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Best Bariatric Surgery in France – Affordable Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a procedure performed to treat obesity patients. These procedures provide great support for patients to lose weight and achieve the desired weight. For this reason, it is the treatment preferred by many obesity patients. However, in a country with a high cost of living like France, getting this treatment can be unattainable. For this reason, you can read our content for tips that will enable you to get gastric bypass at much more affordable prices.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric Bypass are weight loss treatments. It involves removing a very large part of the stomach and connecting it directly to the 12 finger intestines. Thus, the patient will have both a smaller stomach and less absorbent intestines. This allows the patient to lose weight. After the operation, the patient’s stomach will remain approximately as much as a walnut. This is a fairly small volume. Therefore, the operation requires radical changes in the patient’s life. Patients who agree to adopt a lifelong healthy eating habit should consider this operation. At the same time, the patient should be treated by successful surgeons and choose the most appropriate surgery.

Who is suitable for Gastric Bypass?

Being overweight is a criterion for gastric bypass. However, the important thing is the compatibility of your weight and height. For this reason, patients can be eligible for this operation not only with their weight, but also with their body mass index. For this, patients should have a body mass index of at least 40. On the other hand, if the patients’ body mass index is less, they must have health problems due to the problem of excess weight.

Thus, patients may be suitable for this operation. For this, they must have a body mass index of at least 35 and have health problems such as sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. Another important criterion is that the patients are older than 18 years and younger than 65 years.

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What Are the Risks of Gastric Bypass?

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks in your gastrointestinal system
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Dumping syndrome, causing diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
  • Gallstones
  • Hernias
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Malnutrition
  • Stomach perforation
  • Ulcers
  • Vomiting

What are the Advantages of Gastric By-pass?

  • Faster weight loss due to stricter dietary restrictions and less calorie absorption
  • Your body helps guide healthier food choices due to the strong discomfort caused by eating sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.
  • Obesity-related health problems can be treated (high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes …)
  • Obesity also causes psychological problems in people. Thanks to these operations, the psychological problems of the patients are also solved.

What Diseases Does Gastric Bypass Treat?

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Infertility

What is the Success Chance of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Success is often in the hands of the patient. Because what can be done surgically is limited. The more determined the patient is and the more he pays attention to his nutrition, the higher the chance of success will be. However, this means that the success of the operation is not important. It doesn’t mean. If you receive treatment from successful surgeons, not having any problems during the recovery period will increase the success of this surgery.

 Gastric Bypass

Certainly. Another important issue is to get treatment from dietitians who are experts in the field of nutrition after obesity treatment. In addition to this, if we look at the researches;
In general, the success of weight loss surgery is sometimes defined as achieving 50 percent or more body weight loss and maintaining that level for at least five years. Clinical data will vary for each of the different procedures mentioned on this site.

In general, the success of weight loss surgery is sometimes defined as achieving 50 percent or more body weight loss and maintaining this level for at least five years. Clinical data will vary for each of the different procedures mentioned on this site. Clinical studies show that most patients lose weight rapidly after surgery and continue to lose weight for up to 18 to 24 months after the procedure.

Patients can lose 30 to 50 percent of their excess weight in the first six months, and 77 percent 12 months after surgery. Another study showed that patients were able to maintain 50 to 60 percent excess weight loss 10 to 14 years after surgery. Patients with a higher baseline BMI tend to lose more total weight. Patients with a lower baseline BMI will lose a greater percentage of their excess weight and will be closer to their ideal body weight (IBW). Patients with Type 2 diabetes tend to show less overall excess weight loss than patients without Type 2 diabetes.

Recovery After Gastric Bypass

During the Hospitalization Period, the nurses and your doctor will take care of you and take care of all your nutrition.
Your surgeon will decide when you are ready to go home based on your progress. Before discharge, you will receive specific dietary and activity instructions, along with precautions and information on issues that require contacting your surgeon.

