day. Also, you can go back to work after 10 days.

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