  • Follow-up appointments
    After the procedure, you can go to the examination at certain intervals. Thus, you will make sure that you do not have any questions in your recovery process.
    On the other hand, you will need appointments to see the results of the operation. For this, you will usually have check-ups at intervals of 3, 6, 9 12 months after the surgery.
  • Activities to avoid
    Strenuous activity is not recommended for three to six weeks after surgery. Avoid lifting anything heavier than 7 pounds for the first six weeks.
  • Suggested activities
    For the first few weeks after surgery, you may feel weak and tire easily. However, frequent non-strenuous activities such as short walks are recommended. Increase your walking distance gradually. The more physically active you are, the better for your recovery. Following these recommendations will help you get back to your baseline energy level faster.
  • Keep walking at least four times a day, so you can walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day until the sixth week.
  • Consume Plenty of Water
    You may experience nausea or vomiting in the first weeks after surgery. To control these side effects, maintain your fluid intake by taking small, frequent sips of water. It is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.
  • Trip
    Once you feel strong enough, you can continue to travel short distances. Do not drive a motor vehicle until you have not taken prescription pain medication, usually about a week after surgery. If your planned trip includes a long flight, wait at least four weeks after surgery.
  • wound care
    Your incisions will have deep sutures and surgical adhesive on top. The stitches will dissolve over time and the adhesive will begin to peel one to two weeks after the surgery.

It’s safe to let cuts get wet while showering, but don’t soak them in water until they’re fully healed. Once the adhesive has peeled off, apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to the incisions to keep the skin moist. This prevents crusting and speeds healing.

Gastric Sleeve

How Should Nutrition Be After Gastric Bypass?

After surgery, patients should be fed gradually. For this, it is possible to switch to liquid diet first, then puree and then solid foods.

Foods You Can Get in Stage 1;

  • Meat Water
  • Unsweetened juice
  • Decaffeinated tea or coffee
  • Milk (skimmed or 1%)
  • Sugar-free gelatin or ice cream
  • Purified foods

After tolerating fluids for about a week, you can start eating filtered and pureed foods. The food should have the consistency of a smooth paste or a thick liquid without any solid pieces of food in the mix. it should be in consistency.

Foods You Can Get in Stage 2;

  • Foods you can eat at this stage;
  • Lean ground beef, poultry or fish
  • Cottage cheese
  • soft scrambled eggs
  • cooked grain
  • Soft fruits and cooked vegetables
  • Strained cream soups
  • Mix solid food with a liquid, for example:
  • skimmed milk
  • Fruit juice without added sugar
  • Meat Water
  • soft foods

After a few weeks of pureed foods and with your doctor’s approval, you can add soft foods to your diet. It should be small, soft and easily chewable pieces of food.

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Soft Foods You Can Eat in Stage 3 include;

  • Lean meat or poultry
  • flaked fish
  • Eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cooked or dried grain
  • Rice
  • Canned or soft fresh fruit, seedless or peeled
  • Cooked vegetables, skinless

About eight weeks after the gastric bypass diet, you can gradually return to eating more solid foods. Depending on how you tolerate solid foods, you can vary the number of meals and the amount of food at each meal. Talk to your dietitian what is best for you.

If you switch to solid foods, foods that you may have difficulty digesting include:

  • breads
  • carbonated drinks
  • raw vegetables
  • Cooked fibrous vegetables such as celery, broccoli, corn, or cabbage
  • Hard meats or hairy meats
  • Red meat
  • fried foods
  • very spicy food
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Popcorn

A new healthy diet
Gastric bypass will involve extremely shrinking of your stomach. Therefore, in addition to a low-calorie diet, patients should eat healthy and stay longer at the dinner table. Thus, food should be left before the stomach feels full;

  • Eat and drink slowly.
  • Keep meals small.
  • Drink fluids between meals
  • Chew food thoroughly
  • Consume high protein foods
  • Avoid foods high in fat and sugar
  • Take recommended vitamin and mineral supplements

How Many Weight Loss Is Possible After Gastric Bypass?

The answer to this often depends on the patient. Compared to other weight loss operations, gastric bypass will give the fastest and most results. However, for this, the patient must be willing to lose weight and be ambitious. If the patients diet consistently and spare time for sports, it is possible to lose 15% of their body weight in the first months, while it is possible to lose 75% in the following periods.

However, if patients do not comply with their diets after the operation and take excessive fatty and calorie foods, they do not lose weight and harm their health. Since the volume of the stomach will be reduced, patients may have difficulty digesting these excessively fatty foods. On the other hand, it can cause side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Top Doctors for Gastric Bypass in France

Given the poor healthcare system in France, it is natural for patients to seek want treatment from the best doctors. This requires some research. So, would it be advantageous to pay more for better treatments? Even if you find the best doctor in France, the prices will be so high that it will be an out of reach treatment for many. For this reason, you can choose Turkish surgeons without having to do such a research.
You can be treated with the world-famous success of Turkish surgeons. So you can save more than half of what you would pay for a standard treatment in France. Isn’t that a huge difference?

Gastric bypass Prices in France

First of all, the currency of France is the Euro. When comparing prices with Turkey, it will also be done in euro. So you can see the big difference more clearly.
The cost of living in France is very expensive and requires you to pay very high costs for many other basic needs such as treatment. Therefore, patients prefer to travel to different countries for treatment. So, are prices really that high in France? Is it worth traveling to another country?

You can review all of these in the continuation of the content. To receive a standard treatment in France, you must pay at least 5,500€. Isn’t that a pretty high cost? Therefore, it is quite normal for you to seek different countries for treatments. You must be prepared to pay at least €7,500 for successful treatment in France. In addition, you should not forget that you will pay extra fees to meet your hospitalization and many other needs.

Paris Affordable Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is quite normal to seek Affordable Gastric Bypass treatments in Paris. In addition to being the favorite city of the country, the fact that it is so comprehensive gives confidence to believe that patients can find more successful and affordable treatments here. However, given France’s healthcare system, you will find that more has to be paid to get better treatments.

For this reason, it is possible to get more successful treatments at much more affordable prices in countries with a direct flight from Paris and easy to reach in a few hours. However, when we look at it, prices start around 4.500 €. Would you like to save a lot and get more successful treatments? When you’re done reading the content, you’ll be sure of the country that offers the best treatment for you.

Which Country Is Best for Gastric Bypass?

How to decide which country is best for Gastric Bypass treatments?

  • Above all, affordable treatments must be available.
  • On the other hand, the country should definitely have a place in health tourism.
  • Finally, there must be a country that can provide successful treatments.

The country that can meet all these criteria at the same time is the best country for these treatments.
For this, you can find the best country where you can get treatment by examining all the countries close to France!

By looking at all these, you will see how affordable it is to receive treatment in Turkey. Besides, he has been mentioned by many in the field of health. You can examine the other advantages of receiving treatment in this country, which provides successful treatments, in the continuation of the content.

Affordable treatmentsXXX X XXX
Successful in Health TourismX X X X X
Successful TreatmentsX X X X

Advantages of Gastric Bypass in Turkey

  • Gastric Bypass Treatment Alabilirsiniz at the most affordable prices thanks to the high exchange rate.
  • Turkish physicians treat them with great care.
  • It is also a preferred destination in terms of tourism, it allows you to collect good memories during treatment.
  • It is a highly preferred country for both summer and winter tourism.
  • You don’t have to wait to have Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey. You can be in business whenever you want.
  • You can find highly equipped and comfortable clinics and hospitals.
  • Accommodation in extremely luxurious and comfortable hotels as it is an important holiday destination
  • After stomach surgery, you will be given a nutrition plan and it is free of charge.
  • You will undergo a full health check before returning to your home country. You can come back if you’re completely fine.
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Gastric Bypass Price in Turkey

Turkey is a country that offers extremely affordable treatments thanks to its low cost of living and high exchange rate. On the other hand, the success rate of treatments is even higher thanks to successful surgeries and technological results. In addition to all these, you can benefit from the most affordable prices by getting affordable treatments in Turkey with Curebooking.

Because we, as Curebooking, work with the best price guarantee. This allows patients to save even more than the general population of Turkey. Let’s examine the general prices in Turkey, you know how much advantage Curebooking special prices provide. In addition, by choosing our package services for our patients who want to save even more, you can meet all your treatment and non-treatment needs with a single payment.

Our Treatment Price as Curebooking; 2.750€
Our Package Price as Curebooking; 2.999 €

Our Services Included in Package Prices;

  • 3 days hospital stay
  • 6-Day Accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • PCR test
  • nursing service
  • Medication

Gastric Bypass Price Comparison Between Countries

Gastric Bypass Price16.000€5.000€10.000€11.00€13.000€7.000€4.000€5.000€13.000€9.000€2.850€
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